Princesses, Sailor Scouts, And Fountains! On Location At Anime St. Louis!

We had the pleasure of attending Anime St. Louis this year at the St. Charles Convention Center. And if there’s one thing everyone loves at this particular convention center — it’s those fountains, baby!


Everyone brought their A-game for cosplays, and we brought our cameras, of course!


We started booking on-location shoots for ASTL soon after our adventures at Naka-Kon in March, so let’s get to showcasing these lovely cosplayers!

Christine had the first group, The Celestial Soldiers! Of course, we both LOVE Sailor Moon, so this was a treat!

First was Sailor Mercury, or Ally’s Geekery and Cosplay!


Heather, or Lucky Eight Cosplay, was the group’s leader, Sailor Moon herself! Christine actually had to ask two strangers to help her out and hold up Usagi’s hair! Thank you, kind strangers!

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Heather also had her two children with her, who cosplayed as well! Look at these two cuties! Gotta start the fandom young!


And, Christine’s personal favorite sailor is up next — the senshi of love herself: Sailor Venus!


We are so excited we were able to photograph this amazing Sailor Moon group! They also asked us to be their personal ASTL photographers from here on out! WE LOVE YOU!


Next up are the Twisted Sister Senshis:

Chari 1

Chari Cosplayed an original character! She designed it based on if Usagi and Mamoru from “Sailor Moon” had another daughter. How cool and creative!

Chari 2

Faendina cosplayed as the princess version of Sailor Neptune! They both cosplay together frequently and are die hard moonies like us!

Alyssa, Chibi Rebel Cosplay,  cosplayed a genderbend Hanzo Shimada from “Overwatch.”

Alyssa 1

I told her to put on her best war face and that the camera can sense when you’re not actually screaming. Can you hear her battlecry?!

She made her entire cosplay and bow, and she even had the characters tattoos made into temp tattoos that her best friend helped put into place. Amazing! This was Alyssa’s first cosplay shoot — thank you so much for booking us! <3


This next cosplayer made Tatiana super excited because it was from her favorite video game series:

Meaghan 1

Meaghan made a beautiful Aerith cosplay from “Final Fantasy VII.” She doesn’t have a cosplay page yet but, she is super talented! We highly recommend you get one, girl!

Val 1

Vallynn Cosplay went Sunday as “Revolutionary Girl Utena!” She’s had this cosplay finished for about a year, and was finally able to bring it into the spotlight! Everyone at the con was really excited to see this character and we’re sure glad she decided to cosplay her.

We are so happy we were able to meet some amazing St. Louis cosplayers!


Keep in mind we are in both St. Louis AND Kansas City for all of your photography needs!

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Can You Name This Famous Disney Couple?

I learned a new term on Friday when doing this photoshoot — it’s called “Disneybounding.”

That means you are dressed in an outfit inspired by a Disney character. That does not mean you are necessarily dressed as the character (which would be cosplay).

How neat, right?! So — guess who!

DisBound (6)

A “castle,” a yellow dress, a rose, a “beast” of a boyfriend — who is also dressed in a matching blue / gold combo …

DisBound (19)

Tatiana & Eric were Disneybounding Belle & the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast.”

DisBound (3)

The happy couple (if you recognize Tatiana, it’s because she is also a part of Kansas City Photography — and the face behind Momo Bunny Cosplay) has been together for 4 years!

Belle is Tatiana’s favorite Disney princess. She told me she used to watch the original 5-10 times a day as a child (I totally did the same thing with “The Little Mermaid,” no shame!).

DisBound (11)

Tatiana said when the new live-action movie came out, it was one of the best date nights she and Eric had ever been on! The magic of Disney, folks!

“It was so magical to share that new experience of seeing it come to life with MY Beast,” Tatiana said.

DisBound (13)

“So, with all that, it made sense to have our first ‘not-so cosplay’ photoshoot together to be ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed.”

DisBound (20)

“We are both Disney nerds, which is one of the reasons I love him.”


DisBound (18)

Originally, we were hoping to go to Samuel Cupples house on the St. Louis University campus, but it was closed!

We didn’t have a lot of time because we started the shoot at 7:45, and sunset was around 8:20. Even setting the shoot so late, it was still in the 90s! It has definitely been a hot week!

DisBound (26)

But it all worked out, even if we were a little sweaty by the end of it. That, and we also grabbed Chipotle for dinner after the shoot — #winning.

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I Found Princess Mononoke In The Woods!

A wolf princess — stalking me in the woods!

I ventured out to the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area in Eureka — the perfect place for a shoot for our very own wolf princess, San.

Mononoke Hime (4).jpg

I’m an adventurous photographer, especially when it comes to cosplay characters. San (or Princess Mononoke) is cosplayed here by Momo Bunny Cosplay. Tatiana, the woman behind Momo Bunny, is also a part of Kansas City Photography.

Mononoke Hime (8).jpg

In the film, San is raised by a wolf God, and lives in the forest. She and the Gods of the forest are at war with a nearby mining village.

Since San is very much a woodland creature herself — it was important we ventured into the woods. I asked Tatiana to climb a tree that was over a stream.

Mononoke Hime (2)

And then I asked her to climb a cliff.

Mononoke Hime (10).jpg

And then I asked her to lean against a different tree (annnnd close her eyes):

Mononoke Hime (11).jpg

There was a lot of climbing. And a lot of trees. And quite a few mosquitoes. But thankfully for Tatiana, they all ate me instead.

Mononoke Hime (9).jpg

I am also really proud of Tatiana, because I am sure she was anxious climbing a tree that hung over moving water. But she did it like a total champion, and the pieces of art we got because of it are stunning!

Mononoke Hime (1)

I should also mention that Tatiana made this cosplay herself! 

I think we really captured the spirit of Mononoke in this shoot. RAWR!

Mononoke Hime (6)

Interested in a cosplay shoot? Fill out our handy dandy “Book A Shoot” form!

Want more of Momo Bunny? Check it out! It’s true love. <3

Mononoke Hime (7)

It’s A Dog’s World — Meet Tatiana’s Furry Family!

Tatiana _ Eric- Lady _ the Tramp 035

Hi, everyone! Tatiana here to talk about my beautiful (and stinky) family!

First, let’s start with Eric:

We met in college and there is no one else in the world I would rather share my adventures with.  He loves Minecraft, Warcraft, arts and crafts … Kraft Mac N Cheese — you get the idea!

I am constantly on the go. My mom FORCES ME to take naps at her place because really, who has time for sleep?  I’m always busy with my cosplay, both an art and a business, promoting my brand Momo Bunny Cosplay. I make the world smell good with Scentsy, and make the world look good with photos. I am constantly running around KC for photoshoots (on one end of the camera or another), and editing until my stomach tells me it’s time to stop and eat. Eric supports me through it all! He is the most understanding, optimistic person I know and he is the calm in my chaotic world.

I introduced him to cosplay and now we travel across the country every year, exploring different cities and going to different conventions. We are the perfect team and four years later we own a house together (Christine’s old house, actually)!

tatiana and eric once upon a time 034

We have very few professional pictures together (we gotta change that!) but I think our “Lady and The Tramp” shoot has some of my favorite pictures of us together!

Tatiana _ Eric- Lady _ the Tramp 105

We love Disney, and we love dogs. Speaking of which, lets move on to my fur babies!

Meet Lily:


Lily is a Coonhound I rescued from KC Pet Project about three years ago. I was looking for a doggie to be my companion during hard times and I fell in love with her picture right away! She is my baby girl, my best friend, and she has a deep bark to scare off sinister solicitors. 😉

Her hobbies include sunbathing, chasing critters, and digging.


Here she is trying to hide one of her holes in the yard with her face. Quite the personality she has!

Next up is Luna:

(Christine and I definitely did NOT plan to name our children the same names. Funny how that works out though, right?).

Eric saved her after she was chained up in a yard, left behind by her previous owners at an abandoned house (savages!). I suggested we name her Luna after my love for Sailor Moon over the phone when Eric explained she was black. He left out the detail of her being a Chihuahua… now Luna is short for “Lunatic.” She has her sweet moments, but her breed only really bonds with one person, and like Frenchie from Grease explains, “The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.”

She loves barking, biting, pooping, yapping, more barking, and sacrificing the blood of the innocent to her nethergods… I mean … napping.

Meet Zero:

It has always been my dream to have a basset hound! I was looking around and realized we really couldn’t afford what breeders were asking for and no shelter had any basset’s available. Then, a breeder contacted me asking if I would possibly want one of her pups that has to undergo a minor surgery. Because of his hernia, no one else wanted him no matter the price. As soon as I went to her house to meet him, he jumped around his brothers and sisters right into my lap! He chose me from the beginning.
Zero 1

He’s about a year old now and I still can’t get over his cuteness! I always say dogs are a lot like toddlers and Zero likes to prove that everyday. He pushes his limits and then gives me those puppy eyes to see how much he can get away with. Boy is spoiled!

Zero 2


Zero was named after the dog in “Nightmare Before Christmas,” another huge fandom of mine. He enjoys snuggling for hours, chewing on random objects abruptly without warning, and howling. He is currently pursuing a music career in yodeling. He’s really going places.


I can never get the three in a photo together! This is the best there is! Luna barking Lily away and Zero wondering why his older sister be so cray-cray … and so tiny.


My babes are crazy, noisy, and hairy (especially Eric), but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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New Photographer Announcement!

Happy Wednesday! We got hit really hard by thunderstorms last night — I was even contemplating movin’ the family down to the basement during the peak hours of the storm. But there’s always sunshine after the rain — and here’s ours!

We have officially hired a new photographer! World, meet Tatiana!


She’s the woman behind Momo Bunny Cosplay, and a regular client we have gushed about in a previous blog post!


We are stoked to bring her creative talent onto the team!

From Tatiana: “My purpose in life is to create art! I am so grateful to be a part of a business that shares the art of photography, and I get to make a difference in so many lives through the lens. I am a Renaissance woman; Drawing, Painting, Fashion Design, Photography, Writing etc. Anything artistic/creative you can think of, I do! You may also recognize me in a lot of KC Photography blogs and photoshoots as Momo Bunny… I’m a cosplayer!”


“Through cosplay, I have been able to exercise so many mediums and it was actually what led me to both Christine and Dawn, which sparked my inspiration to let my photography skills shine once again! I look forward to working with some amazing clients and get to capture memories of precious moments.”


Actually, we are so excited, we are going to host a photoshoot giveaway in celebration! But first — admire the new team of three that make up Kansas City Photography! We’re ridiculous.


Interested in winning a free shoot from Tatiana? CLICK HERE!

An Ode To Momo Bunny Cosplay

Hmmm, where to begin? The beginning, I guess! I met Tatiana, the woman behind Momo Bunny Cosplay, in 2013 when working Naka Kon (an anime convention in Kansas City). She stopped by my photobooth I had set up there. Below is the first shot I ever took of her (she’s Ryuk, on the right. On the left is AshBear Cosplay):


Later that same year, in the fall, she booked me for her first full-length photoshoot. So, I present to you the second time I ever took photos with her:

To say we’ve both grown as artists would an understatement.



Both Dawn and myself have worked with Tatiana many times since 2013. Although, I get super jealous because Dawn gets to work with her more. Stop stealing her! Although it’s not her fault … I live across the state! Here’s a shot from Dawn herself:


Speaking of Dawn, I had her write her own excerpt about Tatiana:

“Tatiana puts so much time and care into her cosplays. Every single one of them is 100% unique and each sets itself apart from the rest. The detail in each one is never short of amazing.”
“She gives me such a fun and beautiful subject to shoot. And that’s exactly what we have. Fun. She knows her characters and chooses her settings accordingly. We always seem to be on the same page, she always knows what face to make or feeling to portray when I ask her to do something. It makes it so much easier to get that look we are going for.”
“Not only do I get to spend time with one of the most wonderful people I know, I get to create works of art with her. She inspires me to do so.”
Everything Dawn said is true — Tatiana is one of the most creative, fun, and caring people I know.
We love you, Tati!
“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Here’s to many more years of madness!