Kansas City Photography is a duo of women ready to capture your perfect moment. Christine runs the St. Louis side. Tatiana is in charge of the Kansas City side. We are in both locations!

We work by this motto from Aristotle: “The soul cannot think without a picture.”



Christine is the lead photographer and owner of Kansas City Photography. She started this business in 2011 — as a mom of one, beautiful little girl — looking to use her talents to bring long-lasting, joyful memories through photos to people in the KC area.

Fast forward, and now she is a mom of two — and Kansas City Photography is also serving the St. Louis area!

From Christine:

“I am in awe of how the business has grown, and am ecstatic to have brought Tatiana onto the team to meet the growing demand for professional photography that speaks to your soul.”



Tatiana is an artistic soul. She does it all — she can sew her own outfits, create beautiful cosplays, and she can draw like none other!

From Tatiana:

“I am so grateful to be a part of a business that shares the art of photography, and I get to make a difference in so many lives through the lens. … Through cosplay, I have been able to exercise so many mediums and it was actually what led me to Christine, which sparked my inspiration to let my photography skills shine once again! I look forward to working with some amazing clients and getting to capture memories of precious moments.”

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