Celebrating A National Holiday … Every Day! Plus: 2019 Resolution!

Celebrate whatever National Holiday it is … everyday! That was my 2018 New Year’s Resolution. So, how did it go? Well, it was a wild ride, that’s for sure … and one even involved being naked! :O

More on that in a second.

(April 11: National Pet Day)


Hi! This is Christine. The owner of Kansas City Photography. Since we here at KC Photo get to know our clients, and truly make them part of our family … I wanted to share with you my fun 2018 New Year’s Resolution.

(Oct. 16: National Boss’s Day … thank you, Kaleidoscope Staff!)


(Feb. 4: National Mail Carrier Day)


I wanted to do something different than just “lose weight” or “be healthier” or “be happier.” I wanted a resolution no one had done before, and that would be both fun and challenging. I had noticed every day seemed to be some sort of “national” holiday. So, I decided that whatever holiday it was … I would celebrate it!

(Jan. 2: National Buffet Day)


I learned some of the National holidays are totally worthless. Like National “Open An Umbrella Indoors Day” on March 13.


Some days were more entertaining … like National “Answer Your Cat’s Questions” Day on January 22.

Then, there were some that were very similiar. Like National Glazed Donut Day (Jan. 12), versus National Donut Day (June 1). I partook in both, of course:

Or National Margarita Day (Feb. 22) vs. National Tequila Day (July 24).


Or even National Pizza Day (Feb. 9) vs. National Cheese Pizza Day (Sept. 5).


Also, every day has more than one designated holiday, so I had to pick and choose which ones I would do each day. National Lego Day (Jan. 28) coincided with the Lego exhibit at The Magic House, so that worked out well. I could have also picked National Kazoo Day or National Blueberry Pancake Day to celebrate on this day as well!


I think my personal favorite was National Scooter Day on May 19.

It got to the point where my friends would ask me daily what National Holiday it was.

Sometimes, if they knew they’d see me that day, they’d take it upon themselves to bring ME the item needed for the daily holiday. Like National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12):


Or National Banana Split Day (Aug. 25), where my girlfriend I was visiting in Canton, Missouri, went to the grocery store just for supplies!


The resolution also dictated what I ate for certain meals. And there were a LOT of holidays involved around food.

Pictured below are:

National Tempura Day (Jan. 7), National Pizza Day (Feb. 9), National Tartar Sauce Day (March 8), National Spinach Day (March 26), National Shrimp Scampi Day (April 29), National Chicken Wing Day (July 29), National Ice Cream Day (July 15), National Taco Day (Oct. 4), and National Pasta Day (Oct. 17), and National Pickle Day (Nov. 14).


AND what I drank …

Pictured below are: National Brew A Potion Day (Jan. 19), National Rum Day (Aug. 16), National Chocolate Milk Day (Sept. 27), and National Coffee Day (Sept. 29).


Some events were all day things! For National Wine Day (May 25), a group of my friends and I went to several different places.

AND this holiday dictated what I wore … or didn’t wear … and this one was the doozy. I knew it had been coming up for months.

I got dozens of tags on Facebook about it.

World Naked Gardening Day.

The first Saturday of every May. I knew I couldn’t disappoint. 2018’s World Naked Gardening Day ALSO fell on Cindo De Mayo, so I was creative:


There are SO many more photos I could share, but I think I’d lose you.

Here is one more photo, that I got to celebrate with KC Photo’s other half, Tatiana! International No Diet Day (May 6)!


This resolution was a lot of fun! I definitely gained weight this year, but at least I had fun doing it, right?

So, what is THIS year’s resolution? 2018’s is hard to top … so I am taking suggestions! Comment below what I should do this year! The sky’s the limit.

Here’s to a fantastic 2019!

She Owns THREE Businesses?!

Many of you already know Christine, but did you know she also owns not one, not two, but three businesses?

Kaleidoscope (21).jpg

Kansas City Photography

The first, as you all know, is Kansas City Photography. She started this business when she moved to Kansas City in 2011, when she was 23.

After years of hard work, the business has grown so much that she has hired on another full-time photographer, Tatiana!


Christine moved to St. Louis in 2016, so now Kansas City Photography also has a St. Louis branch!

Both Christine and Tatiana keep busy year-round taking breathtaking photos for their clients in both cities.


They excel in weddings, engagement, family, newborn, and cosplay photoshoots!

Mercy 3Elena (12)Giles & Kyli (3)

Plus, they get bookings all over the country. Especially in Denver and Chicago!

Emily & Stephen (25).jpg

Kaleidoscope Consignment

The next business Christine owns is Kaleidoscope Consignment, in Pacific. The business closed, and Christine took it over and re-opened it on December 11, 2017.

Kaleidoscope (25)

Here is her wonderful store staff:

Kaleidoscope (2)b

Kaleidoscope is a retail shop — it has new & like new clothing, children’s items, home decor, Coach & other designer purses … the list goes on! And since Christine owns it, there’s quite a bit of wine paraphernalia, too!

Kaleidoscope (5)Kaleidoscope (6)

Oh, and Wine Wednesday — where you get a free glass of wine while you shop, every Wednesday!

And since it’s a consignment store, people bring in their goodies for the store to sell. So many unique pieces — like this re-finished dresser with the NYC backdrop! This piece was sold to a gal who lives in San Diego, California! How cool is that?!

Kaleidoscope (18)

And, of course, the store boasts other obligatory knick knacks:

Kaleidoscope (15)Kaleidoscope (16)


The third thing Christine does is sling that wax — AKA sell Scentsy!

That’s why Kaleidoscope always smells so good when you walk in! Christine’s house usually smells pretty epic as well. ALL THE WAX! ALL THE SMELL GOODS!


On top of all of this — Christine is also a wife and mom of two.

Christine Fam 18

It’s definitely a balancing act to keep up her businesses, social life, and family time — but she’s able to do so many things because of the wonderful people she surrounds herself with: A supportive husband, family, and many best friends to help her along the way!

Christine Fam 21

#GirlBoss power!

Lily Is Starting First Grade! NO WAY!

Well, it was a rough time emotionally last week. I took a much needed break, but I am back. I am going to blog every day this week (M-F), so hold me accountable!

Today, I’m writing about Lily. Our oldest princess is starting first grade this Wednesday. I just can’t believe it!

Here she is on her first day of Kindergarten:


And here she is today, on her first day of 1st Grade!


Below, Tatiana did a mini photoshoot with Miss Lily right before I did her photos at the same location!

Christine Fam 2

Trading photoshoots is a perk of being a professional photographer! <3

Currently, Lily’s favorite colors are purple and pink. I have been re-finishing a dresser for her in the same purple and pink colors as her room. It’s still in the garage, but hey! I am workin’ on it!

Her favorite food is vanilla ice cream (I just asked her, lol). Her favorite sport gymnastics. Her favorite sports team is the Kansas City Royals (she lived in KC the first 5 years of her life! Sorry, Cardinals!).

Christine Fam 3

She recently went with me to the salon and got some purple streaks put in her hair. Her hair is light enough that my gal Hannah could just put the dye right on her hair, and we didn’t have to do bleach it at all (I probably wouldn’t have let her do it otherwise).

Christine Fam 5

During the shoot, there was some road construction going on. Lily has never been a fan of loud noises, so we got this gem of a picture when a particularly loud drill turned on:

Christine Fam 4

Lily is social, lovable, smart, kind, and spunky. She has the attitude of a 16-year-old, and the wit to back up that sass. Everyone always tells us to get out our shotguns since she’s so beautiful, buuuut … she can hold her own. No guns needed.

Christine Fam 1

If there are any photography-related blog ideas you’ve been wanting, just shoot us a comment below!

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I’ll Miss You, Uncle Chuck! + Funeral Announcement

They say only the good die young, and now I’m certain it’s true.

Wednesday, I received the devastating news that my Uncle Chuck died during a freak accident at work. He wasn’t even 50. He was a strong, resilient dude with a stronger faith than anyone else I know.


I broke the news to Grandma Cindy (his mom). Uncle Doug broke the news to Grandpa Steve (his dad) and stepmom, Alice, who had also been in Chuck’s life for decades. Of course it was heartbreaking. Parents should not outlive their children.

Before we get too far, Mom asked I include the funeral arrangement and details.

Funeral Arrangements




Saturday, August 5

Family 3-4 p.m.

Public 4-8 p.m.


Morse Mill Baptist Church

6955 State Rd. B

Dittmer, MO 63023




Sunday, August 6

2 p.m.


Chapel Hill Mortuary

6300 Hwy 30

Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Laid to rest at Chapel Hill.


In lieu of flowers, please send any donations to Morse Mill Youth Department, where Uncle Chuck was a Youth Group Leader and Music Director: 

6955 State Rd. B

Dittmer, MO 63023

Uncle Chuck's Family

And since Uncle Chuck inherited Grandma’s silly side — you’re not gonna see many serious pictures in this post. He’d probably like it better this way, anyway.


Those feelings of “this is unfair” start to creep up. He still had so many lives left to touch. I wanted his great nieces to know this zany, fun-loving guy like I did growing up.

Although, at least they got a taste. He even took my oldest Lily out for a spin on his Harley a few times. She just loved him!

(He had just gotten off work in these pictures, don’t judge his appearance! Haha).


But, as Uncle Chuck said to me many, many times: “You never know when the good Lord is gonna take ya.” Words I used to roll my eyes at, now bring me comfort.

He was ready to go “home” at any time. He lived every day to the fullest.

Uncle Chuck and Grandma.jpg

Since my family and I moved to St. Louis, we got to see Uncle Chuck more. Below, he came to one of our weekly family nights where we do a craft. He was trying to do a portrait of Grandma Cindy … He made fun of it himself!

I even heard him to that belly laugh (I loved it) while looking at his picture. He really was trying … it was sad! 🙂


Uncle Chuck was the middle child. He had one younger brother and one older sister.

Below, from left to right — Uncle Chuck, Grandpa Steve (his Dad), Lisa Hader (his sister, my mom), Uncle Doug, (his brother).

Chuck, Steve, Lisa, Doug

While reflecting at the dining room table Thursday morning, Grandma Cindy was talking about a memory of little 2-year-old Chuck.

He was playing out in the back of their then house in brown cowboy boots (had to have them) and some red shorts. She asked him if he had to potty — and he said no (’cause he’d already used his pants for that).

Grandma had a good chuckle while reflecting on that moment.

Uncle Chuck Silly

He never did outgrow wearin’ boots, either.


Uncle Chuck was also the best “car driver.” When I was little (below), he would scoop me up in his arms like this, and then make car noises and “drive” me around. I remember it was seriously so much fun!

I am glad he was able to do it with Lily and Luna, too.

'Car Drivin' Uncle Chuck

My mom was thinking back on the last time she and Uncle Chuck got to hang out — it was on Father’s Day. She, Uncle Doug, and Uncle Chuck spent the day with Grandpa, and then the three siblings all went to their childhood ice cream shoppe in Dittmer. Chuck bought — and they spent an hour reminiscing and talking.


And just a few weeks ago, Uncle Doug went over to Uncle Chuck’s for his weekly pingpong get-together (Uncle Chuck was always asking me when I was gonna get a pingpong table at my house, too) — the very last game, Uncle Chuck jokingly said: “This one is for it all! I’ll will you everything I own if you win!”

Of course he was joking. But, Uncle Doug won.

And then we found out Uncle Chuck actually did make Uncle Doug a beneficiary.

Chuck and Doug.jpg

He was young. Healthy. Jovial. An active member of his church. A role-model (although he’d tell you he wasn’t). He overcame a lot in his life. He really turned it around for the better, and found a community that welcomed him with open arms, despite his past. The  people at Morse Mill Baptist Church knew he turned his life around.

It was through this church that he met his second mom, Lucille.


These two were attached at the hip. When I first started my photography business and was nervous before shooting my first wedding — it was Lucille, a veteran photographer, who I called.


Earlier this morning, mom was on the phone with Lucille, and was recounting another funny story of Uncle Chuck.

He had just won first place in a karate competition — and came running down the hill to where his family was. They all thought it was because he was so excited to show off the trophy, but then they all realized he had tears in his eyes.

He was crying because he got kicked in the head, not because he was so excited he won. Everyone laughed.

I am guessing Grandma Cindy took this picture, because she still has the bad habit of cutting off the top of people’s heads in photos. 🙂

Uncle Chuck Karate

Growing up, Uncle Chuck almost left us much earlier. He was around 9-10, and his parents thought he had come down with the flu. He was sick for a few days, and then one day he said he suddenly felt much better.

But the next day, he was even sicker than before, so Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Steve took him into the hospital. His appendix had burst!

It was then that the doctors told his parents he had a high tolerance for pain.

Thankfully, he was saved from the appendix fiasco — and we had many, many years of happy memories left with him.

Uncle Chuck's

He was also on the cusp of death many times after. From a motorcycle wreck, a truck wreck (he died a few times on the way to the hospital), falling out of a tree, a fungus from some water he got into … but each time he bounced back.


But, in Uncle Chuck’s own words: “You never know when the good Lord is gonna take ya.”

So, today, I am giving you that title you and Uncle Doug fought over for years — “Favorite Uncle.”

I hope you get to wear a “favorite Uncle” crown up in Heaven. I love you!

A Family Tradition For 44 Years!

In 1973, Tom and Jeannie Baugher decided to have a little get together. Little did they know that 44 years later, the tradition would still be carried on. It became known as “Mauvais,” but more on that later!

Here’s a picture from the 1986 get together —


And from the latest get together in 2017 —

Mauvais 2017

It was my husband’s grandparents who started it all. They decided to name their yearly family gathering (usually in Louisville, Kentucky, where Tom and Jeannie lived) “Mauvais.”

For anyone who knows French — that means “bad.” But, of course, there’s a story behind the name. And, in truly French fashion, it involves wine.

Mauvais 1986

For the gathering, the Baugher clan would make wine with their good friends Lee and Peggie Buser. At the time, one of Tom and Jeannie’s sons, Jeff, was taking French. So, to impress people with their handmade wine — they gave it a French name. And made the mistake of letting Jeff name it. And, know what he picked? Yuuup — Mauvais.

But everyone loved it!

So, “bad wine” was made every year — and the name Mauvais just stuck as the name of family gathering!

And there are old photos galore! Here is my husband on the left in 1990. His big brother, David, on the right.

Mauvais 1990

They grew up pretty cute — David is on the left, and Bryan is on the right in the photo below from 2013.


There are several traditions for Mauvais — one of them is to play golf (mini golf counts, too).


Here is the original scorecard from the 1973 game:


I’m tickled they wrote the weather conditions on the score as well.

Another of Tom and Jeannie’s sons (they had five boys), Dan Baugher (who is also my father-in-law), told me about the golfing tradition:

“We were lucky to have a nice par 3 course nearby at the local college (Bellarmine) that meant everyone could play. Also, in order to make it fair, my dad and Jeff used to provide the less experienced golfers with a handicap to adjust everyone’s score. I think they really used that to make sure someone different won every year.”


“There was a silver bowl that someone found at a yard sale one year that we used as the traveling trophy.”


Two other Baugher brothers, Matt and Lee, would bring prizes. Most of the time it was silly stuff that Matt would get since he was a wine distributor.

Another tradition? Music. But not just listening to music — real instruments are whipped out!

Mauvais 1988

Tom played the banjo. Jim Baugher was on bass. Jeff learned to play ukelele. The rest … well, there were kazoos! Or, you could just sing along!


Now, we’ve added other musical talents to the team, Christie Baugher (Lee’s daughter) plays a mean keyboard [below].

Mauvais 2017

And David and Bryan both play guitar. Although, Bryan is a little out of practice now … he was skippin’ cords all over the place this last Mauvais!

Here is a song in action — you know, put da lime in da coconut.

Mauvais always takes place around the Fourth of July. So, you know, smoke bombs and fireworks are a thing.


One of Bryan’s cousins told him she thought it was common for families to get together and sing horrible songs around the holiday. Buuuuut … then she realized it’s just her family that does that.

I’m glad I married into this fun family!

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My Best Friend Is Having Her Baby!

I would usually post a part of our “Wedding Series: For Brides” on Thursdays, but one of my very best friends is having her baby today!


Therefore, I am going to postpone the post until next Thursday. In the meantime, feel free to check out what we have so far in the series:

Wedding Series: Tips For Brides — It’s All In The Details

Wedding Series: Tips For Brides – Portraits

Wedding Series: Tips For Brides — The “First Look,” / Bridal Reveal

Wedding Series: Tips For Brides — The Family Shots

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Pacific Flooding — Day 2

I again went and explored the “island” of Pacific today. It’s incredible how much the river has risen since I was there yesterday. I will have comparisons in the post below. My grandma told me she wanted to see the flooding, so we drove up to FF. We couldn’t even reach the spot we were at yesterday, we got stopped long before it due to water overflowing John McKeever Road.

IMG_6214 Luna thought this was great.  A large swimming pool, just for her!

​ We then trotted down to Pacific. The houses we saw yesterday now had water up to their roofs. The Pacific population sign had more than an extra foot of water underneath it, like it’s going to be swallowed at any moment.

(You can also tell I used my actual camera yesterday … and my phone today)




While we were standing there gaping, my grandma said we should bring a grill down and have a neighborhood block party. May as well, right?





We then drove down Hwy O, to see if we could get to any flooded areas there. On the way, we found a gas station still open. I ran in to grab cat food and milk (the milk was sold out), and as my usual, got chatty with the person behind me in line. I told her my grandma’s block party idea, and a guy walking out the door hollered, “I’ll bring the booze!”


Then, the cashier said: “You know we have enough of that. On this small little ‘island’ we’re stuck on, there’s more bars in this little area than anything else!”

At least everyone still has their sense of humor! And their drones.






I overheard someone saying they came down in the morning when the water was rising, (this is one for the nightmares) and spiders were coming out and onto dry land.

Also, side story. This truck was a mystery.  They were parked here on FF … I have no idea where this person went. There was nowhere for them to go … and we were there for a good 10-15 minutes. So strange!

Check out more flooding photos, here.

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April Showers Bring May … Floods. I’m Stuck!

KC Photo is in both St. Louis and Kansas City. Tatiana runs the KC side, I run the St. Louis side. If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll see parts of St. Louis are pretty much underwater. Guess which part I am in.


Here was a part of Hwy FF in Pacific yesterday —

And here it is today —

The water isn’t supposed to crest until Wednesday, so … we have some rising yet to do still.

(For my post on Day 2 of the flooding, click here.)

Anyway, here’s how ended up out in it. We took my daughters to my in-laws in Chesterfield today. We went through Pacific to get there, and the water looked a little high, and there were plenty of precautionary sand bags around businesses, but we were only going to be gone a few hours …


No sooner did we arrive there, I had a friend tell me Hwy O was closed. I told my husband we should probably head back home, just in case. He agreed, and we started our trek … that turned into a 2 hour trip back home.


We hit Pacific. The bridge we had just passed over a few hours ago was under water. We couldn’t go back that way. Our other option was about an hour away, a huge circle all the way around. We went to Hwy NN from Hwy 30. There was about 6 inches of water on the road, but it was still passable. We thought we had cleared the hurdle then …


But then, several roads off Hwy NN were closed, and several roads off Hwy 30. The first few “road closed” signs we didn’t believe. We drove down until we saw roads completely submerged, and then turned around. We had finally hit our last option … we had to go to Hwy O. The one my friend said was closed. I held my breath as we rounded the corner to O. Thankfully, we were spit out on a section that wasn’t closed and was connected to F, the road I live on.

(Side note: the current was super fast!)


Once we got home safely, and we had some lunch to calm our crabby attitudes, I turned to Bryan and asked him how much he loved me. He sighed … and we trekked back out to take the shots of flooded Pacific and FF. <3


This guy casually walking his dogs toward the flooded bridge was probably my favorite (below). That beard was amazing, and the woman’s rainbow umbrella just sealed the deal! I asked if I could pet the big doggy, and they said yes. The dog ran toward me, very jovially, and then when he learned it was ok for me to pets, he snobbed me. Sigh. THANKS, DOG. I felt the love.


Here’s Eureka High School — and this was even at 9 a.m., I believe there’s even more water there now:

(For my post on Day 2 of the flooding, click here.)

If you’re a reporter, you are more than welcome to use these — just credit Kansas City Photography, and mention we are in both KC and St. Louis!

Otherwise, it may be confusing … but St. Louis Photography is already taken, or I would have snagged both names!

Here’s a gallery:

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The Easter With 8 Baskets & Too Much Candy

My girls somehow managed to get 4 Easter baskets a piece this holiday. I’m not complaining, and I am grateful to those who thought about our kiddos, but I am pretty sure I have eaten about as much chocolate as I do on Halloween … you know, poison control. 😉

We woke up Sunday morning and hid Easter baskets with our cousins Caley and Ezra. Lily and Ezra are little besties, it’s so cute!


From there, we went to my grandpa’s house. Grandma Karen told me every time I went over there that she had dreamt of hosting an Easter egg hunt on their big, gorgeous yard, but had never done it — and then all the kids grew up. Good news! The kids had kids, and now she was finally able to host her egg hunt!


My two girls, Lily & Luna, were dolled up in their Easter dresses. Lily’s favorite color is purple, but pink is a close second. When they didn’t have purple, I knew it’d be ok to go with pink!


Luna’s favorite color seems to be yellow (she’s 2, so it’s hard to tell, but she gravitates toward that color and uses it a lot). My favorite color is orange, so when yellow wasn’t available …


It had started drizzling, but that certainly didn’t slow anyone down! The egg hunt was really clever — each kid was assigned a certain color of egg. This way, they all got equal!

We also made sure to get a shot of grandpa with all four of his great-grandkids!


After that, we went over to Bryan’s (my hubs) uncle’s house for his family get together. More eggs to hunt! Luna considered herself an old pro by this point. Lily also killed it at cornhole. That’s the game where you throw the bean bag into the hole on the other side of lawn. Am I making sense? Haha.


It was a great Easter weekend, I only wish it was mandatory to take Monday off, too!

Want to read more fun stories with our family? Did you know we have a pet pig?

It’s A Dog’s World — Meet Tatiana’s Furry Family!

Tatiana _ Eric- Lady _ the Tramp 035

Hi, everyone! Tatiana here to talk about my beautiful (and stinky) family!

First, let’s start with Eric:

We met in college and there is no one else in the world I would rather share my adventures with.  He loves Minecraft, Warcraft, arts and crafts … Kraft Mac N Cheese — you get the idea!

I am constantly on the go. My mom FORCES ME to take naps at her place because really, who has time for sleep?  I’m always busy with my cosplay, both an art and a business, promoting my brand Momo Bunny Cosplay. I make the world smell good with Scentsy, and make the world look good with photos. I am constantly running around KC for photoshoots (on one end of the camera or another), and editing until my stomach tells me it’s time to stop and eat. Eric supports me through it all! He is the most understanding, optimistic person I know and he is the calm in my chaotic world.

I introduced him to cosplay and now we travel across the country every year, exploring different cities and going to different conventions. We are the perfect team and four years later we own a house together (Christine’s old house, actually)!

tatiana and eric once upon a time 034

We have very few professional pictures together (we gotta change that!) but I think our “Lady and The Tramp” shoot has some of my favorite pictures of us together!

Tatiana _ Eric- Lady _ the Tramp 105

We love Disney, and we love dogs. Speaking of which, lets move on to my fur babies!

Meet Lily:


Lily is a Coonhound I rescued from KC Pet Project about three years ago. I was looking for a doggie to be my companion during hard times and I fell in love with her picture right away! She is my baby girl, my best friend, and she has a deep bark to scare off sinister solicitors. 😉

Her hobbies include sunbathing, chasing critters, and digging.


Here she is trying to hide one of her holes in the yard with her face. Quite the personality she has!

Next up is Luna:

(Christine and I definitely did NOT plan to name our children the same names. Funny how that works out though, right?).

Eric saved her after she was chained up in a yard, left behind by her previous owners at an abandoned house (savages!). I suggested we name her Luna after my love for Sailor Moon over the phone when Eric explained she was black. He left out the detail of her being a Chihuahua… now Luna is short for “Lunatic.” She has her sweet moments, but her breed only really bonds with one person, and like Frenchie from Grease explains, “The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.”

She loves barking, biting, pooping, yapping, more barking, and sacrificing the blood of the innocent to her nethergods… I mean … napping.

Meet Zero:

It has always been my dream to have a basset hound! I was looking around and realized we really couldn’t afford what breeders were asking for and no shelter had any basset’s available. Then, a breeder contacted me asking if I would possibly want one of her pups that has to undergo a minor surgery. Because of his hernia, no one else wanted him no matter the price. As soon as I went to her house to meet him, he jumped around his brothers and sisters right into my lap! He chose me from the beginning.
Zero 1

He’s about a year old now and I still can’t get over his cuteness! I always say dogs are a lot like toddlers and Zero likes to prove that everyday. He pushes his limits and then gives me those puppy eyes to see how much he can get away with. Boy is spoiled!

Zero 2


Zero was named after the dog in “Nightmare Before Christmas,” another huge fandom of mine. He enjoys snuggling for hours, chewing on random objects abruptly without warning, and howling. He is currently pursuing a music career in yodeling. He’s really going places.


I can never get the three in a photo together! This is the best there is! Luna barking Lily away and Zero wondering why his older sister be so cray-cray … and so tiny.


My babes are crazy, noisy, and hairy (especially Eric), but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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