Princesses, Sailor Scouts, And Fountains! On Location At Anime St. Louis!

We had the pleasure of attending Anime St. Louis this year at the St. Charles Convention Center. And if there’s one thing everyone loves at this particular convention center — it’s those fountains, baby!


Everyone brought their A-game for cosplays, and we brought our cameras, of course!


We started booking on-location shoots for ASTL soon after our adventures at Naka-Kon in March, so let’s get to showcasing these lovely cosplayers!

Christine had the first group, The Celestial Soldiers! Of course, we both LOVE Sailor Moon, so this was a treat!

First was Sailor Mercury, or Ally’s Geekery and Cosplay!


Heather, or Lucky Eight Cosplay, was the group’s leader, Sailor Moon herself! Christine actually had to ask two strangers to help her out and hold up Usagi’s hair! Thank you, kind strangers!

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Heather also had her two children with her, who cosplayed as well! Look at these two cuties! Gotta start the fandom young!


And, Christine’s personal favorite sailor is up next — the senshi of love herself: Sailor Venus!


We are so excited we were able to photograph this amazing Sailor Moon group! They also asked us to be their personal ASTL photographers from here on out! WE LOVE YOU!


Next up are the Twisted Sister Senshis:

Chari 1

Chari Cosplayed an original character! She designed it based on if Usagi and Mamoru from “Sailor Moon” had another daughter. How cool and creative!

Chari 2

Faendina cosplayed as the princess version of Sailor Neptune! They both cosplay together frequently and are die hard moonies like us!

Alyssa, Chibi Rebel Cosplay,  cosplayed a genderbend Hanzo Shimada from “Overwatch.”

Alyssa 1

I told her to put on her best war face and that the camera can sense when you’re not actually screaming. Can you hear her battlecry?!

She made her entire cosplay and bow, and she even had the characters tattoos made into temp tattoos that her best friend helped put into place. Amazing! This was Alyssa’s first cosplay shoot — thank you so much for booking us! <3


This next cosplayer made Tatiana super excited because it was from her favorite video game series:

Meaghan 1

Meaghan made a beautiful Aerith cosplay from “Final Fantasy VII.” She doesn’t have a cosplay page yet but, she is super talented! We highly recommend you get one, girl!

Val 1

Vallynn Cosplay went Sunday as “Revolutionary Girl Utena!” She’s had this cosplay finished for about a year, and was finally able to bring it into the spotlight! Everyone at the con was really excited to see this character and we’re sure glad she decided to cosplay her.

We are so happy we were able to meet some amazing St. Louis cosplayers!


Keep in mind we are in both St. Louis AND Kansas City for all of your photography needs!

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