I Found Princess Mononoke In The Woods!

A wolf princess — stalking me in the woods!

I ventured out to the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area in Eureka — the perfect place for a shoot for our very own wolf princess, San.

Mononoke Hime (4).jpg

I’m an adventurous photographer, especially when it comes to cosplay characters. San (or Princess Mononoke) is cosplayed here by Momo Bunny Cosplay. Tatiana, the woman behind Momo Bunny, is also a part of Kansas City Photography.

Mononoke Hime (8).jpg

In the film, San is raised by a wolf God, and lives in the forest. She and the Gods of the forest are at war with a nearby mining village.

Since San is very much a woodland creature herself — it was important we ventured into the woods. I asked Tatiana to climb a tree that was over a stream.

Mononoke Hime (2)

And then I asked her to climb a cliff.

Mononoke Hime (10).jpg

And then I asked her to lean against a different tree (annnnd close her eyes):

Mononoke Hime (11).jpg

There was a lot of climbing. And a lot of trees. And quite a few mosquitoes. But thankfully for Tatiana, they all ate me instead.

Mononoke Hime (9).jpg

I am also really proud of Tatiana, because I am sure she was anxious climbing a tree that hung over moving water. But she did it like a total champion, and the pieces of art we got because of it are stunning!

Mononoke Hime (1)

I should also mention that Tatiana made this cosplay herself! 

I think we really captured the spirit of Mononoke in this shoot. RAWR!

Mononoke Hime (6)

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Want more of Momo Bunny? Check it out! It’s true love. <3

Mononoke Hime (7)

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