Can You Name This Famous Disney Couple?

I learned a new term on Friday when doing this photoshoot — it’s called “Disneybounding.”

That means you are dressed in an outfit inspired by a Disney character. That does not mean you are necessarily dressed as the character (which would be cosplay).

How neat, right?! So — guess who!

DisBound (6)

A “castle,” a yellow dress, a rose, a “beast” of a boyfriend — who is also dressed in a matching blue / gold combo …

DisBound (19)

Tatiana & Eric were Disneybounding Belle & the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast.”

DisBound (3)

The happy couple (if you recognize Tatiana, it’s because she is also a part of Kansas City Photography — and the face behind Momo Bunny Cosplay) has been together for 4 years!

Belle is Tatiana’s favorite Disney princess. She told me she used to watch the original 5-10 times a day as a child (I totally did the same thing with “The Little Mermaid,” no shame!).

DisBound (11)

Tatiana said when the new live-action movie came out, it was one of the best date nights she and Eric had ever been on! The magic of Disney, folks!

“It was so magical to share that new experience of seeing it come to life with MY Beast,” Tatiana said.

DisBound (13)

“So, with all that, it made sense to have our first ‘not-so cosplay’ photoshoot together to be ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed.”

DisBound (20)

“We are both Disney nerds, which is one of the reasons I love him.”


DisBound (18)

Originally, we were hoping to go to Samuel Cupples house on the St. Louis University campus, but it was closed!

We didn’t have a lot of time because we started the shoot at 7:45, and sunset was around 8:20. Even setting the shoot so late, it was still in the 90s! It has definitely been a hot week!

DisBound (26)

But it all worked out, even if we were a little sweaty by the end of it. That, and we also grabbed Chipotle for dinner after the shoot — #winning.

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