Surprise Engagement! Dinner? Detour? A dream gondola proposal…

Calvin and Zoe met a year ago and as far as Zoe knew, this was just going to be a normal fun evening at the Country Club Plaza celebrating their one year anniversary at her favorite restaurant – The Melting Pot. What was actually going to happen was a well-planned surprise detour with a dream gondola ride!

Calvin and Zoe have enjoyed this last year together exploring Kansas City, going to local festivals, laughing together (a lot) and drinking all the coffee – so when Calvin received a call on their way to dinner telling them their reservation was pushed to later in the evening. She wasn’t too disappointed, she figured they would just walk around the plaza until it was time to eat. The caller was Calvin’s best friend and this ‘delay’ was all part of the master plan. Calvin lead her down to Brush Creek and suggested walking by the water… where the gondola ride awaited.

She was blown away by the detour and was just soaking up the spontaneous fun. She had no idea what the rest of the trip would bring. The gondola ride headed west while I headed east to set up for the rest of the trip!

As they turned around and headed under the bridge, the gondolier signaled to Calvin and he reached over the edge of the boat and brought up a bottle from the side of the boat that contained a message – a handwritten love letter just for Zoe. The details of the letter remain a mystery but I can tell you from afar, there was nothing about this letter that Zoe didn’t love. When I tell you Calvin took the time to plan this…. there wasn’t a detail missed.

While the boat circled near the bridge, the couple appeared to just be enjoying the evening ride when Calvin made his move and got down on his knee, IN THE BOAT, and proposed.

Zoe said later that she had no idea any of this was going to happen and feeling surprised was a true understatement! After she said YES!, he revealed I was there to capture it all and we headed back to the dock for our photo shoot!

Congratulations to this amazing couple! Thank you so much for letting me capture this moment — I can only imagine the fun you two will have in the years to come!

Surprise Engagements!

Timing, Locations, and Outfits, oh my!

Nick & Sydney celebrate their special moment in Loose Park

After my most recent clients (Nick and Sydney) celebrated their ‘Yes!’ in Loose Park yesterday, I was stopped by another couple and asked for some details on engagement photography and how did we pull off *another* surprise engagement, especially in such a busy location? And I thought… why not tell the world? So if you’re ready to propose to your partner – you’re in the right spot! I’m going to spill the beans on surprise engagements! We’ll review the top spots in Kansas City, how to prepare, what your photographer can help you with — and more! But first… Let’s do a quick recap of our other recent proposals and some of their special moments!


Most of my clients have picked out the ring, the day, and sometimes even their outfit but when I ask, ‘where are we going for this special moment?’ the answer is almost always, ‘I’m not sure, do you have any recommendations?’ Yes, my friends, yes I do. Here are the list of questions to ask yourself (or that I will ask you) before we decide on a spot!

  • Is there a local spot that’s special to you? Maybe your first date? Maybe a spot you go to regularly?
  • Is there a specific background you’re looking for? Water? Flowers? Trees? Cityscape?
  • When you think back on this special day, is this a location you’re going to want to be able to access (if possible, think wedding, anniversaries, etc).
  • Formal/Casual dress attire?
  • Are you planning any activities pre/post engagement session?

Once we get through those – we can narrow down that right location for you!

If my clients have no preference on location, I refer to this blog post:

But also I like to add in these options:

  • Powell Gardens
  • Nelson Atkins
  • Plaza
  • KC Rooftop Bars (think Crossroads area!)
  • Longview, Smithville and WyCo Lakes!

There are a number of locations to choose from and when recommending a place I like to consider the season – what’s blooming, what colors will show in the background? Is it rainy season? Are we going to get muddy (this might be something planned!) What’s planned for after the photoshoot – do you have time to get where you’re going if we pick a certain location over another. Also, are there several backgrounds for the photos or will we just have one or two to work with? Your photographer will work with you to brainstorm ideas and they’ll also take into consideration lighting, weather, permits (if necessary) and review all of that with you. Overall, a lot to think through but in the end, this is the backdrop for your special moment so we want it to be right!

Up next… How to prepare: The details for your special day!

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(Note: All photos in this blog post were taken by Kansas City Photography. You may not re-use without permission.)

When He Saw Her, He Sobbed Joyously: Beth and Zach’s Summer Wedding!

Tatiana here to showcase our latest lovey dovey celebration: Beth & Zach’s wedding!

You may remember these two from our October fall frenzy when we did their engagement shoot at Union Station.


Fast Forward to this Saturday, and Beth was getting ready for her magical walk down the aisle!

Beth Zach 3.jpg

Her dress was classy and elegant, paired with a dainty string of pearls. So pretty!

Speaking of pearls, Beth and Zach chose our “Diamonds and Pearls” package, which included getting ready and first look photos.

Beth found us on Facebook and knew she had to book us after being an avid follower of our page (seriously, thank you for the support!).

The clouds were big and poofy, but thankfully the ceremony and reception were inside since we were pushing 100 degrees! YIKES!

Beth Zach 11

The reason Beth and Zach chose the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) as the location is because her grandfather is a member. Thank you so much for serving our country!

“First Look” was very tactful on Beth’s part because she had to hide behind this shed until Zach was placed.

Beth Zach 5

When the reveal finally happened, the reaction was overwhelming!

Beth Zach 8

One glimpse and Zach was sobbing. These moments RIGHT here are why we always recommend a first look! Capturing this special moment between just the bride and groom always brings tears to our eyes, too!

Beth Zach 7

It took Zach a moment to compose himself, but honestly that’s what every bride hopes for. 😉

It wouldn’t be a wedding without family, and this one was actually run by theirs! Beth’s grandma made this gorgeous cake and everyone chipped in for the catering.

Beth Zach 14

Beth also had angel wings on her bouquet to honor the family members no longer with them.

Beth Zach 13

And transitioning into the bouquet, here’s a closeup with their dazzling rings! The jewels and blue lillies are breathtaking!

Beth Zach 15

When we tell people to “cheer” during the family photos, we never know how people are going to react. This family definitely gave us what we were hoping for!

Family is very important to Zach and Beth, and we couldn’t have pulled off such great wedding party photos without them.

Beth Zach 9

No, but really WE COULDN’T! Because the wedding party was all family! They were a tight knit bunch!

Beth Zach 10

These two are truly blessed to have such devoted and loving family to support them.

Beth Zach 12

Whose smiles are as equally as bright as that summer heat — whew!

Beth Zach 19

We wish Beth and Zach all the best at Kansas City Photography!

Beth Zach 1.jpg

Let L-O-V-E lead the way! <3

‘The Hunt Is Over’ – Samantha and Zachary’s Wedding!

Tatiana here! I’m sharing another magical day featuring Samantha and Zachary Jennings!

You may remember this lovely couple and their “duck-duck” daughter from their engagement photos.

Salmon 11

Sam and Zach selected our “Diamonds and Pearls” package, which included engagement photos and all-day wedding photos, which included getting ready shots, first look, etc.

Zachary was adamant about not seeing Samantha until she walked down the aisle. So much so, we had to hide him in a closet while I took Sam and her bridesmaids out to the garden for photos before the ceremony!

Sam Zach Wedding 9

Super worth it! Look at these gorgeous ladies in Christine’s favorite color!

Sam Zach Wedding 4

Their venue was the Rhapsody in Independence, which was not short of elegance! It’s such a lovely location!

Sam Zach Wedding 12

They created the perfect atmosphere catered to the soon-to-be newlyweds, and their customer service was out of this world!

Sam Zach Wedding 6

I would definitely recommend this venue to anyone in the KCMO area. <3

Uhm, and did I mention the waterfall?

Sam Zach Wedding 1

Cuz there’s a waterfall! It certainly made up for when we went to Bass Pro for their engagement shoot and the falls were OFF! #notoverit

The Rhapsody has a separate building referred to as “the cottage,” which serves as the Bridal Suite. They are currently constructing a separate building for the Groom and Groomsmen as well.

Sam Zach Wedding 2

This couch was perfect for “getting ready” shots and close-ups of the details in the wedding dress.

Sam Zach Wedding 7

It’s also perfect for seeing Samantha’s radiant glow as she transformed from woman to bride!

Sam Zach Wedding 11

Sam’s flower girls were always ready for their closeup, including Samantha’s beautiful daughter, Louella, in the middle! I got more smiles outta her this time!

Sam Zach Wedding 8

Little Lou thought her momma looked like a princess, and on this day she truly was!

Sam Zach Wedding 13

Zachary definitely thought it was worth the suspense of waiting to see her — there are some tears swelling up in his glasses!

When they finally heard “you may kiss the bride” these two were inseparable once again — no more hiding in utility closets needed!

Sam Zach Wedding 14

Of course, that didn’t stop their friends and family from trying to snag them away for congratulations.

Sam Zach Wedding 15

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of love to go around!

Sam Zach Wedding 3

Their rings glistened and sparkled in the bright sunlight — which was INTENSE! I’m sure Zach’s head got a nice red glow … because I still have a sunburn! lol

Sam Zach Wedding 16

We know Zachary and Samantha’s love will burn bright just as the sun.

Sam Zach Wedding 17

Thank you so much for letting Kansas City Photography be a part of your special day!

Nostalgic and Timeless: Beth and Josh’s Vintage Wedding!

We’re kicking off the new year in style with our first wedding of the year — Bethany and Josh Belzer! And wait until you hear the story about her dress!

Belzer 29

We are besides ourselves myself with glee to share with you this gorgeous wedding venue and our experience with this phenomenal couple. You may remember Beth and Josh from their fall engagement shoot. If not, it was my delightful surprise to walk in and see all of the photos from their shoot framed at the entrance!

Belzer 1

Nothing could have prepared me for how inspiring and darling this venue was. Seriously, it’s Pinterest goals.

Belzer 2

Acquiant Gathering is a vintage, shabby chic venue that has a photo opportunity literally at every corner!

Belzer 3

The bridal suite had an array of cute little props and precious decor, perfect for anyone with a vintage aesthetic. But enough gushing about this photographers dream playground — let’s drool over this DRESS.

Belzer 6.jpg

Beth found her gorgeous gown at a vintage shop. It wasn’t labeled as a wedding dress — and was priced at only $80!! Vintage for the win!

I’m still not over the lace! Seriously, it is the embodiment of elegance and class, as was our bride, Beth!

Belzer 13

She is a Vintage VIXEN! <3

Or as Beth would put it — a professional lounger.

Her mother was moved to tears to see Beth’s transformation from daughter to bride!

Belzer 11.jpg

Beth and Josh created a custom wedding package, which we’re always happy to do! This included “getting ready” shots and our personal favorite moment — “the first look“.

Belzer 14

The Bridal Suite had two entrance doors and this giant wardrobe that was perfect to stage the first look moment.

Belzer 16.jpg

We typically prefer to do outside first looks because it’s hard to beat Mother Nature’s lighting, but the natural lighting was BOMB in this room! Couldn’t. Pass. It. Up!

Belzer 17

Beth was hoping to get some tears from Josh, but got a big twirl and smooch instead! It’s okay, I saw him getting super choked up. He couldn’t take his eyes off her — or his hands.

Belzer 24

Let’s all just appreciate how quirky and adorable these two are!

Now, here’s where I realized I’m too obsessed with “The Greatest Showman” and will do anything for the perfect shot.

I was able to take advantage of the chandelier a couple of times during Beth’s getting ready shots. This was the less dangerous time where I put my camera lens through the sleeve of her dress to capture the lace!

Belzer 5

The next time I used the chandelier to my advantage required balancing two chairs on top of each other, one foot in the air, and a lot of focus — both from myself and the camera.

Belzer 21

Yup. I got the crazy idea to shoot THROUGH THE CHANDELIER.

Worth it!

Not only was the theme vintage, but the wedding was filled with personal history and nostalgia from both the bride and groom.

Belzer 10

The shoes Beth wore for her walk down the aisle were the same shoes her grandmother wore on her big day MORE THAN 60 YEARS AGO! How freaking amazing is that?! Her earrings also belonged to Josh’s grandmother, and Beth’s stepfather officiated for them.

Belzer 18.jpg

They were surrounded by the history of love in their families as they came together to celebrate becoming one family. Truly touching!

Belzer 23

Kansas City Photoraphy wishes you all the best! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

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Christine’s 7 Most Romantic Photoshoots of 2017!

2017 was full of amazing photoshoots! From anime conventions to a haunted winery — we had a lot of fun!

But I really wanted to “focus in” (get it? Hahaha) on some of my most romantic photoshoots from 2017. Because why not start off the new year with a little bit of love?

Lindsey &amp; Dan Fall (7)

This isn’t a favorites list, just some fond and romantic memories from 2017!

1. Bret & Hannah

I’ve known Bret since college, and was tickled when he filled me in on his secret proposal plan for his then-girlfriend, Hannah!

As far as romance goes — it’s hard to beat a surprise proposal!

Bret &amp; Hannah (1)

Bret’s grand plan was to drive Hannah out to the wineries for their anniversary, so she thought he was being sweet and celebrating that. She didn’t realize he was going to pull out a ring! Now, a tornado watch was also in effect on the day of the proposal, because Mother Nature does what she wants.

Bret &amp; Hannah (26)

Bret & I had a “secret spy mission” going so we could talk about the proposal in secret. You can read more about this fun shoot, here.

2.  Lindsey & Dan

Lindsey and Dan made the list because they are so in love, they booked two engagement shoots! Dan loves hockey, so the first shoot was done at an ice rink. Look closely at the scoreboard – that’s actually their wedding date!


The second shoot was a more country setting, which was Lindsey’s dream! Plus, she had 7 outfits all planned out, with what shots she wanted in each outfit. She is the most prepared bride ever!

3. Genevieve, Theodore, Elena, & Jaxton!

And love leads to babies!!!

Let’s start with Jenn and James. They were so tickled to welcome their baby girl, Genevieve, into the world in 2017. She is their first, and very loved by all their friends and family!

Genevieve (15)Genevieve (16)

But 2017 also welcomed other baby cuties that Christine was tickled pink about! Three of Christine’s very best friends all had them within months of each other!!

Mr. TJ (Amanda & Jordan) and Miss Elena (Steve & Alyssa) need to be highlighted, too! Elena actually POOPED on me during her shoot.

Plus, Christine’s little nephew was born this year. His name is Jaxton! SO MANY CUTE SNUGGLES WERE HAD!!!

TJ also gave everyone quite a scare. Amanda went into labor early.


He was in the NICU after birth, but he’s a tough lil’ guy!! Plus, his guard dog, Truman, is always at the ready! 😉

4. Emily & Stephen

Romance in the windy city! Emily is another one of my dear college friends. We worked together at the state Capitol and graduated from Mizzou together! I try to make it to Chicago at least once a year to visit — and after Stephen’s proposal … it was a must to make it out there ASAP!

Emily &amp; Stephen (3)Emily &amp; Stephen (8)

With the romantic backdrop of Chicago against the water, it was a breathtaking photoshoot to celebrate their love!

5. Katherine & Josh 

These two lovebirds just couldn’t stop kissing each other! I mean, of course it was their wedding day, but even during their engagement session, they kept sneaking little kisses! It was so adorable. A peck on the end of her nose, a kiss ever so gently on his cheek. It just made me squeak from the romance of it all!

Plus, Josh loves kissing Kathy’s hand!

Katherine &amp; Josh (43)Heriford (82)

6. Oye Engagement

I really wanted to highlight this adorable engagement shoot because these two lovebirds are in a long distance relationship, but they still made it work!

Months ago, Oye asked Sayo hypothetically, “If I happened to ask you to marry me, what would be your answer?”

Sayo gets so many bonus point for her answer: “You have to ask to find out!”

Sayo & Oye (7).jpg

The happy couple is getting married back on the East coast in South New Jersey at Lucien’s Manor this October.

Sayo & Oye (1).jpg

7. Jeremy & Amanda

This was definitely one of the most romantic settings this year – a gorgeous wedding at a country club.

Jeremy &amp; Amanda (2)Jeremy &amp; Amanda (11)

Amanda & Jeremy had the entire property to themselves. It was spacious, and beautiful, both the land on the outside and the property on the inside! Bright grass, tall trees, a white picket fence surrounding the roadway, plus a deck to stand on.

Jeremy &amp; Amanda (304)Jeremy &amp; Amanda (322)

We hope you had some romantic moments in 2017, and many more in 2018! After all, love makes the world go ’round!

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Third Times A Charm: An Engagement Shoot On The Go!

No — Jam didn’t have to ask Jaclyn three times for her hand. Once was plenty for her to say “YES!!!”

Finding a location for their engagement photos, on the other hand, wasn’t as easy.

Hi, it’s Tatiana again ready to share my latest weekend adventure!

Jaclyn Jam 4

Jaclyn and Jam contacted us to help celebrate their engagement with photos during the best time of year. We decided on Burr Oaks Conservation Area, like the previous blog showcased, for its variety of different locations within nature’s awesome autumn scenery.

When I arrived, the gates were closed and there were two park rangers with neon orange vests waiting to inform anyone who wanted to enter that the conservation was CLOSED! 


You can’t close NATURE!

Well — when you have an overpopulated deer problem in the area, Missouri Conservationists can for an organized hunt.

And we were fresh outta camo. So, onto a new place we went!

Jaclyn Jam 1

Once I discovered the location was closed, I contacted the eager couple immediately and we met at Pink Hill Park right next to the entrance of Burr Oaks.

Jaclyn Jam 3

We were able to get some heartwarming shots with the leaves changing in the background! And I’m glad we did — those leaves will be falling off very soon!

Jaclyn Jam 2

I was also able to use my angle magic to get some woodsie vibes. But after walking around, I knew we were running out of options fast — because half the park was under construction!

The sun was about to set and I had to make a decision on my feet. So, we got back in our cars and hit the road!

Jaclyn Jam 5

I’m so glad they agreed to reboot the shoot because we were able to get some amazing shots at our third location: Waterfall Park at Bass Pro!

It still lack a waterfall, but that’s not the only perk of this location if you remember the “duck-ducks”.

Jaclyn Jam 6

Jam proposed to Jaclyn on a vacation in Austin, Texas. He needed a new shirt and they ended up finding a shirt that matched hers! When they got back to the hotel to get ready, she thought her shirt looked wrinkly.

Jam agreed, teasing her, and she turned around to give him a good “shut up!” and he switched gears to being super romantic and sweet.

He then essentially asked her to let him tease her for the rest of her life!

Jaclyn Jam 8

I’m so glad they both humored me scavenging for the perfect leaf for this shot. I probably looked like a crazy person, but you do what you gotta do! <3

Jaclyn Jam 11

And then I went next level crazy and scrounged around two more perfect leaves for this one. Her ring is a classic diamond with a gold band — also, it’s huge! It’s so gorgeous!

Jaclyn Jam 13

These two were so great to work with, and they are fellow dog lovers like me, which makes them good people in my book! Plus, Jaclyn has the best fashion sense. Where do you shop?!

Jaclyn Jam 15

We at Kansas City Photography wish you both a wonderful journey ahead, and hope you keep us in mind for your wedding photographer! We travel. 😉

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‘You mean you knew how to light a fire this whole time?!’ – Beth And Josh’s Fall Engagement Shoot!

Hey, maybe your photographer needs to know that you are certified in building campfires ahead of time — but more on my dreams of arson in a moment!

It’s Tatiana again, and let me tell you — this is the busiest month I’ve had since starting with Kansas City Photography! And I couldn’t be happier because Fall is my favorite time to shoot. Nature does all the work!

Beth Josh 1

I mean, how can you not adore the vibrant colors just popping out all around you? Beth and Josh are Fall freaks as well, so they chose Burr Oak Woods for their engagement shoot!

It’s a gorgeous nature trail that’s 1,071 acres of gorgeousness!

Beth Josh 21

Beth and Josh found me through a mutual friend (Thanks, Meg! <3). We bonded over our basic selves with some Starbucks coffee and my Princess Mononoke shirt. Clearly, we are best friends in the making!

Beth Josh 23

We booked the shoot about a month in advance, but as the day approached, the weather forecast looked pretty grim.

Of course, if you live in Missouri, you’ll know that the weather is about as predictable as a newborn baby. It can snow in the morning and by 3 p.m., you’re breaking a sweat! Seriously. This has happened before.

I’m so glad we kept with the original date, because we had a blast!

Beth Josh 4

Beth came prepared with some awesome Pinterest ideas! We have pose ideas ready to go for our clients, but we always love it when people have their own special style. After all, we want to shoot what YOU want.

One of her ideas was to have matching mugs, but she nixed it because she thought it would be weird to have random mugs in the middle of the woods.

Beth Josh 14

That’s when I said “It would be super cool if you guys were sipping hot cocoa over a campfire! Too bad we don’t have one of those.”

And that’s when she hit me with, “Well, Josh is an eagle scout. So, he knows how to make a campfire.”


Unfortunately, I didn’t have spare mugs lying around and Josh was really into preventing forest fires … so the campfire was a no-go — THIS TIME.

Beth Josh 10

Beth and Josh have been together for almost 2 years.  They met online, which is getting more and more common these days!

Another go-to proposal move seems to be the kitchen, since that’s where Josh asked the big question (I need to be hyper cautious in our kitchen from now on — Eric might get crazy). Here’s Beth recalling the event:

Beth Josh 16

“Well … I was in my pjs in the kitchen, throwing something away at the trash can. I turned around and he was on one knee.
First words out of my mouth were: ‘Are you sure?’ I looked so frumpy because we were at home — But I thought ‘If he wants to marry me like this, then it must be meant to be!'”

Beth Josh 27.jpg

So freakin’ cute! Josh knew that Beth hates anything flashy or over-the-top, so he picked out this beautiful pink sapphire ring with a rose gold band from Israel. It’s so elegant and charming — A+ to Josh!

Beth Josh 11

This was Josh’s first time at Burr Oaks and Beth was thrilled to show him around, since this conservation area is where her and her family share many fond memories together (And if you ever want to share those memories in front of a professional photographer, hit me up. Tee hee.)

Also — they’re doing exactly what you think they’re doing below! This had me rolling!

Beth Josh 35

These two were so fun to work with and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

Side note: Beth totally kept these leaves for keepsakes of the shoot. I would absolutely do the same thing!




Wedding Series: Tips for Brides — Husband & Wife Shots

You’re getting married! There’s so much to do, and so many things to get done. Find a caterer, a florist, get the perfect dress, and then make sure you’ve hired the right photographer to capture all of your hard work!

Well, you’ve definitely taken the right step as far as a photographer goes [oh hey, we travel]! 😉

Our “Wedding Series: Tips For Brides” highlights tips and tricks for the bride when working with a photographer.

Jeremy &amp; Amanda (329)


These are the absolute most important shots of the entire wedding day, the reason everyone gathered together, the reason behind the big celebration: The bride & groom!


No matter how busy the day gets, no matter if we happen to get behind — the No. 1 most important shots during a wedding are of the bride and groom, alone. When photographing a wedding, we always schedule time to whisk the bride and groom away from the crowd and take photos of just the two of them, in love.


This is also the reason we absolutely recommend doing a first look. Not only is it an intimate moment between just the two of them, but also one that isn’t being shared with a crowd of 100+ people watching them get married.


After the first look, we also have way more time to get these kinds of shots — some of just the two of them, eagerly anticipating the moment they say “I Do!”


If, for some reason, we aren’t your photographers (the horror!), make sure to talk with your photographer about how much time is set aside for photos of just the two of you.

Check out the entire “Wedding Series: Tips for Brides” series, click here

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Dragons & Fairies: A Fantastical Fairytale Wedding!

It’s not everyday you walk into a reception hall and see a massive cake with a dragon head adorning the top. Was I at the right place? Was this Katherine & Josh Heriford’s wedding?

IMG_7600(Cake by Edible Art by Sara — she’s based out of Lake of the Ozarks)

It was! There was the blushing bride —


And the grinning groom —


And a flower girl with the most fitting name — Violet!


And we can’t forget the groomsmen — the armed groomsmen. There’s a story here, I swear.


… those weapons the men in the wedding party are holding — it’s a wedding tradition between all of them. They gift each other weapons! Josh also mentioned armed weddings date back to the dark ages — and said the weapons were meant to help protect the ladies!

And with the groomsmen go the bridesmaids! This was a pose I first introduced at Matron of Honor Misty’s wedding — and Katherine wanted to make sure we got a pose like this for hers, too!

Misty also asked that I point out when I did this pose at her wedding — I was 6 months pregnant, laying on my back to get the shot! Haha.


Plus, dragons, fairies, themed drinks galore! What a fantastic wedding theme!


It was a hot weekend in Jefferson City, but Josh & Katherine’s wedding at Apple Creek Farm was still stunning.

The happy couple opted to do a reveal shoot — which is something I absolutely recommend. That means they stood back to back, and we had the groom turn around to get a first glance at his lovely bride before she walked down the aisle.


When he turned around, he couldn’t stop kissing her. He told me he was speechless. At that moment, he felt like the luckiest man on Earth. Or even Middle Earth. Maybe even in the entire Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.


After the reveal, the head-over-heels couple exchanged gifts. Katherine’s gift to Josh was rather sneaky on her part. She bought it at a convention called JordanCon. Josh had seen this pocket watch and loved it. He had planned to buy it, but didn’t have the money for it at the time.


Katherine secretly whispered to the woman selling it: “Can you hold this for me?” She went back and bought it later that day, Josh had no idea.


For Katherine’s gift, Josh bought her a charm bracelet with “Doctor Who” charms for their first Christmas together. A few months later, it broke. She had been wanting a new one, but never got one for herself.


Josh surprised her with a new bracelet, attached all of her old charms to it — and added a new addition: A Star Wars charm!


Seriously. These two. Can it get any cuter [oh, it can. Keep reading]?


Katherine had the longest, most beautiful veil I had ever seen. So long, that it started getting stuck on the brick as she walked down. Sometimes, the photographer also has to work in the damage control industry!

I saw the panic paint across her face as her veil kept snagging as she started the walk down the aisle toward her future husband, so I tapped a wedding guest on the shoulder who was sitting in the back and handed them the veil: “Could you?”

Phew, problem solved! You can see her holding the veil in this photo!


Thank you, wedding guest!

Their rings were also completely perfect for these two gamers — just look at what the inside of the band says:


“Score!” Perfect!

After the ceremony, Mr. & Mrs. Heriford made their way to the reception hall. This is where the dragons and fairies awaited us!

It was all handmade from their amazing wedding planner (and best friend and bridesmaid), Misty Stinnett!


Not to mention the groom’s surprise — a custom dragon topper for his giant pile of cookies (he doesn’t like cake), that was handmade by Misty’s husband, Steve! I seriously couldn’t get enough photos of all the decor, it was gorgeous!

One of the best games at the reception was a cake smash contest. Wedding guests voted on whose face the cake should be smashed into. It was pretty clear who the winner was:


And so …



I mean, he did lose fair and square!

There was also the first dance. It was so sweet, and they never took their eyes off each other once. It was a dance full of laughter, kisses, and twirls!


We at Kansas City Photography wish Josh & Katherine many, many happy years — thank you for letting us be a part of your most special day!