Meet the Team!

Kansas City Photography is ready to capture your perfect moment in both Kansas City and St. Louis!

We work by this motto from Aristotle: “The soul cannot think without a picture.”

Meet the four women behind the lens that make up Kansas City Photography!

St. lOUIS –



Christine, a wife and mom of three, started Kansas City Photography in 2011 when she lived in Kansas City. An avid fan of the color orange, a cat fanatic, and an all-around optimistic and extroverted person, one of Christine’s favorite things about photography is meeting new clients, and befriending old ones.


Christine lived in Kansas City for six years, then moved across the state to St. Louis. Now, Kansas City Photography is run out of both cities! Christine still gets to visit the city she loves and called home for years, while also building relationships in St. Louis.

Christine also travels often for photoshoots, having been hired for photo sessions in Chicago, Hot Springs, and even New York City!

If you’re looking for beautiful photos, along with an optimistic personality behind those photos — you’ve found your gal. She hopes to work with you soon!


From Christine:

“I am in awe of how the business has grown in order to meet the growing demand for professional photography that speaks to your soul. We don’t just take a picture, we create a memory.”



Alyssa, wife of a sweet husband, and mom of an adorable little girl, is Christine’s go-to second photographer. If your St. Louis wedding package has a second shooter, Alyssa is the one that will be there! She has a great love of being able to capture the joy and beauty in people’s lives. Weddings are a close second, but working with children is her favorite, since she is a child at heart!


With whimsical ideas, and an eye for special details, Alyssa is perfect for bringing the magic to your pictures. She can’t wait to work with you in creating the perfect pictures!





Shari, a natural introvert, comes to life capturing the beauty of every moment through her lens. Newer to the Kansas City area, Shari enjoys learning all about the city she now calls home. Her husband has lived in the “City of Fountains” his entire life, and he’s so happy Shari is now here to enjoy it with him, too!


From kids to weddings to boudoir seasons, Shari’s goal is to share the inner beauty of every client with the world!


ChristieChristie is a mom of three amazing kids and is an explorer at heart! She’s not a native to the Midwest, but has called Kansas City home for over 20 years. Christie’s photography career started as a hobby, but quickly became a passion as she captured more and more special moments shared by her clients.


For the last decade, she’s enjoyed meeting new people and being a part of those memories that will last a lifetime. When she’s not taking pictures, she’s out adventuring in the woods or near the water somewhere … or chasing down all three kids on the soccer field. But, who are we kidding? She never stops taking pictures!


We look forward to meeting you! Send us a message and let’s chat photos — with a free coffee treat on us! OK, not literally on us, that’s a waste of good coffee … we mean … like, our treat. 😉

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