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When Did She Grow Up?! A Senior Shoot 18 Years In The Making

I’ve known Maryn since she was born. Literally. So, before we get into it, let me show you how I still pictured her in my head before we started this Senior photoshoot (she’s in the middle):


Fast forward to today … Maryn is 18 years old, and about to go to UCM to major in Theatre Technology/Design.


HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Kim, Ike, anyone?! Tell me how!

And it’s not even her height. She has been taller than me since she was, like, 8 … it’s that she is old enough to go to college … like in a few weeks!!! :O


Maryn, who was active in theatre throughout her high school career, wants to work as a costume designer in a professional theatre setting.

And she’s already well on her way. She hand-beaded this vest! She said she worked on it for several years. You can tell by the detail!

I also want to point out that the little alien on there was a trinket that I gave to her older sister, Sadie (one of my BFFs), when we were younger! I was touched it was still being put to good use!


Every year, Maryn goes to the White Hart Renaissance Faire. She’s also been known to frequent the Kansas City Renaissance Festivaland the St. Louis Renaissance Festival!  It was an obvious choice for her to wear one of her handmade outfits for her senior photos!


And, of course, we had to whip out the fan she brought for a prop! I spent more time than I care to admit editing this one! And we also spent a while looking for it in the grass after the photoshoot! Hahaha.


For another outfit, Maryn rocked this vintage dress she found in a thrift store. She said it was only a few bucks — #winning!


Maryn was such a good sport about all of the crazy things I asked her to do (thankfully, my clients already know I am a little out there, they know what’s coming!).

“Maryn, lean against that tree … backwards!”


“Maryn, I really love how the moss looks on these logs!! Sit down in front of them … then look backwards … but then look at me with your eyes!”


“Maryn! I am going to lay down in the grass upside down to get this shot … try to look normal!”


But, hey! That’s how you get the shot! Thanks for putting up with me and my crazy antics, Mare!


In closing, Maryn had a message for her parents: “Thank you guys so my for putting me on the path to my future! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Love you!”

Isn’t she the sweetest?!

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Bentley’s 8-Month Family Shoot!

Today, we’re featuring Tatiana’s old friend Stephanie, her fiance, Ryan, and their adorable little man, Bentley!

Steph Fam 1.jpg

Before Bentley could make his photogenic debut, he had a hidden role in another photoshoot we did last fall for Stephanie’s maternity photos.

Stephanie 25

Fast forward to this past Sunday, and Bentley was exactly 8 months old to the day! His parents celebrated with getting some family photos at Unity Village.

Steph Fam 3

Look at this precious face! He definitely knows how to work the camera. 😉

Steph Fam 2

And those baby blues are gonna be dangerous when he gets older!

Bentley was particularly fond of the fountains at Unity. When we told him he couldn’t get in the water, he began to create his own fountain — of drool. HAPPY EIGHT MONTHS!

Steph Fam 7.jpg

We were able to distract the drool machine for just enough time to get some shots of mom and dad.

Stephanie and Ryan have been together for almost three years and met through work. It’s so wonderful to see the love in their eyes!

Steph Fam 8.jpg

So other than drooling and smiling, Bentley’s other favorite activity is eating his fingers. He fits in pretty well with the other 8-monthers in town.

Steph Fam 13

But he has a heart of gold and doesn’t mind sharing!

Steph Fam 11.jpg

We can’t wait to see Bentley and his parents again! Their smiles are contagious!

Steph Fam 12

Thank you so much for booking with us and sharing all the smiles!

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Themed Photoshoots: Worth It Or Nah?

At some point, you’re going to ask yourself: “Should I do a themed photoshoot?” Maybe you’re the one behind the camera, or maybe you’re the one who’s going to be in front of it. But either way — is it worth all the hassle?

But before we dive in, let’s explain exactly what a “themed” photoshoot is!

It could be something like our upcoming Harley & Joker photos. It’s a photoshoot with a specific theme. Everyone at this shoot is going to be dressed as Harley or Joker.

Harley 6(Momo Bunny Cosplay)

The shoot doesn’t necessarily have to be cosplay related, it could just have a “theme.” We’ve done Southern Belle shoots (with a lil’ cowboy for good measure):


A lot of times, a photographer sets the theme and makes a day of it. But sometimes clients come to us outside of one of our specials and ask us to help them with a theme they personally want in their photos.

These photos below were “Disbound” Belle & Beast. When we get requests like this, it’s an opportunity to find new photo locations that fit, too!

DisBound (6)DisBound (3)DisBound (11)DisBound (13)

From a photographer’s standpoint, themed photoshoots are fun. They’re apart from the every day family or maternity session — which, of course, we still love — but themed shoots are a great change of pace.

From the perspective of someone who participates in a themed shoot, it’s a unique opportunity, and you know the photos are going to be one-of-a-kind.

So, are themed shoots worth it? Our opinion is a resounding “YES!!!”

They’re much more work than regular photoshoots, but the fun makes up for it!

And just to prove it, we will be announcing our Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions later this month!


Look forward to it! And make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest shenanigans!

Moodboard Monday: Timeless Romance!

I think we can all agree that love is timeless. It’s lasted throughout centuries, lives on through our hearts every day, and it will be here long after we’re gone.

What reminds you of the people you love?

Sometime it can be something extravagant or obvious, like flowers delivered at your work.

Today for this moodboard, we are going to celebrate the little details. The hidden treasures that love leaves behind to make you smile fondly from memories shared.


Belzer 5

Setting a romantic mood starts with the lighting. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner or a dimmed out room, soft lighting always creates a touch of romance in the air.

Although, from a photographers perspective- bright natural lighting does plenty of love for our subjects!

Sparkle and Shine:

Belzer 35

Although it’s no requirement of love to shower your partner with gifts, they are still aesthetically pleasing for this mood! Diamonds and Pearls, like one of our wedding packages, sparks a number of emotions for me.

My grandmother gave me my first string of real pearls to mark me becoming a woman (she was from Tennessee so southern traditions were a big deal). The love I hold for her is timeless and those pearls will be passed down to my daughter someday!

Diamonds remind most people of an engagement ring, but my ring is an opal. When I think of Diamonds, I think of the sparkle and shine of the lake when Eric took me out on our first date.

Eyes that sparkle after the first kiss can also be reflected in a diamond.


Allen Wedding (104)

I love the symbolism of keys! I have two key tattoos on my arm that represent my trip to Spain and France. Keys are a big deal!

Everyone knows the cheesy phrasing “unlock the key to your heart”.

It holds so much meaning and comes with incredible risk to fully open up your heart. To let someone in, or “give them the key”, is an act of courage. Your defenses are down, you leave yourself vulnerable, and you risk locking your heart up forever if things go south.

But in love, you can’t think about the consequences- because the positives of love are so much more rewarding! Take the risk and open the door.


Belzer 158

Love is very much a tradition in our culture but these shoes have a nostalgic notion all in themselves!

This bride wore the same shoes her grandmother wore to her wedding- over 60 years ago!

Traditions hold good luck and touching memories for generations to come.


If you enjoy these moodboards, let us know!

You’ll Never Guess Where This Picture-Perfect Hidden Gem Of A City Is!

Happy Tuesday! We’re here to share with you a town we’d LOVE to use as a photoshoot location — Hannibal, Missouri!

Hannibal 6

Hannibal is best known for being the hometown of Samuel Clemens, more popularly referred to as Mark Twain. Eric and I took a day trip there to check out the different attractions, including the steamboats, but I was also amazed at the scenery!

Hannibal 5.jpg

This town is filled with wonderful eclectic buildings perfect for any photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for a vintage city vibe —

Hannibal 2

Or vibrant bustling town filled with bold pops of color like this awesome movie theater!

Hannibal 4

This town also has unique stores for collectibles and an old fashioned ice cream parlor and soda shoppe! Each building is uniquely styled, which is something every photographer appreciates!

Hannibal 9

I had Eric pose for me in this doorway because I was filled with so much inspiration from this area!


Since Eric is my #instagramhusband I had him take a few pictures of me while we were walking around. THIS COULD BE YOU!!! Except not taken with my phone…

Another great photo opportunity is the town garden.


Complete with sunflowers, cute benches and archways, aaaand …



This would be such a cute photo with kiddos!

Hannibal is also right up against the Missouri River, so it’s also a great location for romantic waterside photos.

Hannibal 7

Oh, hi, Illinois!

The best landmark in the town is the famous lighthouse.

Hannibal 10

It literally serves no purpose because we’re in the middle of the country, but it’s still a great photo location!

Hannibal is closer to Christine in St. Louis (about an hour) and approx. 3 hours away from Kansas City, but we would LOVE to set up a photo event here! This place has so much potential and since no one has done it before, you’ll be getting quality photos with a unique setting. <3

Let us know if you’re interested in this location and we’ll make the magic happen!


Moodboard Monday: A Red Hot Summer!

Hey, everyone!

Tatiana here to introduce you to this exciting new blog series:


I love looking at moodboards with different aesthetics to brighten my day, refresh my mind, and inspire me!

What the heck’s a moodboard? Let me slap you with some definitions!

A “moodboard” is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Different images, colors, or phrases can all create one big MOOD.

And wouldn’t ya know it!? I happen to have a plethora of images to create moodboards to share with you lovely people. <3

This week’s theme is:


With the weather in July being at a record high average in the 100s, it’s been a SCORCHER! Right now, Summer reminds me of sunburns, gross bugs buzzing all around me, and sweat. Oh man … the sweat.

So, I’m going to change my mood around with this summer moodboard I created with the positive aspects of summertime whilst sipping on some nice cool water in the A/C.


Japanese Tea Garden 7

I think the best part of Summer is the chance to travel! The most traveled months are generally in the summertime when the kiddos are out of school and you just want to get away.

I didn’t travel to Japan as the focal picture may imply, although that’s still very much #goals. I did, however, visit the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wait, she went to San Francisco and she’s not featuring the Golden Gate Bridge” …


Oh, we went there too! The 40 MPH winds were also very present so just getting onto the bridge was a win for me. Artistic photos? Not happening when my camera is my livelihood and the wind could literally knock it out of my hands into the Pacific!

There’s also another reason for not adding this iconic shot to the board. The main color theme of this moodboard is reds with gold/green accents. As much as I would love to have added the staple tourist location of San Fran into this moodboard, the Golden Gate Bridge is super red but the main color scheme surrounding it is blue, which doesn’t go with the mood we’re trying to create! Sorry, GG. Maybe next time!


Getting Ready 29

When we get booked for Summer weddings, we thank the heavens for indoor venues.

This board definitely needed a lounging flower girl to represent my inner couch potato this summer. I don’t even need to make it to a pool; the humidity has be drowning. Amirite?


Hannibal 8

Any season comes with their signature meals: Bar-b-ques for family cookouts, watermelon at the poolside, and that good ol’ American apple pie.

Of course, you can’t make an apple pie without fresh apples from the farmers market!

If you’re up for a little stroll on a weekend morning, go visit the River Market in KC for the regions largest farmers market. There’s also the Steamboat Arabia museum for when you need to move your adventure indoors as the temperatures rise.

School’s Out:

Halee Senior Photo 7

Summer also marks bittersweet ends and new beginnings as our younger audience transitions from one grade to the next – or from a high school to a campus for our seniors!

No Summer moodboard would be complete without the feeling of accomplishment and freedom we remember as kids when the final bell rang.

The scene in “Grease” where they throw all their papers and books in the air is a BIG mood!

Just the opportunity to sleep in is something to be celebrated in itself!


So there you have it, folks! Our first moodboard. Let us know what you think!

If you have any moodboard ideas you’d like to share, feel free to let us know and as always, don’t forget to like us on Facebook. <3

She Owns THREE Businesses?!

Many of you already know Christine, but did you know she also owns not one, not two, but three businesses?

Kaleidoscope (21).jpg

Kansas City Photography

The first, as you all know, is Kansas City Photography. She started this business when she moved to Kansas City in 2011, when she was 23.

After years of hard work, the business has grown so much that she has hired on another full-time photographer, Tatiana!


Christine moved to St. Louis in 2016, so now Kansas City Photography also has a St. Louis branch!

Both Christine and Tatiana keep busy year-round taking breathtaking photos for their clients in both cities.


They excel in weddings, engagement, family, newborn, and cosplay photoshoots!

Mercy 3Elena (12)Giles & Kyli (3)

Plus, they get bookings all over the country. Especially in Denver and Chicago!

Emily & Stephen (25).jpg

Kaleidoscope Consignment

The next business Christine owns is Kaleidoscope Consignment, in Pacific. The business closed, and Christine took it over and re-opened it on December 11, 2017.

Kaleidoscope (25)

Here is her wonderful store staff:

Kaleidoscope (2)b

Kaleidoscope is a retail shop — it has new & like new clothing, children’s items, home decor, Coach & other designer purses … the list goes on! And since Christine owns it, there’s quite a bit of wine paraphernalia, too!

Kaleidoscope (5)Kaleidoscope (6)

Oh, and Wine Wednesday — where you get a free glass of wine while you shop, every Wednesday!

And since it’s a consignment store, people bring in their goodies for the store to sell. So many unique pieces — like this re-finished dresser with the NYC backdrop! This piece was sold to a gal who lives in San Diego, California! How cool is that?!

Kaleidoscope (18)

And, of course, the store boasts other obligatory knick knacks:

Kaleidoscope (15)Kaleidoscope (16)


The third thing Christine does is sling that wax — AKA sell Scentsy!

That’s why Kaleidoscope always smells so good when you walk in! Christine’s house usually smells pretty epic as well. ALL THE WAX! ALL THE SMELL GOODS!


On top of all of this — Christine is also a wife and mom of two.

Christine Fam 18

It’s definitely a balancing act to keep up her businesses, social life, and family time — but she’s able to do so many things because of the wonderful people she surrounds herself with: A supportive husband, family, and many best friends to help her along the way!

Christine Fam 21

#GirlBoss power!

Their House Has A Water Slide! A Dullard Family Reunion

Before she flew in from Florida last week, Kaitlin called me to make sure I could make it down to Lake of the Ozarks for family photos.  I jumped at the chance to catch up with her, her family, and that sweet water slide.


I needed to be down there by the 4th to make sure I could get everyone (Kaitlin has two sisters) before they scattered off back into the world.

Lindsay lives in Chicago with her hubs, Alex.

Dullard (3)

Mickey is currently a flight attendant (maybe she’ll find that plus one while on her travels)! 😉

Dullard (4)

While Kaitlin, Michael, and Mia live in Florida!

Dullard (2)

Their parents, Dana & Rob, usually only come to the Lake for a couple weeks a year. They travel around to some of their other properties during the rest of the summer/winter months.

Dullard (16)

There was a small window of opportunity to capture them all together. Success!

Dullard (8)

Plus, we got a lot of other shots. Like the obligatory mama and her girls shot (hey, and a 3-generation photo!):

Dullard (5)

And, of course, while I had all three sisters there — we had to recreate this gem!


Glorious, right? Next time, I will make Lindsay and Kaitlin rock those pony tails again.

Next up, we had to convince 10-month-old Mia that it was a good idea to smile for photos.

Dullard (13)

She could be swayed. There was a lot of jumping, funny faces, and weird baby toy noises going on in front of her, though. #WorthIt

The blanket you see in this photo below is one that Mia’s Great-Grandma had made for Kaitlin when she was a baby!

Dullard (14)

But Mia wasn’t all smiles and sunshine. She gave mom and dad a peek of what she’s gonna look like come age 13 or so:

Dullard (12)

So, adore those smiles while you still can!

Dullard (10)

Thanks, Dullard clan, for letting me capture your beautiful family! Hope to see you next year!

Dullard (7)

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Sass And Sassafrass: A Newborn & Toddler Photoshoot!

Tessa was full of sass, but she couldn’t stop me from catching some of her sneaky smiles! But let’s start with the sass, and this shot, which may actually be my favorite from the entire shoot:

Cici & Tessa (15).jpg

At this point in the shoot, Tessa was walking away from us, and kept looking back to make sure we weren’t following her.

But let’s start from the beginning.

I was able to meet up with our friends Katie & Johnny last week, who just so happened to welcome a new little one into their family. Of course, a photoshoot was in order!

World, meet Cecilia!

Cici & Tessa (3)

She has the tiniest little toes and fingers. Big sister Gwen couldn’t get enough!

Cici & Tessa (1)Cici & Tessa (2)

It’s Tessa’s first time into the world of being a “big sister,” but she was rocking it! She kept making sure her baby sister was comfortable, and giving her lots of kisses!

Big, big sister Gwen is already a pro in the world of big sisterdom.

And both she and Tessa are getting so big! Just look at this comparison shot from last year:

Tessa First Birthday (15)Cici & Tessa (7)

And if this next set of shots doesn’t convince you how important it is to take family photos every year, I don’t know what will.

The one on the top is from only last year. The one on the bottom was just taken last week — just one year apart!

Tessa First Birthday (10)Cici & Tessa (11)Tessa First Birthday (13)Cici & Tessa (13)

And now, there’s a NEW baby in the house!

Tessa has gotten so big!! She wasn’t quite in the mood to smile and pose, so we had to get a little creative. We’d let Gwen take a solo shot, and then ask Tessa if she wanted to take a photo just like big sister.

Cici & Tessa (8)

It worked … sometimes.

Cici & Tessa (12)

Thankfully, Cecilia isn’t old enough to do anything but let me pose her. 😉

Cici &amp; Tessa (6)

Sometimes it’s the small victories.

Cici &amp; Tessa (4)

Although, she’s already workin’ on her sassy face for me. Maybe next year she’ll have it perfected!

Cici &amp; Tessa (5)

Thanks for letting me capture your troop, Katie & Johnny!

Cici &amp; Tessa (14)

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Two Teens And A Tween Visit West Bottoms!


That’s how the shoot started, at least. But they warmed up to me. 😉


I took Mackenzie, Christian, and Lily down to West Bottoms in Kansas City to explore. They had never been there before, and we had a blast! Well, for the most part … when Christian wasn’t nervous.

We first met the Fordemwalt clan when we moved next door to them in 2013. My family has since moved to St. Louis, but with a photography business based in Kansas City, and the fact that we miss them, we still make it up there to visit every few months!


My oldest, Lily, just LOVES Kenzie and Christian. And they’ve always been really good about letting her tag along and hang out with them, despite the age difference. Here’s a throwback:


And just look at these three amigos now! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!


But back to our impromptu West Bottoms photoshoot. I had taken the kids out to the Hallmark Center to look around.

Kenzie and I were talking about photography when it suddenly occurred to me that they may not have seen the graffiti downtown. Mackenzie mentioned her friends take a lot of selfies in that area, and I just so happened to have my camera with me since I had several photoshoots that weekend. And since I was the one driving, guess where we ended up!


Having a photographer for a mother, my little Lily is a pro. Kenzie held her own, too! This girl should me a teen model! She was crushin’ it. Get that smolder on, girl!


And now to Christian. Ohhhh, Christian. While he did a great job posing for photos … he may or may not have been freaking out a little bit about the location. He was nervous since we were downtown and there was graffiti everywhere.

“Don’t you think we should go, Christine? It’s getting dark outside!”

“Christian … it’s 4 p.m. I promise it’s ok.”

He was a trooper, though!


And, hey, look! We made it out just fine.

West Bottoms is such a fun location for photoshoots because it’s literally different every time you go.

And this time, I found an alley I had never been to before.