Breaking Free at 23! Lindsey’s Journey

To say Lindsey had a rough year would be an understatement.

To begin her year, one of her closest friends, who was only 20 years old, was murdered. Her killer still hasn’t gone to trial.

Later that same year, she lost her uncle to an unexpected cancer.

The year before, she lost another close friend, who was only 19 years old, to cancer.

Lindsey (1)

Lindsey came to me and said she wanted a “breaking free” theme for her 23rd birthday. She wanted to make 23 her best year yet, cherishing those she lost, but also becoming stronger because of the trials she has faced already at such a young age.

Lindsey (15)

To honor those that have left her behind, she is going to put her best foot forward and “break free at 23.”

Lindsey (8)Lindsey (10)

I first met Lindsey in 2013 when we moved to Blue Springs. She lived in the house across the street from me, then only being in high school. Flashback to her senior photo session:


I watched her grow from a teen who was completely obsessed with soccer, into a woman who joined the military to help protect those she loved.

Lindsey (6).jpg

Now in her life, she’s working at the University of Kansas Health System, and also studying to earn her EMT license.

Lindsey (5).jpg

She’s lost so many lives in her young life, now she’s working toward being able to save them.

Lindsey (2).jpg

Can’t wait to keep watching you, Lindsey. You’re going to do great things. In the words of her late friend, Mary: “It’s going to be alright.”

Lindsey knows her friends and family would want her to keep smiling, and keep moving forward.

Lindsey (12).jpg

Break free, Lindsey!

Lindsey (7).jpg

To view Lindsey’s session, click here.

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Lindsey (4)

A Chilly [But Fun] Family Photoshoot at Longview Lake, With Monkey Bars!

It’s Tatiana here, back from the cold and having one! I’m glad to be back to work — and boy, is there a lot of it. I can’t complain, though, since I’m doing what I love with lovely people. Like the Barnes family!

Barnes 1

I was so excited to be able to meet the Barnes family for a mini family shoot at Longview Lake last week!

Christine got to work with them last year at Unity Village. It’s always fun to see the comparisons with clients over the years, especially when kids are involved! They can grow and change so much every year!


Kiarra has some new glasses — she went from pink to blue! And then Kinzie looks so much taller! Karson is definitely the biggest change since he’s the youngest. He’s gotten so big in just one year! *sniffles*

Barnes 11

This was my first time taking photos at Longview Lake. It was stunning!! Speaking of stunning, Kiarra’s cute shoulder-cut out sweater was just perfect!

Barnes 22

Kiarra is in the double digits now, and oh-so sweet! She even gave me a hug and thanked me for taking her photos. Isn’t that adorable?!

Barnes 23

Kinzie is six and cute as a button! She’s definitely got that smile down! She was a total champion during the shoot, despite it being pretty frigid!

Barnes 12

These sisters aren’t camera shy at all, which is great for me as I didn’t have to give them hardly any direction. They were also obsessed my hair … probably because it’s the best color ever (purple)!

Barnes 21

Little brother, Karson, on the other hand, had to transform into a dinosaur and try to chase me in order for me to get some smiles outta him. That’s to be expected from any 2-year-old!

Barnes 20

He actually did the same thing last year, too! He’s all about runnin’!


Plus, his candid pictures are priceless! These remind me of that Leonardo DiCaprio meme. So jolly!

Barnes 8

Christina and Brad are the proud parents of three amazing children! I’m glad they were willing to venture out into the chilly winds so I could capture their love on camera.

Barnes 27

I was also able to snag some shots of the kids on the playground before our time was up!

Barnes 25

The girls were expert monkey bar flippers. I’m sure Karson will follow suit in a few years!

Of course if I tried this, I would fall flat on my face. Christine would probably encourage me to try, just so she could take the pictures of it if I fail.

Barnes 24

Wishing the Barnes family happy times to come! We hope to see you next year, too!

Barnes 16

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Lily Is Starting First Grade! NO WAY!

Well, it was a rough time emotionally last week. I took a much needed break, but I am back. I am going to blog every day this week (M-F), so hold me accountable!

Today, I’m writing about Lily. Our oldest princess is starting first grade this Wednesday. I just can’t believe it!

Here she is on her first day of Kindergarten:


And here she is today, on her first day of 1st Grade!


Below, Tatiana did a mini photoshoot with Miss Lily right before I did her photos at the same location!

Christine Fam 2

Trading photoshoots is a perk of being a professional photographer! <3

Currently, Lily’s favorite colors are purple and pink. I have been re-finishing a dresser for her in the same purple and pink colors as her room. It’s still in the garage, but hey! I am workin’ on it!

Her favorite food is vanilla ice cream (I just asked her, lol). Her favorite sport gymnastics. Her favorite sports team is the Kansas City Royals (she lived in KC the first 5 years of her life! Sorry, Cardinals!).

Christine Fam 3

She recently went with me to the salon and got some purple streaks put in her hair. Her hair is light enough that my gal Hannah could just put the dye right on her hair, and we didn’t have to do bleach it at all (I probably wouldn’t have let her do it otherwise).

Christine Fam 5

During the shoot, there was some road construction going on. Lily has never been a fan of loud noises, so we got this gem of a picture when a particularly loud drill turned on:

Christine Fam 4

Lily is social, lovable, smart, kind, and spunky. She has the attitude of a 16-year-old, and the wit to back up that sass. Everyone always tells us to get out our shotguns since she’s so beautiful, buuuut … she can hold her own. No guns needed.

Christine Fam 1

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A Family Tradition For 44 Years!

In 1973, Tom and Jeannie Baugher decided to have a little get together. Little did they know that 44 years later, the tradition would still be carried on. It became known as “Mauvais,” but more on that later!

Here’s a picture from the 1986 get together —


And from the latest get together in 2017 —

Mauvais 2017

It was my husband’s grandparents who started it all. They decided to name their yearly family gathering (usually in Louisville, Kentucky, where Tom and Jeannie lived) “Mauvais.”

For anyone who knows French — that means “bad.” But, of course, there’s a story behind the name. And, in truly French fashion, it involves wine.

Mauvais 1986

For the gathering, the Baugher clan would make wine with their good friends Lee and Peggie Buser. At the time, one of Tom and Jeannie’s sons, Jeff, was taking French. So, to impress people with their handmade wine — they gave it a French name. And made the mistake of letting Jeff name it. And, know what he picked? Yuuup — Mauvais.

But everyone loved it!

So, “bad wine” was made every year — and the name Mauvais just stuck as the name of family gathering!

And there are old photos galore! Here is my husband on the left in 1990. His big brother, David, on the right.

Mauvais 1990

They grew up pretty cute — David is on the left, and Bryan is on the right in the photo below from 2013.


There are several traditions for Mauvais — one of them is to play golf (mini golf counts, too).


Here is the original scorecard from the 1973 game:


I’m tickled they wrote the weather conditions on the score as well.

Another of Tom and Jeannie’s sons (they had five boys), Dan Baugher (who is also my father-in-law), told me about the golfing tradition:

“We were lucky to have a nice par 3 course nearby at the local college (Bellarmine) that meant everyone could play. Also, in order to make it fair, my dad and Jeff used to provide the less experienced golfers with a handicap to adjust everyone’s score. I think they really used that to make sure someone different won every year.”


“There was a silver bowl that someone found at a yard sale one year that we used as the traveling trophy.”


Two other Baugher brothers, Matt and Lee, would bring prizes. Most of the time it was silly stuff that Matt would get since he was a wine distributor.

Another tradition? Music. But not just listening to music — real instruments are whipped out!

Mauvais 1988

Tom played the banjo. Jim Baugher was on bass. Jeff learned to play ukelele. The rest … well, there were kazoos! Or, you could just sing along!


Now, we’ve added other musical talents to the team, Christie Baugher (Lee’s daughter) plays a mean keyboard [below].

Mauvais 2017

And David and Bryan both play guitar. Although, Bryan is a little out of practice now … he was skippin’ cords all over the place this last Mauvais!

Here is a song in action — you know, put da lime in da coconut.

Mauvais always takes place around the Fourth of July. So, you know, smoke bombs and fireworks are a thing.


One of Bryan’s cousins told him she thought it was common for families to get together and sing horrible songs around the holiday. Buuuuut … then she realized it’s just her family that does that.

I’m glad I married into this fun family!

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