The Pouring Rain Didn’t Stop This Engagement Session!

Gina reached out to me a few days before the session, telling me it was going to rain. I told her I didn’t mind it if she didn’t … and she didn’t … so we had a gorgeous session in the pouring rain!

Gina&Rob (2)

Check this off the bucket list, I have always wanted to do a rain session. Plus, with Gina and Rob being such good sports, we even did a little dancing in the rain!

Gina&Rob (8)1

Gina and Rob met online and talked for a month before deciding to meet up in person. Gina told me they loved that it was so easy to talk and hangout with each other, even after only meeting once!

Gina&Rob (1)

Fast forward — and here we are! That first date turned into a second, a second into a third … and the rest was history!

Rob proposed at their home. He told me he was really nervous, and had convinced himself Gina would say no. She didn’t. 😉

Gina said the at-home proposal made it special, and then they were able to go pick out a ring together. Aww!

Gina&Rob (5)

I asked each person to tell me their favorite things about one another.

Gina: “My favorite thing about him is that he is very easy to love. He is always so nice and always does little things to help me out or make me feel loved.”

Gina&Rob (7)

Rob: “My favorite thing about Gina is her smile because it lights up the entire room.”

Aren’t these two just the sweetest?!

Gina&Rob (3)

Gina said the fact Rob, a man who hates getting pictures, wanted to do the outside kiss in the rain shot made her swoon! And, boy, was it worth it!

Gina&Rob (6)

It was cold. It was wet. But, you know what? Gina and Rob are troopers – and their beautiful engagement photos are all thanks to that! Dance in the rain, my friends! It’s always worth it.

Can’t wait for the wedding!

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Old Cars, Feathers, & Trains: Lindsey & Tyler’s ‘Great Gatsby’ Themed Wedding!

Sparkling bands went across foreheads, pearls were gently slung around their necks. The bridesmaids were dressed in all black along with the groomsmen. The reception had glittering chandeliers and a “prohibition ends here” sign.

It was truly a 1920s Gatsby inspired wedding!

The bride? Stunning.


The dresses? On point.


But they were even more stunning on —


And, of course, the groom and his dapper groomsmen completed the wedding party.


I was thrilled to photograph Lindsey and Tyler’s wedding last Saturday, October 14. It had felt like Fall weather leading up to Saturday, but then “BAM!” Mother Nature decided it should be 91 degrees on Saturday.


But there were still smiles all around — and by the time we took wedding party shots, it had cooled to a perfect 80 degrees!


A few weeks before Christmas, Lindsey and Tyler were enjoying the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights. That’s when Tyler decided to get down on one knee and ask Lindsey to be his wife!


She was totally shocked — and, of course she accepted or I wouldn’t be writing this post! Now, she’s Mrs. Allen!

IMG_0715Before the ceremony, we invited Lindsey’s father in to look at her. Immediately, tears welled up in his eyes and he gave her a giant hug. He cried and told her she was absolutely beautiful.


Lindsey and Tyler didn’t do a “first look,” but did do a few teasers. Tyler didn’t actually peek, but I am sure he really wanted to!


Before I left to meet Lindsey at the church, she texted me:


And so, Tyler was blindfolded:


The first time Tyler actually saw Lindsey was when she walked down the aisle. When the doors first opened, a huge smile spread across his face.

He looked over at his Best Man, almost to silently tell him “I am so lucky!” and then looked back at Lindsey. He didn’t take his eyes off her the rest of the ceremony.


After the ceremony and family photos at the altar, I was pleasantly surprised to find an old 1947 Ford Convertible!

It was like walking on eggshells, because we really, really didn’t want to step on the wrong thing or scratch any interior. With permission from the owner, who is Lindsey’s stepfather, Don, the happy couple was able to sit on top of the back seats!

I am not one to usually drool over cars — but this one is a beauty!!


After several shots with the convertible and the bride and groom, the wedding party went to the beautiful Frontier Park in St. Charles with a killer view of the Missouri River. Lindsey had a dream to get photos with this cute, little old caboose.


Sometimes it can get windy down by the water — but Mother Nature was on our side on Saturday!

I asked Tyler to dip Lindsey back, and when I asked them to lean down even more, she goes “I’M GONNA FALL!”

Thankfully, she didn’t … although I always joke with my clients that if something like that happens, I promise to take photos!



Lindsey told me she picked the Gatsby theme because she loves the classy and glamorous style of that time period.


She said she wanted to have a fun wedding that people would have a lot of fun at and remember.

She nailed it. The reception location was at Le Belle Coeur. As soon as you enter the ballroom, you can see huge, glittering chandeliers. The sign at the bar tells you prohibition is no more, and their wedding party favors were these adorable keys that doubled as a bottle opener!


I’ll let the happy couple close out this blog post, with a very special message to their friends and family who made their most special day the best ever!


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