When He Saw Her, He Sobbed Joyously: Beth and Zach’s Summer Wedding!

Tatiana here to showcase our latest lovey dovey celebration: Beth & Zach’s wedding!

You may remember these two from our October fall frenzy when we did their engagement shoot at Union Station.


Fast Forward to this Saturday, and Beth was getting ready for her magical walk down the aisle!

Beth Zach 3.jpg

Her dress was classy and elegant, paired with a dainty string of pearls. So pretty!

Speaking of pearls, Beth and Zach chose our “Diamonds and Pearls” package, which included getting ready and first look photos.

Beth found us on Facebook and knew she had to book us after being an avid follower of our page (seriously, thank you for the support!).

The clouds were big and poofy, but thankfully the ceremony and reception were inside since we were pushing 100 degrees! YIKES!

Beth Zach 11

The reason Beth and Zach chose the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) as the location is because her grandfather is a member. Thank you so much for serving our country!

“First Look” was very tactful on Beth’s part because she had to hide behind this shed until Zach was placed.

Beth Zach 5

When the reveal finally happened, the reaction was overwhelming!

Beth Zach 8

One glimpse and Zach was sobbing. These moments RIGHT here are why we always recommend a first look! Capturing this special moment between just the bride and groom always brings tears to our eyes, too!

Beth Zach 7

It took Zach a moment to compose himself, but honestly that’s what every bride hopes for. 😉

It wouldn’t be a wedding without family, and this one was actually run by theirs! Beth’s grandma made this gorgeous cake and everyone chipped in for the catering.

Beth Zach 14

Beth also had angel wings on her bouquet to honor the family members no longer with them.

Beth Zach 13

And transitioning into the bouquet, here’s a closeup with their dazzling rings! The jewels and blue lillies are breathtaking!

Beth Zach 15

When we tell people to “cheer” during the family photos, we never know how people are going to react. This family definitely gave us what we were hoping for!

Family is very important to Zach and Beth, and we couldn’t have pulled off such great wedding party photos without them.

Beth Zach 9

No, but really WE COULDN’T! Because the wedding party was all family! They were a tight knit bunch!

Beth Zach 10

These two are truly blessed to have such devoted and loving family to support them.

Beth Zach 12

Whose smiles are as equally as bright as that summer heat — whew!

Beth Zach 19

We wish Beth and Zach all the best at Kansas City Photography!

Beth Zach 1.jpg

Let L-O-V-E lead the way! <3

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