Two Teens And A Tween Visit West Bottoms!


That’s how the shoot started, at least. But they warmed up to me. 😉


I took Mackenzie, Christian, and Lily down to West Bottoms in Kansas City to explore. They had never been there before, and we had a blast! Well, for the most part … when Christian wasn’t nervous.

We first met the Fordemwalt clan when we moved next door to them in 2013. My family has since moved to St. Louis, but with a photography business based in Kansas City, and the fact that we miss them, we still make it up there to visit every few months!


My oldest, Lily, just LOVES Kenzie and Christian. And they’ve always been really good about letting her tag along and hang out with them, despite the age difference. Here’s a throwback:


And just look at these three amigos now! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!


But back to our impromptu West Bottoms photoshoot. I had taken the kids out to the Hallmark Center to look around.

Kenzie and I were talking about photography when it suddenly occurred to me that they may not have seen the graffiti downtown. Mackenzie mentioned her friends take a lot of selfies in that area, and I just so happened to have my camera with me since I had several photoshoots that weekend. And since I was the one driving, guess where we ended up!


Having a photographer for a mother, my little Lily is a pro. Kenzie held her own, too! This girl should me a teen model! She was crushin’ it. Get that smolder on, girl!


And now to Christian. Ohhhh, Christian. While he did a great job posing for photos … he may or may not have been freaking out a little bit about the location. He was nervous since we were downtown and there was graffiti everywhere.

“Don’t you think we should go, Christine? It’s getting dark outside!”

“Christian … it’s 4 p.m. I promise it’s ok.”

He was a trooper, though!


And, hey, look! We made it out just fine.

West Bottoms is such a fun location for photoshoots because it’s literally different every time you go.

And this time, I found an alley I had never been to before.


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