What To Bring To A Photoshoot — Props Or No Props?

I get asked this by clients a lot: “Do I need to bring anything?”

The answer? “It depends.”

What kind of shoot is it? For many engagement shoots, props aren’t really needed. However, if you want to use the image as your Save the Date — I have chalkboards I can bring along. I once had some clients bring along some faux leaves to write their wedding date on, and made sure I got a photo of it.


For maternity shoots, I often recommend bringing a onesie or a pair of baby shoes. We can work those into some really cute shots! It also works great for the newborn session after, because we can do a “before” and “after” effect!

IMG_5686 (1).jpg

First birthday cake shoot? You bring the cake, I’ll bring the cam (and in this case, I’ll bring the backdrop, too!).


And we’ve had a couple adult clients do cake smashes, too! In both instances, these ladies brought along all of their own props. They had a vision, so we made sure it was captured!


For Senior Photos, I always ask the person what they’re into. If they mention any type of sport, I ask them to bring along something related to that sport — a bat, a softball, a jersey, a soccer ball, a tennis racquet, etc. I like to work personality into shoots!


So, props or no props? That’s really up to you!

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