A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement!

The best kind of announcement is a surprise announcement. Especially one that involves an adorable little soon-to-be baby!!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 5

Abbie reached out to us a few weeks ago wanting to set a maternity shoot — but a surprise one! She wanted to use the photos as an announcement to her friends and family, so we had to patiently wait to post this blog. A big congratulations from Kansas City Photography to Abbie and Trey!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 8Abbie wanted to make sure her pups were in some of the shots — they are so adorable! And Tatiana is a huge dog fan — so this was a match made in heaven!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 1

Abbie and Trey will find out the gender in June — is another surprise shoot in the works?! 🙂

Tatiana also wanted to make sure to point out how phenomenal Abbie’s eyebrows were. On point, girl!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 2

Another thing Tatiana gushed about was how Abbie came to the shoot with a ton of great ideas, which made the shoot flow, and the time go by so quickly!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 9Abbie Maternity Shoot 4

We can’t wait to meet Baby Millard! It’s just around the corner — and just imagine, you’ll have a little 1-month-old around Christmas, how magical!!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 10

Love surprises?  Check out this surprise proposal we captured on camera!

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