A 1-Year-Old Vs. A Cake [A Cake Smash Shoot!]

I can’t explain how much I love cake smash shoots. It doesn’t matter if a person is turning one, or even 50. There’s just something about cake … bein’ smashed into faces.

Meet Tessa, Miss Cake Smash Extraordinaire!


Usually with these shoots, we have to coax the toddler into trying the cake and diggin’ in — not Tessa! She dove in face first!


And not to mention — Tessa’s mom, Katie, made the cake herself! She makes cakes and cookies as a hobby, but they are seriously way too good. I am encouraging her to open up her own shop! Doooo ittttt.

This cake tasted like sunshine and rainbows, so I don’t know what sorcery she used, but it was awesome.


I’m not supposed to mention that Tessa loved the cake so much, even when she dropped pieces on the porch, she would just pick them back up and eat them. Oh wait, I just mentioned it. Don’t read this, Johnny.


Even though Tessa just turned one, she’s already walking! She loves her new trick, and she was walking around everywhere. If she fell down, she just hopped right on back up! That gravel didn’t even bother her feet!


Tessa’s doting big sister, Gwen, was also there to make sure she could help her along! We could at least convince Gwen to wear shoes, even though her baby sister wouldn’t listen to that suggestion.


I met the family through my oldest daughter. Gwen is my 6-year-old’s best friend. They met this year in Kindergarten (they actually met at the Kindergarten open house the day before their first day and decided they were best buddies right there on the spot).


All of these gorgeous shots were actually taken on the parent’s property in the St. Louis area — so I totally lucked out on this location!


Watching their cute sisterly bond was so adorable, I know they are going to grow up to be each other’s best friends, confidants, and partners in crime!


I also made sure to get some shots of just Gwen. To get this amazing smile below, I had to pull out one of my all-time favorite jokes. Are you ready?!

What’s invisible and smells like carrots?



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What To Bring To A Photoshoot — Props Or No Props?

I get asked this by clients a lot: “Do I need to bring anything?”

The answer? “It depends.”

What kind of shoot is it? For many engagement shoots, props aren’t really needed. However, if you want to use the image as your Save the Date — I have chalkboards I can bring along. I once had some clients bring along some faux leaves to write their wedding date on, and made sure I got a photo of it.


For maternity shoots, I often recommend bringing a onesie or a pair of baby shoes. We can work those into some really cute shots! It also works great for the newborn session after, because we can do a “before” and “after” effect!

IMG_5686 (1).jpg

First birthday cake shoot? You bring the cake, I’ll bring the cam (and in this case, I’ll bring the backdrop, too!).


And we’ve had a couple adult clients do cake smashes, too! In both instances, these ladies brought along all of their own props. They had a vision, so we made sure it was captured!


For Senior Photos, I always ask the person what they’re into. If they mention any type of sport, I ask them to bring along something related to that sport — a bat, a softball, a jersey, a soccer ball, a tennis racquet, etc. I like to work personality into shoots!


So, props or no props? That’s really up to you!

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A 50th Birthday Cake Smash

Cake smashes are fun. They’re really popular for first birthdays:


But Judy wanted to change that up — she did a cake smash for her 50th instead!


Kansas City Photography’s other half, Dawn, went to Lake Jacomo this weekend to meet up with Judy and George. She had it all, and had been planning for months: The cake, the sign, and most importantly — the wine.


But something to keep in mind — icing. During the shoot, that black icing did not look like it was going to come off their faces any time soon.


One of Dawn’s favorite moments was when Judy told George he looked like an Angry Bird with all of that icing on his face. He then started squawking at her, which was totally hilarious.


Judy told us she feels a lot younger than 50 — and she really wanted the photos to reflect that. Adding cake into the mix makes anyone look at least 20 years younger, right?


And in the shots with George, Judy’s personality and playfulness really came out. And that sass, too!!


After some scary health issues for George, both he and Judy started thinking about life different and wanted to enjoy it more.


Enjoy life more? Mission accomplished.

And we want to give a quick shout out to Dusty & Susan — our original cake smash ladies who did it for their 40th! We hope the fun keeps on spreading like that icing on your faces!



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