Brr! A February Family Shoot At The Lake

It was unseasonably warm this weekend. My photographer self was thrilled, because this means it’s photo time! On Sunday, I met up with Jordon and Ethan — and their adorable family. Seriously, look at this little guy:


We met at Willmore Lodge at Lake of the Ozarks. I was raised at the Lake, so I jump at any opportunity to come back — and a photoshoot seemed like the perfect reason to me! It’s gorgeous at the Lodge, with a stunning lake view.


And while it was warmer than it usually is in February, when you get down by that water — brrrrr. But, despite the wind, and a newborn — we managed!! Can’t even tell everyone was cold, right?


One of my favorite stories from our blustery shoot is from the oldest daughter, Ayden.


Her mom, Jordon, wanted to make sure we got the shirt text in the shot below (they’re so cute!). So, I had to tell her: “move your beautiful hair, it keeps blowing in the shot because it thinks it’s the superstar here!” She thought that was hilarious, but it helped her remember to move her hair if the wind blew it over the words!


I’m sure the Shackelford family will be full of love this Valentine’s Day — I hope Holden, Ayden, and Cameron spoil them!!


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