A Valentine’s Boudoir Shoot

Two days ago, I met with a fellow photographer — and she asked me to do a shoot for her as a Valentine’s surprise for her boyfriend.


Mission accomplished, oww owww! The perk of knowing and befriending other photographers — you always have someone who can take your photos for you!


She really wanted a silhouette shot, this is a popular request from many of our boudoir clients (see below!). I think gifting a boudoir shoot for a special occasion is such a great idea.


The most frequent requests I get for boudoir shoots are from brides. They add this shoot onto their wedding package as a surprise for their husband on their honeymoon night!


And I can tell you I’ve never heard the husband complain once! 😉 And you can personalize the shots. The bride-to-be below was marrying a police officer — so she incorporated a gun into this shot!


One of the most popular options is to take the photos and put them in a book. Also, don’t worry, we never use any photos from our boudoir shoots without the person’s permission.


Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s or birthday gift? Shoot us an email and we can get you a boudoir shoot on the books! kcityphotography@gmail.com



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