Yes, We Have a Pet Pig

When we decided to move to the country, I told my husband (after he had a couple margaritas, for good measure): “We are moving to the boonies. Do you want a chicken, a pig, or a goat?”


Well, from these pictures, you can guess what he picked. All I did to find her was Google “pet mini pig st. louis,” and I found Precious Pigs.


Meet Penelope.


She’s rambunctious, and as my husband says, “forever hungry.” She gets fed 1/2 cup of piggy food in the morning (we use Mizuri brand), and 1/2 cup in the evening. In between,  she gets healthy snacks like carrots and strawberries.


She’s also smart. We have a swivel cabinet, and she has figured out how to nose it open and steal the powdered sugar!


All of our mailpeople love her — UPS included. And while you may have heard the term “teacup pig,” those don’t actually exist. But miniature pigs do!


I love how she has different colored hooves. Some are peach, and some are black! The white spot on her forehead is also adorable.


Love Penelope?  You can get prints or canvas of the photos featured of her, here.


Penelope also has her own Instagram. Don’t all pet mini pigs?

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