Pacific Flooding — Day 2

I again went and explored the “island” of Pacific today. It’s incredible how much the river has risen since I was there yesterday. I will have comparisons in the post below. My grandma told me she wanted to see the flooding, so we drove up to FF. We couldn’t even reach the spot we were at yesterday, we got stopped long before it due to water overflowing John McKeever Road.

IMG_6214 Luna thought this was great.  A large swimming pool, just for her!

​ We then trotted down to Pacific. The houses we saw yesterday now had water up to their roofs. The Pacific population sign had more than an extra foot of water underneath it, like it’s going to be swallowed at any moment.

(You can also tell I used my actual camera yesterday … and my phone today)




While we were standing there gaping, my grandma said we should bring a grill down and have a neighborhood block party. May as well, right?





We then drove down Hwy O, to see if we could get to any flooded areas there. On the way, we found a gas station still open. I ran in to grab cat food and milk (the milk was sold out), and as my usual, got chatty with the person behind me in line. I told her my grandma’s block party idea, and a guy walking out the door hollered, “I’ll bring the booze!”


Then, the cashier said: “You know we have enough of that. On this small little ‘island’ we’re stuck on, there’s more bars in this little area than anything else!”

At least everyone still has their sense of humor! And their drones.






I overheard someone saying they came down in the morning when the water was rising, (this is one for the nightmares) and spiders were coming out and onto dry land.

Also, side story. This truck was a mystery.  They were parked here on FF … I have no idea where this person went. There was nowhere for them to go … and we were there for a good 10-15 minutes. So strange!

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April Showers Bring May … Floods. I’m Stuck!

KC Photo is in both St. Louis and Kansas City. Tatiana runs the KC side, I run the St. Louis side. If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll see parts of St. Louis are pretty much underwater. Guess which part I am in.


Here was a part of Hwy FF in Pacific yesterday —

And here it is today —

The water isn’t supposed to crest until Wednesday, so … we have some rising yet to do still.

(For my post on Day 2 of the flooding, click here.)

Anyway, here’s how ended up out in it. We took my daughters to my in-laws in Chesterfield today. We went through Pacific to get there, and the water looked a little high, and there were plenty of precautionary sand bags around businesses, but we were only going to be gone a few hours …


No sooner did we arrive there, I had a friend tell me Hwy O was closed. I told my husband we should probably head back home, just in case. He agreed, and we started our trek … that turned into a 2 hour trip back home.


We hit Pacific. The bridge we had just passed over a few hours ago was under water. We couldn’t go back that way. Our other option was about an hour away, a huge circle all the way around. We went to Hwy NN from Hwy 30. There was about 6 inches of water on the road, but it was still passable. We thought we had cleared the hurdle then …


But then, several roads off Hwy NN were closed, and several roads off Hwy 30. The first few “road closed” signs we didn’t believe. We drove down until we saw roads completely submerged, and then turned around. We had finally hit our last option … we had to go to Hwy O. The one my friend said was closed. I held my breath as we rounded the corner to O. Thankfully, we were spit out on a section that wasn’t closed and was connected to F, the road I live on.

(Side note: the current was super fast!)


Once we got home safely, and we had some lunch to calm our crabby attitudes, I turned to Bryan and asked him how much he loved me. He sighed … and we trekked back out to take the shots of flooded Pacific and FF. <3


This guy casually walking his dogs toward the flooded bridge was probably my favorite (below). That beard was amazing, and the woman’s rainbow umbrella just sealed the deal! I asked if I could pet the big doggy, and they said yes. The dog ran toward me, very jovially, and then when he learned it was ok for me to pets, he snobbed me. Sigh. THANKS, DOG. I felt the love.


Here’s Eureka High School — and this was even at 9 a.m., I believe there’s even more water there now:

(For my post on Day 2 of the flooding, click here.)

If you’re a reporter, you are more than welcome to use these — just credit Kansas City Photography, and mention we are in both KC and St. Louis!

Otherwise, it may be confusing … but St. Louis Photography is already taken, or I would have snagged both names!

Here’s a gallery:

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