A Maternity Shoot In The Woods!

Four acres, a belly bump, and a growing family! It’s baby number two for the Adams family! Genevieve is going to be a big sister!

Oliver Maternity (1)

You may remember Jenn & James from the surprise gender reveal shoot. Her face was completely priceless when she pulled the confetti cannon and BLUE popped out! Everyone, including myself, was thinking it was a girl before this moment!

Adams Reveal (1)Adams Reveal (2)

Of course, we documented her first pregnancy, too! And the baby shower that involved plungers … but today we are here to talk about Genevieve’s soon-to-be little brother, Oliver!

Oliver Maternity (3)

Jenn is all belly! I’m sure it also helps that she has been exercising throughout her entire pregnancy, just like with Genevieve! I can see her being a Body Pump instructor one day.

Of course, these parents are over the moon to welcome their little boy into the world this August!

IMG_1892Oliver Maternity

Genevieve was hamming it up! My husband was standing behind me and making silly faces and jumping around. She thought that was absolutely hilarious. Hey, whatever gets that cheeky grin!


We also need to take a moment to talk about how ADORABLE Genevieve is. We were worried she wouldn’t want to touch Jenn’s stomach, but as we sat down for the shot, she wouldn’t move her hand! So precious!


She’s going to be a great big sister!

Since these photos were done on my property, my two children were there. And being raised with a mom who is a photographer … they kept trying to jump into the pictures. Apparently it’s rubbed off on my husband, too.


We are so excited to meet you, Oliver!

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My Best Friend Is Having Her Baby!

I would usually post a part of our “Wedding Series: For Brides” on Thursdays, but one of my very best friends is having her baby today!


Therefore, I am going to postpone the post until next Thursday. In the meantime, feel free to check out what we have so far in the series:

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A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement!

The best kind of announcement is a surprise announcement. Especially one that involves an adorable little soon-to-be baby!!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 5

Abbie reached out to us a few weeks ago wanting to set a maternity shoot — but a surprise one! She wanted to use the photos as an announcement to her friends and family, so we had to patiently wait to post this blog. A big congratulations from Kansas City Photography to Abbie and Trey!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 8Abbie wanted to make sure her pups were in some of the shots — they are so adorable! And Tatiana is a huge dog fan — so this was a match made in heaven!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 1

Abbie and Trey will find out the gender in June — is another surprise shoot in the works?! 🙂

Tatiana also wanted to make sure to point out how phenomenal Abbie’s eyebrows were. On point, girl!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 2

Another thing Tatiana gushed about was how Abbie came to the shoot with a ton of great ideas, which made the shoot flow, and the time go by so quickly!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 9Abbie Maternity Shoot 4

We can’t wait to meet Baby Millard! It’s just around the corner — and just imagine, you’ll have a little 1-month-old around Christmas, how magical!!

Abbie Maternity Shoot 10

Love surprises?  Check out this surprise proposal we captured on camera!

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Willows & Redbuds: A Gorgeous Maternity Shoot At Forest Park

The third time is a charm! Ally and I had to re-schedule this shoot twice — once due to it snowing, despite it being 70 degrees the day before, and once due to a tornado. Such is the life of a photographer in the Midwest! But it was worth the wait — everything is in bloom right now! Plus, the wind LOVED Ally — it kept blowing her flowy floral jacket perfectly.


I met up with the lovebirds, Ally & Aaron, at Forest Park in St. Louis today (Kansas City Photography is in both KC & St. Louis!). Ally’s original due date was in May, but her doctor recently bumped it to the end of April. We are going to be meeting Mr. Jaxton even sooner — hooray!


Ally met Aaron six years ago while working at Syberg’s in downtown St. Louis. It took a few years, but Aaron finally worked up the courage to “officially” ask Ally to be his two years ago.


The couple brought along their pups Gonzo and Wilson. Gonzo is super old, and realllly blind, but he was a good sport. Thankfully, they brought a favorite squeaky toy that really helped get the pups to look at me! That’s one of the tips on our blog post about shoots with pets!


You can tell Gonzo is not impressed. Or he is just squintin’ ’cause he can’t see anything. Poor dude! It also helped they brought along an assistant, AKA the sisters of all sisters — Jessica!


One of my favorite things to do during shoots is crack jokes. Then, I get reactions like this:


It doesn’t help that I am good at getting people to laugh, builds up my ego a little too much! Hahaha.


Congrats to the happy couple!

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The Calm Before The Storm: Jenn & James’ Maternity Shoot!

We got hit really hard with severe weather Monday night. We even had to go to the basement at the wee hours of the morning when a tornado warning was issued for our area. But the good news is — I got a shoot in before all that hail hit! Meet Jenn, James, and baby Genevieve (she’s still bakin’)!


Jenn had a whole Pinterest board for me to look through, and I noticed a lot of those pins were silhouette shots. Some of my absolute favorite shots are silhouettes!! Done!



Not gonna lie, James supeeeer didn’t wanna do the shoot. He just got the Nintendo Switch (the last on in Missouri), so he had Zelda brain. But regardless, he was a great sport, and we got some amazing shots!



You could see how much they love each other just by the photos!



Jenn is very fit. She goes to the gym 6 days a week. It was important to her that we incorporate some workout shots into the shoot. Her favorite hashtag is #fitbump. She lives it!


I saved the best shot for last — this sums up Jenn’s pregnancy. She has been SO hungry, especially for sweets. Since my oldest daughter, Lily, just got her Girl Scout cookies in to deliver … we had quite a few cookie props for Jenn to use!


Congrats, James and Jenn!!

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