An Ice Rink Photoshoot During The Eclipse!

It would have just been an ordinary engagement shoot. Except Monday was anything but ordinary — just like Dan & Lindsey!

Monday’s engagement shoot was special for two reasons, other than the lovely couple themselves:

  1. It took place on the day of the total solar eclipse
  2. The first part was at an ice rink! How neat is that?!


We ventured to East Alton Ice Arena in Alton, Illinois for this one-of-a-kind photoshoot. One of my favorite things is that we were able to put Dan & Lindsey’s wedding date up on the scoreboard!


It’s May 26, 2018!

The significance of the ice rink is that Dan played hockey all throughout his high school career — and they both know how to ice skate! Plus, they both have mad love for the St. Louis Blues hockey team.

This next picture was definitely the most fun to take. It took a few tries — but we finally nailed it — ice shredding toward the camera:


With the real ice coming at the camera, and a little Photoshop magic, we got that great shot above! To get it, Dan started really far away, came at us at full speed, then turned sideways at the last second to spray up some ice.  I think there’s a technical term for it — but you can tell this photographer is no pro at ice skating!

I’m pretty sure 3rd grade was the last time I put on a pair of ice skates. Thankfully, the ice rink gracefully let us in before open and I was able to wear tennis shoes on the ice for the pics!


Lindsey likes hockey, but her real sports love is for baseball! I guess I should just say she really loves both. Which is why this next shot is so clever —


Dan and Lindsey met on She told me she was scrolling through and saw Dan’s picture. This is my favorite part — she said, out loud to the empty room — “I WANT THAT ONE!!!”

Plus, to add to the cuteness, their first date was at a local restaurant to watch the Blues game. Fitting, right?

The rest is history! <3


And, I need to mention, Dan and Lindsey are fun. Despite being able to ice skate, Lindsey wanted to put on a “different” kind of ice —


Some sparkly high heels, baby! And at least she knows he has her back, even if she trips over her heels on the ice — let’s just say she’s head over heels for him? Tee hee.


Their proposal story is just as adorable. On May 13, Lindsey woke up — angry at Dan from the night before. She wasn’t going to text him, because she felt like he owed her an apology. Finally, Dan texted her: “We need to talk.” He insisted it had to be in person.

Lindsey was, at this point, panicked. She thought he was breaking up with her because of their fight. She went over to his house and let herself in through the garage. She looked all over and couldn’t find him.


She slowly walked back toward the garage — and found Dan there — on one knee.

He asked her to be his, and her response?


Totally cheating, right? How can she be mad when he’s presenting her with a ring?!

Dan said: “Well, you kinda messed this up. I was over in the corner and you were supposed to see me when you opened the garage door.”

She apparently walked right by him and went looking throughout the house, leaving him awkwardly on one knee until she actually saw him.

Laughing, Lindsey put out her hand and Dan put on the ring.

Cute. Perfect. Adorable! Just like them!


After the ice rink, we headed to Faust Park for a few shots. When we got there, there were only a few people around, but by the time we left, people were coming droves to get a good view of the eclipse.


One of my favorite things to do is shoot “through” things — so when I saw this tree — I knew exactly what I wanted to do:


Lindsey told me her favorite thing about Dan is how goofy and random he can be. She said he keeps life interesting.

One shot we really wanted to get at the park was the classic “dancing” shot. The girl twirls and looks fantastic, while the guy smiles on at her.

Well, Lindsey really wanted to make sure she whipped up her dress — so we had to take about 20 practice spins!! She was so dizzy, but what a champion!


Plus, it’s good practice for the wedding, amirite?

The very last shot we needed to make sure to get was at Dan’s family home. His childhood dog is 14 — and hasn’t been doing too well. He really wanted to make sure we got a good shot with Riley.


Thing is — Riley didn’t wanna sit down, but was totally down to lean back and give Dan some kisses! Which is exactly what was happenin’ below!


So glad Kansas City Photography was able to capture Lindsey & Dan’s special engagement story — thank you!

Can’t wait for the wedding, and a big congratulations to these two love birds!


And if you haven’t had enough cuteness, just wait for this next bit. Dan promised to tell Lindsey he loves her — every day. And, as she reports, he has kept that promise!

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