Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Engagement Photos!

Whether it’s a surprise proposal or a part of your wedding package, we are always thrilled to capture the magic of an engagement!

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But what makes these photos so essential? Why get engagement photos taken after you’ve posted the big bling to your snapchat crew?

Well, we can tell you a bunch of reasons why engagement photos are a must-have, but as  professional photographers, we may come off as a bit bias. So, we brought the question to our clients and we narrowed it down to 3 solid reasons.

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1. From “You/Me” to “We”

You’ve found the person you want to share the rest of your life with, and you’re ready to take the next step down the aisle. Your journey doesn’t start after you say “I do” and it’s not the beginning of your romantic relationship. It is the first chapter in creating a family unit within each other. The evolution to being two people in love to becoming one single force.

Beth Josh 6

Beth made us realize that it’s not just about romance, but also about family when I asked her why her engagement photos were important to her:

Beth Josh 10

“It was our first time having professional photos taken of us as a couple–as a unit. When I saw them for the first time it was like seeing us as a real family.”

That really put it in perspective! A start of a family is something to be honored and preserved for the rest of your legacy.

Another client of ours, Bret, shared a similar sentiment. “I wanted to get engagement photos to record the moment for ourselves at the very least. I’m certainly glad I did.”

Bret & Hannah (20).jpg

Plus, without engagement photos, the only professional photos you’ll have of yourselves is in wedding attire! Not that you won’t be stunning, but do you want your walls filled with only photos from the wedding, or a good mix?

2. Remembering and Renewing

“Until death do us part” can be a little intimidating … literally your entire life! During that time, Samantha put it perfectly how important her engagement photos will be for her in later years:

Salmon 28

“Ten years from now we can look upon our photos and see all the ups and down we have had over the years.  Everything we have accomplished within the ten years or even farther in the future. When we have grand children and we’re gray and old, I want to share where it all started.”

One of our brides, Katherine, told us it’s all about memories —

Katherine & Josh (47)

For me it’s a big part of making memories. It’s a way to look back and remember all the love that each one shares as you enter a new stage of your relationship. Bonus is if you use them for save the dates you share those memories with everyone else!”

Katherine & Josh (8).jpg

“I want to be able to look an reflect on the moment long after it has past. Memory is great, but having the pictures to look back at can really put you back in the moment. Our engagement wasn’t even a year ago and I love looking at these pictures and remembering Hannah’s reaction and subsequent answer, or… erm, reaction… (She snatched the ring and put it on. Once she had realized she needed to answer, it went from there). It a part of our story which has been recorded for us,” Bret said.

Bret & Hannah (58).jpg

Seeing the glimmer in your eye looking at your partner at the very beginning is truly a treasure! Renewing your love by seeing where you’ve been — very powerful stuff in a photo!

3. Timeless Happiness before “Happily Ever After”

The wedding day is going to be such a monumental memory in your lives and all those attending to celebrate your eternal love.


Engagement photos give you the opportunity to celebrate your love one-on-one without all the pressure of the time crunch to get the ceremony going and keeping your guests entertained. Just you and your partner, ever so in love, making memories with each glance and smile.

And of course, us recording it all for your personal history book!

Beth Zach 8

Beth Franklin is always touched by the history she sees when looking through her mother’s photos:

“I love looking back at my parents old photos and seeing what everyone looked like and seeing how happy they are. I hope that one day our kids will have the same feelings when they look back on ours.”

Beth Zach 18

Timeless photos don’t just happen on the big day! You’re creating beautiful memories everyday.

Tony Katie 3

Let us not only capture the “I do,” but the moment you said “yes!”

As Bret told us: “Putting a scene to the story can give the moment that little something extra when you tell friends or put a photo book together.”

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Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer Over A Friend With A ‘Nice’ Camera

During a wedding, I have a lot of people walk up to me, just to tell me this: “I wish I had hired a professional photographer at my wedding. We had <insert family member here> do our photos, and while they tried their best, the photos aren’t what we hoped for.”

Every. Wedding. 

And even to this day, I have people inquire about booking us, and then write back saying, “My friend said she’d take some! We are tight on the budget, so we’re going with her!”

My bells and whistles go off. Not because I’m upset we lost a client — but because I don’t want them to be disappointed in the photos that capture one of the most important days of their lives. Cutting corners when it comes to a photographer is a big mistake!

And, really, this applies to any photoshoot. A family shoot. An engagement shoot. A boudoir shoot. I’ve literally heard this reiterated hundreds of times — and every time they come back saying they wish they hadn’t.

But for this post — let’s focus on weddings.

Can your friend or family member produce results like this?


You tell us — which of the two below was taken by Kansas City Photography? If it was your friend with a nice camera that had taken the second one, would you have been satisfied?


Having a nice camera does not equal being a great photographer.

Just like owning nice cookware doesn’t make you a chef.

Does your friend know how to play with lighting? Could they give you something like this?


Or would it end up looking more like this?


Here are our top 3 reasons to hire a professional over a friend:

  1. Above all else, you should want your friend to enjoy your wedding. Taking photographs is work, and it’s a lot of pressure. It’s one of the most important days of your life! If you end up not liking the photos, your friendship will be strained, or possibly even ruined, as well.
  2. Just because your friend owns a nice camera does not make them a professional. Sure, maybe they’ve tinkered a bit. Maybe they have even taken some shots at weddings before as a guest. Have they ever opened Photoshop? Do they have examples of their work you can see? Will your teeth be white, and your eyes be bright? Have they spent thousands of hours studying photography and Photoshop? Do they have a backup camera if something goes wrong?
  3. You have guarantees when you hire a professional. You should have a contract that guarantees certain things — the amount of time you have the photographer. A guarantee they know what they’re doing. A guarantee they will show up. A timeframe on when you’ll have your photos back. Your photographer should have wedding experience. If something goes awry, or if we get behind on time — a professional doesn’t fold under pressure.

Your wedding happens once. I have people come up to me who recount stories of regret — a regret that lasts years, a lifetime! Moments missed, than can never be re-captured.

You don’t want to be the victim to awful wedding photos, like this.

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