Moodboard Monday: A Red Hot Summer!

Hey, everyone!

Tatiana here to introduce you to this exciting new blog series:


I love looking at moodboards with different aesthetics to brighten my day, refresh my mind, and inspire me!

What the heck’s a moodboard? Let me slap you with some definitions!

A “moodboard” is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Different images, colors, or phrases can all create one big MOOD.

And wouldn’t ya know it!? I happen to have a plethora of images to create moodboards to share with you lovely people. <3

This week’s theme is:


With the weather in July being at a record high average in the 100s, it’s been a SCORCHER! Right now, Summer reminds me of sunburns, gross bugs buzzing all around me, and sweat. Oh man … the sweat.

So, I’m going to change my mood around with this summer moodboard I created with the positive aspects of summertime whilst sipping on some nice cool water in the A/C.


Japanese Tea Garden 7

I think the best part of Summer is the chance to travel! The most traveled months are generally in the summertime when the kiddos are out of school and you just want to get away.

I didn’t travel to Japan as the focal picture may imply, although that’s still very much #goals. I did, however, visit the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wait, she went to San Francisco and she’s not featuring the Golden Gate Bridge” …


Oh, we went there too! The 40 MPH winds were also very present so just getting onto the bridge was a win for me. Artistic photos? Not happening when my camera is my livelihood and the wind could literally knock it out of my hands into the Pacific!

There’s also another reason for not adding this iconic shot to the board. The main color theme of this moodboard is reds with gold/green accents. As much as I would love to have added the staple tourist location of San Fran into this moodboard, the Golden Gate Bridge is super red but the main color scheme surrounding it is blue, which doesn’t go with the mood we’re trying to create! Sorry, GG. Maybe next time!


Getting Ready 29

When we get booked for Summer weddings, we thank the heavens for indoor venues.

This board definitely needed a lounging flower girl to represent my inner couch potato this summer. I don’t even need to make it to a pool; the humidity has be drowning. Amirite?


Hannibal 8

Any season comes with their signature meals: Bar-b-ques for family cookouts, watermelon at the poolside, and that good ol’ American apple pie.

Of course, you can’t make an apple pie without fresh apples from the farmers market!

If you’re up for a little stroll on a weekend morning, go visit the River Market in KC for the regions largest farmers market. There’s also the Steamboat Arabia museum for when you need to move your adventure indoors as the temperatures rise.

School’s Out:

Halee Senior Photo 7

Summer also marks bittersweet ends and new beginnings as our younger audience transitions from one grade to the next – or from a high school to a campus for our seniors!

No Summer moodboard would be complete without the feeling of accomplishment and freedom we remember as kids when the final bell rang.

The scene in “Grease” where they throw all their papers and books in the air is a BIG mood!

Just the opportunity to sleep in is something to be celebrated in itself!


So there you have it, folks! Our first moodboard. Let us know what you think!

If you have any moodboard ideas you’d like to share, feel free to let us know and as always, don’t forget to like us on Facebook. <3

Exploring Denver’s Botanical Gardens with Usagi!

Hey, everyone! Tatiana here to share with you my little adventure in Denver, Colorado, this past weekend.

As many of you know, cosplay and cosplay photography are both passions of mine.

As Maid of Honor in my best friend Ashley’s wedding, I’ve been finding myself in the Denver area more often!

And in between a dress fitting and other wonderful Maid of Honor duties, I just had to book some photoshoots while I was in this scenic state! I reached out to Pirefly Cosplay, who I worked with during our on-location shoots at the anime convention NDK last year.

Super SM 8

And I’m so happy that our pretty guardian, Michelle, was free to do some more “Sailor Moon” magic with me!

Usagi 4

We originally planned for a casual Usagi springtime shoot, but Denver is getting a lot of the typical Missouri weather weirdness, so it was impossible to predict the cold front that happened!

Luckily, Denver’s Botanical Gardens has a vast variety of scenic backdrops with or without the flowers in full bloom!

Usagi 3

We had so much fun recollecting scenes from our favorite “magical girl” anime, including Usagi casually waiting for her boyfriend Mamoru. But knowing our meatball head, she would have the time and location wrong!

Usagi 2.jpg

This location couldn’t have been more perfect because the gardens have an entire Japanese plant section! It’s seriously an Otaku’s dream location — so we will have to set up an event here for this coming NDK!

Usagi 5

We both felt some Crystal Tokyo vibes with the inner building designs.

Usagi 6


Usagi 7

The Japanese Garden area also had gorgeous crystal clear ponds and majestic mini waterfalls to create AMAZING backdrops.

Usagi 1

Thank you SO MUCH, Michelle, for meeting me here and experiencing this beautiful location with me!

Cosplay shoots are so fun and exciting for me and I am always up for doing them!

Speaking of — I will be back in Denver this September for NDK. We will be setting up more on-location shoots during the convention!


Denver Takeover: A Romantic Photoshoot By Sunset

Tatiana here — and I just got back from a week long journey in Colorado!

I originally planned this trip because my best friend, Ashley Fields, is getting married and she scheduled a dress fitting. Obvs I had to be there when she said “YES!” to the dress!

Ashley and Skyler engagement 471.jpg

Above is  where she surprise “proposed” to me during her engagement shoot and asked me to be her Maid of Honor! Since I am in the wedding, she totally booked Christine to take the photos! 😉

Then, I thought, “Hey! Since I’ll be in Denver for a week, why not also do what I love and take some photos?” Because I’m a crazy person who can’t just NOT work, if you can even count what I get to do as work!

My first client of the week, which I booked literally less than an hour after my 9 hour drive (again, I’m a crazy person), was another bridesmaid and mutual friend, Ashlee Hatcher. I also had the pleasure of photographing her adoring husband, Craig.

Ashlee Craig 2

Ashlee and Craig first met on MySpace in 2006, but officially met in person in 2009. Ashlee had just gotten laid off due to the economy, so Craig picked her up and made her Rice Krispies treats to make her feel better. How gallant!

Ashlee Craig 1.jpg

They have been together ever since —  for almost eight years, and married for two!

Craig still can’t get over how pretty, fun and smart she is. He’s sweet like those Krispies Treats!

Ashlee Craig 4.jpg

Now, the location was tricky because I’m from out-of-state. Although, I can tell you some fantastic places for photoshoots in KC, it was a little more tricky to pick somewhere in Denver!

Thankfully, this cute couple had some ideas! They chose Adams County Fairgrounds. This location is amazing! It has everything a photographer dreams about — and all in one location! It’s equipped with a lake, multiple bridges, docks, and beautiful wild flowers.

Ashlee Craig 8.jpg

I had to run to claim this bridge from another photographer trying to beat the sunset. I would have thrown fists for this shot! Thankfully it didn’t come to that. Tee hee.

Ashlee and Craig aren’t without funny moments in their marriage, and we had our share of laughs during the photoshoot. When I direct people how to pose, sometimes things can get lost in translation:

Ashlee Craig 3

No, Ashlee! Put your arms around his neck, not your hands!

Ashlee Craig 7

Craig, don’t throw your wife in the lake — we still need more photos!

Ashlee Craig 10

They are seriously a fun bunch to be around — and to discuss “Game of Thrones” theories with!

You can see things through the camera lens, I swear. Things that are unseen unless you’re the photographer. Ashlee and Craig had these little touching, sincere moments. They’re so in love, and it’s so adorable (and evident)!

They have been through so much, and through it all they hold each other up from all the challenges life has given them.

Ashlee Craig 5.jpg

When I asked Ashlee if she had anything she wanted to add, here’s what she said:

“He’s my best friend, he makes me a better person. He always makes me laugh especially when I’m upset.”

It was a pleasure to work with them, as well as get to know them as friends! They are planning to bring another Hatcher into the world in 2019 — I’m ready for those maternity and newborn shots!

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