First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes A Baby In A Baby Carriage!

Sure, that adorable headline I used may not be true for all — but that’s how it went with Jen and Travis!

The Murrays and I go back years.

In 2015, I had the pleasure of capturing Jennifer and Travis’ wedding at Pilgrim Chapel:


Fast forward to 2018, and these two are the doting parents of Callan, their 17-month-old bundle of toddler joy!

Murray (1)

We met at the gorgeous Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. It’s 300 acres and boasts more than 13 gardens and 1,700 species of plants. In the hour we were there, we hardly even made a dent! It’s a place you could stay all day!

Murray (14).jpg

It was my first time getting to meet their main squeeze, Callan, and he was adorable!

Jen and Travis also had this tricycle with an attached handle. He felt like he was pedaling around, but really they were able to push him! It was like a more awesome version of a stroller!

Murray (12).jpg

Callan pretty much had his mind set on one thing: Running! He wanted to run everywhere! Pose for a photo?! NO WAY, Mom & Dad! That’s for losers!

Murray (5)

But, one of our tips on photoshoots with kids is to actually let them do just that! And we got some great candids because of it! Run, Callan, run!

Murray (6)Murray (9)

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer is recreate images. The photos below are three years apart. It was Jen’s favorite pose, and the shot she used on her “Save the Date” invites. It’s funny how so much can change in three years!

I’ve retired the maroon blanket they laid on the first time. Travis still has a hard time turning his head the way I want him to. Jen’s hair is still fabulous and flowy.

In the time between these photos, these two got married and had their first child! Wow!!!

Murray (4).jpg


And one thing that has happened at every photoshoot I’ve had with this couple — the wind!

I think it just secretly has a crush on Jen, because every time we’re outside, the wind starts blowing! During her engagement photos, it was her hair into her mouth. During her wedding, it was her veil into her eyes. During her family photos, it was her shirt into her mouth!

Murray (2).jpg

But, as usual, everyone was a trooper — even with the flirty wind!

Murray (13).jpg

This shot below was captured by me lying in the grass. We were trying to bribe Callan to look over the camera with Goldfish, but it wasn’t quite the angle we were lookin’ for. So, we had Dad just swoop him up and hang him over!

Murray (11).jpg

At the end of the shoot on our walk back to the car, Jen noticed a sheep. She didn’t believe her eyes at first, but she was right! A woman was sitting at a table with her pet sheep. This little gal was 1-month old! The kids loved her!

Murray (15)Murray (16)

Thanks, Jen & Travis, for a fantastic time as always! Come visit me in St. Louis!

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The Most Gorgeous, Ornate Baby Shower We’ve Ever Seen!

It was a heavenly baby shower, with angel wings, feathers, and even a silvery photobooth backdrop!

Baby Shower 36.jpg

This gorgeous baby shower was decorated by Casany Decor – and it was all to honor Samrina & Sminil’s soon-to-be bundle of joy!

Baby Shower 8

Everything was in perfect order, light blue ribbons adorned the backs of the chairs, crystals hung from centerpieces, and the cupcake table was draped delicately in a white, soft gauze-like material.

Baby Shower 6

Baby Shower 31.jpg

Walking in to the event space in Overland Park, Kansas, it was hard to believe just hours before it was a hotel ballroom. It was completely transformed for this adorable couple!


The event was all planned out by Samrina’s best friends, Harleen & Nilofer. Not only were the decorations amazing, so was the food!



Baby Shower 51

They made a timeline of events, which included fun games that even got the men involved. This is one of our all-time favorites:


In the game above, the wives had to wrap the toilet paper “diapers” around their husbands. Whoever had the best one (and that stayed up), was the winner!

Of course, there were also games that included Samrina, like this one where everyone had to guess how much of the string would wrap around her bump!

Baby Shower 2.jpg

This next one wasn’t so much a game, but a craft! It was cutely titled, “Words For The Wee Hours.” Everyone wrote something silly on the “booty” of the diaper to take the parents’ minds “off the dooty.” Hahaha!!

Baby Shower 5tt2.jpg

Another really great moment was from Samrina’s friend Alpita, who performed this amazing Indian dance!


Everyone had an amazing time. Did I mention the food was also amazing already?! I did? From the decorations, the games, the food – it was just a perfect baby shower!

Baby Shower 33


We send our biggest congratulations to Samrina & Sminil!

IMG_5668 copy.jpg

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