A Surprise Pregnancy Reveal!

I was raised at the Lake of the Ozarks, so going back is always a treat for me. Last weekend, I went down for a very special reason — for a surprise pregnancy reveal photoshoot with the Shackelford family!

Shackelford (12).jpg

They are beyond excited to welcome baby number 4 into their family! No word on the name or gender yet, though! 😉

Poor Ayden and Jordon are outnumbered, so I am personally #teamgirl over here!

Shackelford (1a)

I loved Jordon’s chalkboard! “This is the last one we swear.” And I could tell Jordon and Ethan were beyond excited for their newest edition!

Shackelford (24).jpg

We also snuck in some family photos after the reveal!

I saw the Shackelfords this summer at their family reunion — and Ayden already looks more mature!! Stop growing, kiddo! The first photo is from this summer. The second is one from this shoot last weekend!

Miller Family (19)Shackelford (6)

And it has only been a few months!! She’s rockin’ some fun blue hair right now, too! She is also entering a pageant this summer!

Shackelford (7).jpg

Now, Cameron … I can usually only get a few smiles out of him before he decides he’s just done. So, we took the reveal photos first when we could get a good cheeser. Then, we moved onto our usual —

Shackelford (3).jpg

We can add it to the gallery, though!

Holden, however, was all about those grins!

Shackelford (16)

He’s gotten a lot bigger since this summer, too! I have a feeling he’s gonna be a good smiler for me during our photoshoots!



Congratulations, Shackelford family!

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An Early Morning [7 a.m.] Maternity Shoot At The Lake

Since I had a shoot on Saturday when it was 105 degrees, for Kaitlin & Michael’s Sunday maternity photoshoot, I asked if we could do it early — 7 a.m. early.

Kaitlin & Ryan (1)

They agreed (no one loves the heat), and even though it was already in the 80s, it felt fabulous compared to the previous day!

Kaitlin & Ryan (10)

Although, Michael isn’t a morning person, he was still a trooper! When I checked on him again later that morning, he was snoozin’ away again. Glad he got some more Z’s in afterward!

Kaitlin & Ryan (16)

Mia Renee is set to make her debut on August 29, but we all know babies make their own schedules. And according to Kaitlin, “she’s trying to escape!”

Kaitlin & Ryan (9)

“Renee” is Kaitlin’s mother’s middle name, and also Kaitlin’s middle name! Mia will be the third generation with “Renee” as her middle name. How cool is that?

Kaitlin & Ryan (19)

Kaitlin is planning on a natural birth — you, go, mama!

She currently lives in Illinois, but I’ve been trying pretty hard to convince her Missouri is the place to be! 😉

Kaitlin & Ryan (12)

Kaitlin had her baby shower in my hometown on Sunday — Lake of the Ozarks! I was so happy to go back and see the old sights and celebrate with her! And so was my oldest, Lily!


I was in charge of the games at the shower. This meant I pulled out stuff like this. But I think she was expecting just about everything I threw at her. She knows me too well.

Kaitlin & Ryan (13)

At one point, Kaitlin asked me if we could take a photo to showcase how she really feels. Here it is, in all of its glory:

Kaitlin & Ryan (24)

I think one of the coolest things I saw while on Kaitlin’s parent’s property was this heron, just chillin’ on the dock! Even with me popping out, and my youngest daughter yelling, “LOOK! A DUCK!,” it didn’t budge. It just gave us side-eye.


It was a lovely day, a fun baby shower, and a great photoshoot. Congratulations, Kaitlin & Michael! Can’t wait to meet baby Mia!

Kaitlin & Ryan (20)

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