The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Here’s a picture of my beautiful mother (taken at the photobooth at my wedding, haha!). She’s pretty in pink:


Throughout the years, this is always the holiday when my clients ask me about buying a photoshoot as a gift for their mom. I make a custom card for them to give to mom, and then she can get with us to book a date for a family photoshoot!


Or, instead of gifting a shoot to mom, sometimes I have clients who get all the kids and grandkids together before Mother’s Day, and then surprise her with the photos the day of! Mom always tears up!


Another perfect gift would be a shoot for the new mom. And we love newborns! Look at this stud. He’s already practicing his “swooning” face. <3


Photos are such a precious a gift — a memory frozen in time. If you’re interested in booking a shoot before Mother’s Day, or giving Mom the gift of setting up her own family shoot — fill out our contact form (and tell us if you’re looking in St. Louis or KC — we are in both cities!), or message us on Facebook!

Our New Website!

I tried to log onto the Kansas City Photography webpage last week. I was met with an error message. I may have panicked a little, but I figured it’d be an easy fix. I reached out to my web person — but it was crickets. My face was probably equivalent to Miss Luna’s:


My bells and whistles started going off — and here’s why. This happened one other time, with the same web person. I reached out to him (the same one, I never switched) and he responded saying I needed to pay him to get it back online. I was confused as to why, and he said it was a maintenance fee, and he had to re-build it. I actually lost a potential wedding client over this — they had seen my site, loved my work, and then got concerned when my site suddenly went down.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson then … but, long story short, I stuck with him and he put the site back up (after I paid him again *grumble*), and it has been sunshine and roses since then.

Then, the error (again). And no response.

Instead of waiting around, this time I decided to go ahead and just build it myself. This way I can make changes and add photos any time I want, without having to pay every time I want an update. It was really a long time coming, I should have done it a lot sooner.

Go check it out and tell me what you think! –>


On a side note, I recently tried to get Kansas City Photography published on Wikipedia, but I need some press coverage for that to happen. They have really strict guidelines, and I meet all of them but that one. Stay tuned!