The First Professional Photo I Ever Took

As a photographer, I’ve come a long way. I’ve grown — a lot. Both as an artist and as a person. So today, I wanted to show off the first professional photo I ever took.

It was a few months before I started Kansas City Photography — a high school senior photoshoot for my little brother. Feast your eyes:


One of the next shoots I did after that was with my dear friend Sadie, for her engagement to now-husband Nick.


A lot of times when you first start something — and I mean anything — it’s your friends and family who support you first.

They are there to help you grow and encourage you along the way! If it wasn’t for Jacob and Sadie trusting me, I never would have gotten the ball rolling, or the confidence to know I could make my dream of owning my own photography business a reality.

So, for some perspective — here is a photo from the last senior photoshoot I did:

And one from the last engagement shoot:

Lindsey & Tyler (6)

Still improving, still striving, still fighting.

There’s always room for growth.

Thanks for believing in me!



The Rule Of Thirds — What’s That? A Lesson From Working At A TV Station

My first day on the job at the TV station KOMU, I was 18 years old. I was a freshman at Mizzou, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I wanted to get my foot in the door, so I applied for a cameraperson position for the morning show “Pepper & Friends.”

I had no experience using such a huge, movable, expensive camera. It was taller than me — with huge wires protruding out the back that would get dragged along with it as you wheeled the camera around. Here’s what they looked like — I snapped this shot while I worked there:


I learned a lot at the TV station. I started doing the cameras, then moved on to make the show’s graphics, and by my Sophomore year, I was on-air crew reporting in the field.

But on that first day, when I showed up and was being taught how to use this ginormous camera — the very first thing I learned was the rule of thirds. And it was actually a co-worker who taught it to me!

It’s one of the first, if not the first thing you learn in photography and videography: The Rule of Thirds.


All images can be broken down into thirds — both horizontally and vertically. You’ll see nine sections cut out on our cute picture of Bella above. This is what the Rule of Thirds grid looks like.

People’s eyes naturally gravitate to those outer corners — not the middle of the photo.

This has been proven with various studies — and using the Rule of Thirds and positioning your subject in a place where eyes naturally follow just makes sense, and in turn, makes your photo flow.

So, there are FOUR places you can place subjects in photos to follow this rule.


You can see this picture of Bella follows the rule — as she’s off-center and placed in one of those four important areas of a photo. Your eyes naturally go to her when you look at the photo.

Same below. I can guarantee you either looked at the window, chandelier, hallway, or couple at the bottom first. It’s because they line up with the grid.


I learned this skill at the TV station when working behind the cameras — and it was one of the first things taught in class when I entered into the School of Journalism my junior year at Mizzou.

So, this is a great rule for photographers — beginner, intermediate, professional.

But, we’re artists, and we don’t put ourselves in a box. Rules are absolutely meant to be broken. So, you don’t have to follow the Rule of Thirds in every shot. But, if you do stray — make sure it has purpose!

Want to learn more? Here’s more in our “How To” series!


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A “Hogwarts” Vibe & A 1-Year Anniversary — Celebrating Melissa and Richard!

From the moment Richard said “bowties are cool,” I knew this was going to be a fun photoshoot! Tatiana here!

Melissa Richard 11

When I first saw Melissa’s gorgeous red hair and Richard’s bowtie — my inner Whovian shouted “Geronimo!” It’s always fun meeting other nerds through my line of work as a photographer.

Melissa Richard 4

This couple wanted to capture their one year wedding anniversary, and I’m so glad they chose to contact us. They picked Unity Village because it had a “Hogwarts” vibe. I didn’t think to ask what their houses are, but I’m a Slytherin myself … don’t hate. 😉

Actually, so is Christine, but she’s a little more upset about it than I am. Which is not at all.

Melissa Richard 2

The hanging lanterns make for an amazing glow, and I’m a sucker for pillars.

Melissa Richard 13.jpg

… also a sucker for archways! Unity Village has a vast amount of different scenery and backgrounds to choose from. You just can’t go wrong here — and as a photographer, you can never get bored!

Melissa Richard 1

Melissa and Richard are my kind of people! They frequent the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and go to Planet Comicon every year. It always makes me happy to see two people come together — and they’re a perfect fit!

Melissa Richard 8.jpg

Their love is so genuine and natural, I can see it shine through in each photo — which made it so hard to pick which photos to edit for their teasers!

Melissa Richard 7

Although, I had no problem deciding to include this one. I absolutely could NOT leave these gems out. Work it, Richard!

Melissa Richard 9

He sure knows how to strike a pose. Melissa, aren’t you glad forever is with someone who can make you smile?

Melissa Richard 5

Wishing you many more!

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Briana and Brian’s Rustic Engagement Shoot!

When I first arrived for Briana and Brian’s engagement shoot, I was met at the door with a grandma holding a shotgun. But more on that later!

Briana and Brian were winners from our free engagement shoot when I, Tatiana, first got hired on to work for Kansas City Photography!

Briana Brian 3

Briana had a vision for her photos, so she and her fiancé Brian chose some gorgeous farmland out in Buckner for their location! It was beautiful for a rustic, country setting.

The farm is actually owned by her friends family, and that friend is also named Brianna.

When I arrived, the other Brianna’s grandma came out with a shotgun. It wasn’t pointed at me or anything, but I still wasn’t sure if I should laugh at the sight, or turn around and make a run for it. I explained I was there for Briana’s engagement shoot, and the grandma was in shock.

She told me she didn’t realize her granddaughter was engaged.


Thankfully, it was just a miscommunication (that I meant Briana and not her granddaughter Brianna) that resulted in a funny thing I could write about.

Briana Brian 6

Briana wanted a sunset photoshoot. We recommend doing 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. range for sunset backgrounds because once it starts setting, it’s not gonna wait on us to get to the next location! They are also using this antler for their “Save the Date” notice. So clever!

Briana Brian 4

I couldn’t get over how beautiful Briana’s makeup was and then she told me she got it done from the same woman who does some of the Kansas City Chief’s ladies makeup — Dani Jo Bell Makeup Artistry. Work that contour, girl!

Briana Brian 2

Brian and Briana met as Bass Pro Shop about four years ago to the dot. Literally, their anniversary was a week ago!

He proposed in the kitchen while dancing and cooking because all his previous attempts were interrupted.

First, he tried to take Briana to the place they first kissed, then later wanted to ask on a hunting trip; but then Briana was too sick to go. Finally, he just couldn’t wait any longer and asked her — right there in the kitchen!

Briana Brian 1

I couldn’t stop myself from asking Brain to get up on the silo for this shot.  This farm was a photographer gold mine! It was worth the constant bug attacks, right?

Briana Brian 7

I love it when I get questions like “Can I get a picture of me touching his butt?” The answer is always a resounding “YES! Touch that booty!”

Seriously, it really brings personality to the photos! Also, it’s just really funny.

Briana Brian 8

Remember what I said earlier about how the sun waits for no one? Well, that was true for the last half of the shoot. Still, I worked my photographer magic, played with the recipe of the photo, and pretended something was taken in daylight — can you even tell it’s nighttime? 😉

buddy the doggo

And it wouldn’t be a photoshoot I did without a furry friend somewhere. This doggo was following me all over the farm! I think his name was Buddy.

I really wanted to take him home, but Eric would probably not be too happy.

He just wanted to wish Brian and Briana a happily ever after — as do we at Kansas City Photography!

What’s In My Camera Bag?

This is Christine! I get asked a lot which lenses I use, so I decided to make a post on what’s in my camera bag!

All of them are linked if you’d like to get one yourself! Note: I am totally on #TeamCanon. Mainly because I can use and abuse my camera and lenses (I’ve dropped them all SEVERAL times) — and they still hold up!

The Bag Itself:

This is the bag I tote around! I like the backpack style a lot. I’ve thought about getting something more personal (or Sailor Moon related … tee-hee), but for now, this is it!

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack

canoncanon2It’s handy and it does its job! I like the side pockets for sticking business cards into, and the front pocket for sticking little extras into like this adorable thing to get kids to smile!

The Tripod

I prefer to free-hand my shots, but for the occasional time when I need a tripod (*cough* eclipse *cough*) — this is what I use. It’s my favorite color (orange), and fairly inexpensive. You can definitely upgrade to a better tripod, but since I hardly ever use it — this was the most bang for my buck (and did I mention my favorite color?!?!).

Sobrovo Portable Travel Aluminum Lightweight Tripod 

I also found a cheaper one, same model, here. 


The Camera:

Right now I am sporing the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera. It’s not the latest model, but still does an amazing job.


The Lenses:

Here are the lenses I carry with me: 

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

This lens is my pride and joy (aside from my two children, of course). I saved for years to get this lens! I use it at almost every photoshoot (except newborn because I tend to not have as much space to work with during those shoots). I love how it gives the background a flawless bokeh effect.

70200.jpgHere is a shot I took with this beauty:


I also have a Canon 75-300mm that I won’t be highlighting in this post — and I prefer this one above over it anyway!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This is the lens I use for headshots and newborn photos. When you really want to get up in people’s business (no zoom, so you have to physically step closer or farther for the shot you want).


Here is a shot I took with this one:

Elena (13)

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Lens

If you could only pick one lens from this list to purchase — this is it. It’s great for beginners, and is usually the lens you get when you purchase your first Canon.

It’s nice for shots where you’re really trying to get the scenery in along with the subject.


Here’s a shot I took with it:

Sayo _ Oye (8)

If you’re a budding photographer, don’t freak out by what’s posted here.

I didn’t start out with all of these lenses. I started with a basic Canon DSLR and the 18-55mm lens that came with it. That’s it!

It took me a year to buy the backpack. And to put things in perspective, it took me 11 years before I bought the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens!

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Denver Takeover: A Romantic Photoshoot By Sunset

Tatiana here — and I just got back from a week long journey in Colorado!

I originally planned this trip because my best friend, Ashley Fields, is getting married and she scheduled a dress fitting. Obvs I had to be there when she said “YES!” to the dress!

Ashley and Skyler engagement 471.jpg

Above is  where she surprise “proposed” to me during her engagement shoot and asked me to be her Maid of Honor! Since I am in the wedding, she totally booked Christine to take the photos! 😉

Then, I thought, “Hey! Since I’ll be in Denver for a week, why not also do what I love and take some photos?” Because I’m a crazy person who can’t just NOT work, if you can even count what I get to do as work!

My first client of the week, which I booked literally less than an hour after my 9 hour drive (again, I’m a crazy person), was another bridesmaid and mutual friend, Ashlee Hatcher. I also had the pleasure of photographing her adoring husband, Craig.

Ashlee Craig 2

Ashlee and Craig first met on MySpace in 2006, but officially met in person in 2009. Ashlee had just gotten laid off due to the economy, so Craig picked her up and made her Rice Krispies treats to make her feel better. How gallant!

Ashlee Craig 1.jpg

They have been together ever since —  for almost eight years, and married for two!

Craig still can’t get over how pretty, fun and smart she is. He’s sweet like those Krispies Treats!

Ashlee Craig 4.jpg

Now, the location was tricky because I’m from out-of-state. Although, I can tell you some fantastic places for photoshoots in KC, it was a little more tricky to pick somewhere in Denver!

Thankfully, this cute couple had some ideas! They chose Adams County Fairgrounds. This location is amazing! It has everything a photographer dreams about — and all in one location! It’s equipped with a lake, multiple bridges, docks, and beautiful wild flowers.

Ashlee Craig 8.jpg

I had to run to claim this bridge from another photographer trying to beat the sunset. I would have thrown fists for this shot! Thankfully it didn’t come to that. Tee hee.

Ashlee and Craig aren’t without funny moments in their marriage, and we had our share of laughs during the photoshoot. When I direct people how to pose, sometimes things can get lost in translation:

Ashlee Craig 3

No, Ashlee! Put your arms around his neck, not your hands!

Ashlee Craig 7

Craig, don’t throw your wife in the lake — we still need more photos!

Ashlee Craig 10

They are seriously a fun bunch to be around — and to discuss “Game of Thrones” theories with!

You can see things through the camera lens, I swear. Things that are unseen unless you’re the photographer. Ashlee and Craig had these little touching, sincere moments. They’re so in love, and it’s so adorable (and evident)!

They have been through so much, and through it all they hold each other up from all the challenges life has given them.

Ashlee Craig 5.jpg

When I asked Ashlee if she had anything she wanted to add, here’s what she said:

“He’s my best friend, he makes me a better person. He always makes me laugh especially when I’m upset.”

It was a pleasure to work with them, as well as get to know them as friends! They are planning to bring another Hatcher into the world in 2019 — I’m ready for those maternity and newborn shots!

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We Found Some Cute Ducks During This Senior Photoshoot!

This Saturday was a beautiful day for some senior photos!

World, meet future dentist, Alexis! She’s already got the perfect pearly whites!

Alexis Senior (1)

Alexis is currently a senior at Belleville West High School. She plans to attend KU to become the world’s greatest dentist — and if I would have known this, I would have poked her a little more — since this photographer is a Mizzou grad! 😉

We met at Forest Park in St. Louis (Kansas City Photography is in KC & St. Louis) Saturday morning. Even though Alexis’ mama, Crystal, got a little lost, with some help from modern technology (share my location), we found each other!

Alexis Senior (2) brighter

While shooting by the columns above, a security guard walked up to us, asking what we were doing. I may have had the deer in headlights look, because as far as I knew, it was perfectly acceptable to take photos at Forest Park.

Turns out, he was just chatty. But this worked in our favor!

Guard: “Whatcha up to?”

Me: “Taking some senior photos!! She graduates this year!”

Guard: “Ah! Congratulations!”

Me: “Uhhh … are we good to keep takin’ photos?”

Guard: “Yup! There are some really pretty flowers right behind ya there.”

Alexis Senior (3)

He also let us in on a little secret — if we walked across the street to the second lake, and headed for the rocks. We would find some ducks.

On the way to duck haven, we spotted a willow. Alexis and I bonded over the fact that it was our favorite tree! Willows are so beautiful!

Alexis Senior (5)

After a few willow shots, we continued our journey to Duck Island.

We walked over to where the security guard instructed, found the rocks, crossed the lake (I can’t believe I didn’t fall in, but if I did, I told Alexis to save the camera, not me!!), and slowly walked close to the ducks. These ducks were super, super docile. They literally did not care we were there.

Alexis Senior (6)brighter

Now, Alexis told me if we did a duck shot, she’d make it her senior photo for the yearbook. Dooooone!

Alexis wanted to spend the last few minutes of the shoot taking family photos. How sweet is that?

Alexis had her sister, Alivia, there, along with her mom, Crystal, and the German foreign exchange student currently living with them (who Alexis told me is also like a sister), Lisa.

Alexis Senior (7)

And, of course, we needed to do one of just mom and daughter.

She wrote me this morning: “Me and her dad are so extremely proud of the young woman she has become. She is an amazing big sister to Alivia.”

Alexis Senior (8)

Congratulations on your senior year, Alexis! I know you’ll do great things!

Are you a senior this year in KC or St. Louis? We’d love to tell your story, too! Message us today.

Louie [The Dog] Wouldn’t Wear His Cardinals Gear, But We Still Got Amazing Engagement Shots!

I met with lovebirds Lindsey and Tyler this Sunday at Lafayette Park to take their engagement photos. They brought along their adorable pup, Louie.

I’m pretty sure Louie thought my camera was a giant alligator that was going to eat him, because he looked a little worried.

Lindsey & Tyler (4)Lindsey & Tyler (3)

Although, there is one shot that is absolutely hilarious (below). Lindsey had her Pinterest board loaded on her phone, and the vision was to have this cute shot that was just their feet, along with Louie sitting in between them.

Louie didn’t much feel like sitting … or looking at the camera … or being there at all. At least he’s adorable!

Lindsey & Tyler (8)

I think this is where I can use that #pinterestfail hashtag, right? Hahaha!

A few weeks before Christmas, Lindsey and Tyler were enjoying the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights. That’s when Tyler decided to get down on one knee and ask Lindsey to be his wife! She was totally shocked!

Lindsey & Tyler (1)

The happy couple met on Plenty of Fish. Lindsey and Tyler love the Cardinals, hanging out with Louie, and swimming / boating.

They were also very easy to get to laugh – which is something I appreciate!! If I made them stare into each other’s eyes for too long, they’d start giggling!

Lindsey & Tyler (6)

We wandered over to this section of the park that had a nice fountain spouting up. As soon as I approached, a squirrel stopped in its tracks and stared at me. I legit thought it was going to charge us, but then it went on its way.

Then, as we neared the water, three giant swans poked their heads up. Now, being a Missourian, I know those dudes have tempers. We slowly approached, and when they decided we weren’t a threat, they honked at us and then sat back down. Phew!

Lindsey & Tyler (5)

I had never taken shots at Lafayette Park before. It was just stunning! It’s a 30-acre park, and the oldest public park west of the Mississippi!

There were flowers in bloom, a gorgeous willow tree, and then a nice pond. Plus, it was all clustered together, so you didn’t have to walk forever to get to different parts of the park.

Lindsey & Tyler (2)

There was also this building with ornate wooden windows and brick walls. I have no idea what it was for, but it sure was pretty! I think the plaque on the wall probably would have told me what it was used for … but I was distracted by photos!

Lindsey & Tyler (7)

Since Lindsey and Tyler are big Cardinals fans, we also swung by Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis.

The team had a late game the night before, so we didn’t think anything was going on … but there was actually an autograph session happening, so people were everywhere! We did manage to still snag some amazing shots!

Lindsey & Tyler (9)

Even though I feel like I am betraying my home team of the Royals, I have to admit these photos are just too cute.

Decked out in red, and with matching red Converse – Lindsey and Tyler represented!

Lindsey & Tyler (14)

For those of you who haven’t wandered around downtown St. Louis, there’s a huge section of it dedicated to the Cardinals. Other than the stadium, there’s an entire area surrounding it that has Cardinals themes. It’s called Ballpark Village!

Lindsey & Tyler (10)Lindsey & Tyler (15)

I am so glad I was able to connect with these two! I actually met them at a mutual friend’s house party months ago.

They weren’t engaged yet, but Tyler had let on that it was going to happen at some point. And I am so glad it did!

Lindsey & Tyler (12)

Excited for your wedding, Lindsey & Tyler!!

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What To Wear For A Photoshoot [Our Recommendations For Stellar Photos]

You’ve booked the shoot! Hooray!

There are three questions we often get right after:

  1. Where should we shoot?
  2. Do I bring any props?
  3. What should I wear?

We already have a solid answer for No. 1 & No. 2. 🙂

As for No. 3 — that’s what this blog will be for!

In this post, we will go over recommended dress codes for maternity, engagement, family, and senior photos!


What Do I Wear To A Photoshoot?

Well, our recommendations really vary depending on the type of photoshoot we’re doing. Since we have our friend Ally featured up above, let’s start with maternity!


I love anything flowy for maternity pictures. We can angle you right into the wind and get that gorgeous wind-swept look. This typically involves some sort of dress or shirt/shorts, combined with some kind of flowy shawl / vest thing … I am not sure what to call it! But you know what I mean!

Kaitlin & Ryan (1)

Definitely something form fitting for the top — we wanna see that bump!

I’ve also had clients skip the flowy shawl and instead opt for a dress with flared sleeves, which achieves the same effect!


Or, any dress that hugs that tummy! It all works!


As for the guy responsible for that bump — we usually let his significant other pick out what he wears. I personally love it if it’s a little matching — using the same color concept, or working in the same color our mom-to-be is wearing into his outfit somehow.

We don’t recommend the guy wears anything flowy … that’s just for mom!! 😉

During the shoot, I will still always do some of just mom solo. But, then I’ll include him in the rest!

Sometimes I have had moms come to us and want shoots that only include her — and that’s fine, too!


We are celebrating that life growing inside!


As with maternity — we still love anything flowy. Although in these photos, the focus isn’t on your stomach — so we can be a lot more lax about the outfits.

Anything that would possibly pick up when the wind blows, or if he gives a playful twirl. A long skirt, a tunic with flared sleeves, a dress that has an extra layer on top.

Tyler Taelor Engagement 7

Again — if you decide to be match-y, that’s always adorable as well. I love it when couples plan their outfits together! It looks like you belong together, which you do!

Sayo _ Oye (3)


We don’t need anything flowy for these photos. Since we are going to have more people — we aren’t going to be able to get those individual shots where your gown is flowing with the wind.

However, matching can be tricky with more people. If you’re having a large group, I highly recommend assigning each “family unit” a color. Like the Miller family did:


From there, we can break off into smaller family groups after the initial big group —


As you can see, the family can take the color recommendation however they’d like! They’re all in pink, but it’s not all the same shirt or style. The oldest daughter wore a pink top, the youngest a pink dress, and the middle some fun pink leggings and matching hair tie!


It also just makes you look like the lovable family unit that you are when you can tell that you belong together!

Dawn Family 3

My biggest recommendation is to pick a color, and then have everyone incorporate something of that color.

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be the same “shade.” Here are some outfits I personally picked out for my own family photoshoot this week. I usually pick two colors — this time I went with pink and gray. I have pink, and so does one of my daughters. Then my husband has gray, and so does our other daughter. This is another way to match!



Senior portraits special! It’s a time to focus on your uniqueness and the likes and interests you have at this time in your life. For seniors, I always recommend a few different outfits.

  1. Jerseys / Sports Attire & Paraphernalia


What are you into? Sports? Let’s incorporate it! Bring jerseys, a ball, anything related to the sport that we can work into the photo.


2. The Cap & Gown

I always want to snag cap and gown photos as well! These ones are usually the fastest, and it’s really easy to throw the gown and cap on over whatever you’re already wearing!

It’s a great symbol to the world that you’re a graduate! You did it! And it’s your turn to turn that tassle to the other side of your cap.

3. Something nice!

I also usually recommend something a little nicer. A dress, a tux, whatever you think of when you hear the word “nice.”

You’re an adult now, you’ve come of age — I like to get some shots that reflect that!


4. Something that reflects your personal style

Halee Senior Photo 4

Are you always wearing Chucks? Do you have a favorite hat? A dress you’ve worn approximately 15 million times? Some jeans your’ve worn holes into that you’ll never part with? A promise ring? A bracelet or necklace that you never remove?


These photos are about you, your likes, your favorite things, what makes you the person you are now — we want the photos to reflect that!

♥.·:*¨ ¨*:·.♥

Phew!! This should help you decide what outfits to wear to your photoshoot — we’re so excited to be working with you! And if we’re not yet — feel free to reach out to us and book a shoot!

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How To Photograph The Total Solar Eclipse [Safely]

I’ve been getting this question a lot — “how can I take awesome pics of the solar eclipse?!”

Especially with the upcoming total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21.

[The cover photo for this post is from NASA].

Let’s jump right into it.

Firstly, you need to protect your eyes.

Ashley Skyelar Engagement 4

I know you’ve seen everyone and their brother selling those solar eclipse glasses. Don’t go with the cheapest, go with the safest. Joe from down the street may not realize he’s selling you some shades that won’t do diddly squat when you’re staring at the sun.

Which is literally what you’re going to be doing.

Staring. At. The. Sun.

And while Amazon has thousands of sellers claiming to have these special glasses for you, NASA recognizes only a handful of manufacturers with glasses that meet the safety criteria.

A handful!

Here are some of them:

Rainbow Symphony

American Paper Optics

Thousand Oaks Optical

NASA also notes: “More than 6,800 libraries across the U.S. are distributing safety-certified glasses. Many are working with scientists to hold viewing events and activities before and during the eclipse. For a listing of participating libraries, visit:”

Next, you need to protect your equipment.

These next few tips are for if you are using a digital DSLR camera. If you aren’t, you can skip on down to the bottom!


Camera lenses really aren’t meant to be facing directly into the sun for prolonged periods of time, just like our eyes.

You are going to need a solar filter for your camera lens.


Well, because that sunlight is even more intense inside the lens — and pointing it directly at the sun can cause damage to the lens itself. And your camera shutter. And your imaging sensor. And … just about anything that’s pointing directly at the sun unprotected.

So, first, decide on which lens to use. We recommend a telephoto lens since it will have a nice zoom. 70-200mm should do the trick. But, if you have anything bigger — go for it. Your shots will be even more amazing!

Get a solar filter similar to this. It’s not cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to buy new camera equipment.

Next, you’ll need a tripod.

Dawn Family 5

You need a steady shot for this. You don’t wanna be all loosey goosey like our friend Aidan above.

And, you don’t want to be stuck holding your camera the entirety of the eclipse. You can go cheap on this option! Any ol’ tripod will do.

Lastly, Practice, Like a True Graduate! And Mess With Your Camera Settings

Clarissa Grad 7

Once you’ve gotten your filter onto your camera, and put a piece of black tape over the viewfinder (you want to use the camera screen for these shots, you don’t want to look through the viewfinder), and set up the tripod and camera — practice by taking photos of the sun. Use your solar eclipse glasses while you’re doing this as well.

Now, we’re gonna get technical.


Make sure you set your camera to manual, and make sure you have your flash off [during the entirety of the eclipse].

You’ll need to adjust your aperture, exposure time, and ISO.


You can adjust the aperture on your telephoto lens. Aperture is the hole in which light passes through your camera. In other words, it’s the opening where light enters your camera.

Smaller numbers mean wider apertures. You want something wide for these shots!

Exposure Time:

Exposure time is literally just that — exposure. It’s how long your cam’s imaging sensor is exposed to light.

This will change throughout the eclipse, because as the moon covers the sun, less of it is showing, and therefore that imagine sensor won’t be exposed to light as long.

So, as the moon starts to cover the sun — you can lengthen the exposure more and more.


Next is what I would argue is the most important part — the ISO. This has to do with your camera’s imaging sensor and how much light you’re letting in. If you have a high ISO setting, your camera will be super sensitive to light because it lets more in. It also increases the brightness of the photograph (but increases graininess).

When the sun is still bein’ its glowing self, you won’t need a high ISO. ‘Cause the sun is brighter than those blinding white Christmas lights your grandma used to string up outside her house every year.

Howeverrrr, since this is an eclipse we are talking about — the moon is going to cover up granny’s Christmas lights, AKA the sun. When that happens, you are going to need to raise that ISO.

Don’t Wanna Do Any Of This On Your DSLR?

The coolest thing — if you are in the line of totality — which means you are in an area where you can see the moon COMPLETELY cover the sun for approximately 2 minutes, photos can be taken during this period only WITHOUT a solar filter.

Still gonna need that tripod, though. And you’re still gonna need to raise your ISO.

Wanna Use Your iPhone?


NASA says go ahead. The lens is probably too small to get any sort of damage from the sunlight. They do sell telephoto lenses you can attach to your iPhone, too, since the iPhone’s natural zoom is pretty puny.

And, regardless, make sure you’re still wearing your solar glasses!

I hope this was helpful! I can’t wait to see all of your pics!

And, above all else, make sure you take a moment during the totality to look AWAY from your camera and at the actual event itself!

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