Puppies & Kittens! An Animal Shelter Photoshoot

Animals are near and dear to my heart. When I know there are thousands upon thousands of animals in shelters across the U.S., it breaks my heart. And, since it matters to me, I’m determined to do something to help. That’s how it should go, right?

So, I volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter in St. Louis, Judy’s Forgotten Jewells, to take pictures of their animals up for adoption!

Studies have shown  that photos of the animals increase the chance for adoption. Furthermore, professional photos help increase that chance for adoption even more!

So, without further ado — let’s meet some PUPPIES!

1. Jynx 

Jynx (2)

Little Jynx was shy, but sweet. When I set her down on the couch, she kept naturally going to the corner so she could bury her face (she was scared). But, as soon as I picked her up, her tail started wagging and she was also perfectly content burying her face into the nook of my arm.


Jynx is looking for her forever home — is it with you?

2. Jamie [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

This little pup was so playful! As soon as she was set down on the couch, she kept doing that cute, playful puppy pose. You know — this one:


I loved Jamie’s white tummy and paws!

I soon realized this playful pup wasn’t going to sit still for a photo. I had one of the staff members hold this little gal instead, so we could get a good shot of her face.

Jamie (2)

Not that I could ever get her to look at me, but hey! I will take what I can get. Jamie is ready for her forever home! She is a perfect pup for kiddos. Loud and rowdy in your household? I think she’d love it! She was so playful and fun!

3. Justice 

Justice was quiet and mellow. She loves attention, too! She wasn’t shy, just … chill!

Justice (2)

Maybe timid is the right word? When you first put your hand up to pet her, she seemed uncertain. However, after the petting began, she wasn’t about to let you stop! She just loves love!


Justice was perfectly content lounging on the couch with me and getting love. Her tail was going approximately 150 MPH during the petting session, too!

4. Chester

This little chihuahua mix was playful, but a little shy at first. He also kept sticking out his tongue every time I went to take his picture!


Chester was feeling playful, but when I called him, he came over and laid down for pets! He’s full grown, so he’s going to stay this little puppy size!

Chester (2)

Chester is ready for adventures in a new home!

5. Betsy

Miss Betsy is the perfect dog for someone with a yard. She has a lot of energy, but boy, was she ready to pose!


She was so excited to be out of her kennel. Betsy was sniffing everything and super excited about life, but when I told her “sit!” — she did it on cue! So, even though she does have a lot of fun energy, she’s ready to strike that pose!

Betsy (2)

She would also be a great dog for someone who jogs regularly. She is ready for some exercise!  She needs someone to play with, or to let her out in their yard to work off some energy!

6. Nova

Nova has been at Judy’s for about a week. She had been with animal control since September, and they were going to euthanize her. Judy’s Forgotten Jewells rescued her from that fate!


Nova loves attention. She is the perfect gal for someone who could pet her a lot! Another great thing —

Staff told me Nova’s adoption is sponsored! This means, there is no cost to adopt her!

Nova was a very quiet pup. She’d be perfect for a retiree, or a family that has some home time to give her love and affection. She was absolutely loving the attention!

7. Buddy

Buddy is very vocal! In between doggies, this guy was demanding attention. I could hear him all the way in the other room! When they would bring one dog down and bring the next one up, I would have a few minutes. And he wanted those few minutes to be spent petting him!


Since it was just in between doggy photos, I had to pet him through the cage. Once I was finished with all of the pup photos, I could let him out. He rubbed all over me, and followed me around for attention! He also stopped meowing when he was being pet!

Buddy (2)

He also showed me where the treats were in the closet! So, staff at Judy’s … there are 1-2 missing treats … just so you know.

And as a bonus for Buddy — Kansas City Photography will gladly sponsor his adoption! We’d love to find him a good, loving home!


Want to meet more animals at Judy’s? Here are photos from Christine’s previous visit!


Interested in adopting any of these adorable pets?

They are all waiting for their forever home at Judy’s Forgotten Jewells. Here’s how to get ahold of them:

Judy’s Forgotten Jewells

Address: 6400 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judysforgottenjewells/

Phone: (314) 351-4700

More Contact Info: http://www.judysforgottenjewells.com/Contact_Us.html


If you adopt any of these adorable animals, please let us know! We’d love to do a photo session with your family and your new pet! <3


Forgotten ‘Jewels,’ – Volunteering At An Animal Shelter!

A few months ago, I read a study that said animals with photos were more likely to be adopted. Additionally, animals with professional photos were even more likely to be adopted. This news got me to my core. Challenge accepted.

I searched for the perfect shelter to volunteer my time, and I found Judy’s Forgotten Jewells in St. Louis (Kansas City Photography is in both KC & St. L!).

On our first meeting, I was only able to capture 6 precious animals — but they’re all ready for their forever home! Is it yours?

[Adoption details at the bottom of the post]

  1. Juno [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

Playful & Curious — this pup is black and white with the biggest, most adorable brown eyes. She also kept trying to lick me!

Jewel (1)

2. Sherry [UPDATE: Still Available!]

Miss Sherry is blind and has no teeth. She is so ready to spend her golden years on the lap of a loving human. Since she can’t see, she would get startled if you didn’t make some kind of noise to alert her you were coming. Once she got used to me, she laid down by me and graciously let me pet her soft fur.

Sherry is the perfect elderly lap dog!

Jewel (2)

3. Harold [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

Harold also has a twin! They are both black and white kitties with vibrant, yellow eyes. As soon as I walked in the room, Harold and his brother were rubbing up against their cages, hoping for some human affection. Once out, they were more than happy to roll over to let you rub their bellies — just like pups!

Jewel (3)

4. Mae [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

The most curious kitten I’ve ever met! Mae was more than happy to be let out of the cage. And after some snuggles, Mae took to climbing on the outside of the cages — all over the place!!

Jewel (4)

5. Charlie [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

Charlie looked pretty annoyed, he wasn’t ready for his closeup! But he was a snuggly little guy, who was a little scared. Once he was out and able to walk around and sit on your lap, he gave the loudest purrs! He’s ready to snuggle up in someone’s lap and leave the noise of the shelter behind him!

Jewel (5)

6. Sunkist [UPDATE: Adopted!!!]

Sunkist was definitely too cool for school. Comfortably lounging in the bed, Sunkist was ready to strike a pose — and hopefully striking enough that you want to take him home, too!

Jewel (6)

Interested in adopting?

Email judysforgottenjewells@yahoo.com to set up an appointment to meet your future forever furry friend!

Tell ’em Kansas City Photography sent ya. Why? ‘Cause I wanna keep volunteering to take more photos for them! <3

My next appointment is Thursday. I’m excited to meet more of their pups and kittens!

Make sure to follow Judy’s Forgotten Jewells on Facebook. And, don’t forget, email is the best way to reach them!