Rolling Around at Briarcliff: Ashley and Skyelar’s 1-Year Engagement Shoot!

Hey there, bloggy world! Tatiana here again to take you on another photoshoot adventure!

Ashley Skyelar Engagement 4

One year ago, our now retired photographer Dawn captured Ashley and Skyelar’s “Save the Date” photos which was the first photoshoot I ever attended as a photographer with Kansas City Photography!

Ashley and Skyler engagement 009

Ashley and Skyelar are KC Photo for-lifers! With me as her best friend and Maid of Honor, and Christine as her wedding photographer, we’ve pretty much planned the next three April’s worth of shoots for them!

For this shoot, Ashley chose The Village at Briarcliff, which is a location I’ve been dying to shoot at again! It has a sweet lake with iconic Kansas City fountains, a waterfall pathway, and a beautiful cityscape up the biggest hill EVER.

Ashley Skyelar 1-1

Skyelar claims to hate photos but his big smile and even bigger personality suggest otherwise. 😉

Now, we thought Skyelar was the rascal of the day, but my chronological camera reel exposes Ashley as the first licker in question.

Ashley Skyelar 2.jpg

Sorry, girl. Gotta call you out!

But seriously, if we’re keeping score, Skyelar definitely wins for most “charismatic” fiance of the year.

Ashley Skyelar 5

Aw, how sweet! A kiss on the hold from her gallant prince.

Ashley Skyelar 6

Oh wait, no. It’s just the Knight of Slobber. HE LOOKS SO PROUD!

Ashley Skyelar 7.jpg

They both definitely have the signature husband/wife “I’m gonna do the thing/ Don’t do the thing” look down. Ashley already knew he was up to no good… again.

Ashley Skyelar 8.jpg

Now, he probably thinks these antics will get him out of more photoshoots — but it only makes us want MORE! This reminds us of “Superstar.” Seen it? The tree scene? Go watch!

Ashley Skyelar 11.jpg

Since their last shoot was more on the fancy dress side, they wanted to do a more casual look to showcase their nerdy side. Their wedding is Sci Fi/ Galaxy themed so the “Doctor Who/ Star Wars” combo suits them perfectly!

Ashley Skyelar 14

Seeing them together always tugs on my heartstrings because I have never seen Ashley so alive and glowing as I see with her and Skyelar. Without getting into a whole mushy speech (gotta save it for the wedding!), I’m just so grateful that she has found a man who treats her like the princess she is!

Now, although Skyelar had us rolling with laughter the whole shoot, Ashley took the prize at the end for most memorable moment.

In order to get our cityscape shots of downtown KC, we had to hike up this huge hill with a sharp incline. As the shoot came to a close and we had to safely get down the hill, I just hear Ashley proclaim:

“F$%# it!”

Ashley Skyelar 15


Ashley Skyelar 16


Ashley Skyelar 17.jpg

She is truly a Princess Bride!

Ashley Skyelar 19

And Skyelar’s eyes say it all every time — he knows he’s the luckiest man in the world. <3

Ashley Skyelar 18

You’ll see these two again next April on the big day! I CAN’T WAIT!

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Exploring Denver’s Botanical Gardens with Usagi!

Hey, everyone! Tatiana here to share with you my little adventure in Denver, Colorado, this past weekend.

As many of you know, cosplay and cosplay photography are both passions of mine.

As Maid of Honor in my best friend Ashley’s wedding, I’ve been finding myself in the Denver area more often!

And in between a dress fitting and other wonderful Maid of Honor duties, I just had to book some photoshoots while I was in this scenic state! I reached out to Pirefly Cosplay, who I worked with during our on-location shoots at the anime convention NDK last year.

Super SM 8

And I’m so happy that our pretty guardian, Michelle, was free to do some more “Sailor Moon” magic with me!

Usagi 4

We originally planned for a casual Usagi springtime shoot, but Denver is getting a lot of the typical Missouri weather weirdness, so it was impossible to predict the cold front that happened!

Luckily, Denver’s Botanical Gardens has a vast variety of scenic backdrops with or without the flowers in full bloom!

Usagi 3

We had so much fun recollecting scenes from our favorite “magical girl” anime, including Usagi casually waiting for her boyfriend Mamoru. But knowing our meatball head, she would have the time and location wrong!

Usagi 2.jpg

This location couldn’t have been more perfect because the gardens have an entire Japanese plant section! It’s seriously an Otaku’s dream location — so we will have to set up an event here for this coming NDK!

Usagi 5

We both felt some Crystal Tokyo vibes with the inner building designs.

Usagi 6


Usagi 7

The Japanese Garden area also had gorgeous crystal clear ponds and majestic mini waterfalls to create AMAZING backdrops.

Usagi 1

Thank you SO MUCH, Michelle, for meeting me here and experiencing this beautiful location with me!

Cosplay shoots are so fun and exciting for me and I am always up for doing them!

Speaking of — I will be back in Denver this September for NDK. We will be setting up more on-location shoots during the convention!