Two Wrestling Brothers: A Fun Family Photoshoot At Forest Park!

Last Saturday, right after the fun duckling senior photoshoot, I was able to meet up with my Aunt Heather and her adorable family.


Their family photos were overdue! Looong overdue! She even shared a text with me from five years ago where we were trying to set something up. The stars finally aligned!!


My oldest, Lily, and her littlest, Grayson, are besties. They looove hanging out. Grayson just started Kindergarten this year. He loves the show “StoryBots” and the book “Monster Love Underpants.”

Glad to see silly underwear books will never go out of style. Anyone remember “Captain Underpants?”

Grayson also loves learning about the ocean, planets, and dinosaurs.


Older brother Colton is a senior this year!

Colton is into working out and soccer (which is practically just another workout. Soccer is hard!!). One of his pursuits is to get into a top 10 college! He’s a dedicated student and loves wrestling with his little brother.


Speaking of wrestling — Grayson kept trying to tackle Colton in between shots. Apparently, wrestling is also one of his favorite things to do.


Grayson even told me he “beat” Colton at their last wrestling match. Something tells me big brother let him win. 😉


My Aunt Heather is super craftsy. She teaches a card class a couple of times a month — and what she teaches you to do aren’t just any ol’ cards. These are like super ornate, “looks like you buy in the ornate handmade section at Hallmark” amazing!

And while she didn’t make this prop below herself — I wasn’t surprised when she whipped them out —


I love hanging out with Aunt Heather & Uncle Jim. They’ve been married for ten years!

And, seeing someone you love so happy in turn makes you so, so happy!!

I couldn’t stop smiling when I was editing these next three photos! 🙂


A really neat thing about Heather & Jim — they had two weddings, so they have two different anniversary dates! They got married here with their friends and family present — then got married again on their honeymoon in Greece!! How cool!


Oh yeah — did I mention Grayson and Colton did a lot of wrestling?


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