A 50th Birthday Cake Smash

Cake smashes are fun. They’re really popular for first birthdays:


But Judy wanted to change that up — she did a cake smash for her 50th instead!


Kansas City Photography’s other half, Dawn, went to Lake Jacomo this weekend to meet up with Judy and George. She had it all, and had been planning for months: The cake, the sign, and most importantly — the wine.


But something to keep in mind — icing. During the shoot, that black icing did not look like it was going to come off their faces any time soon.


One of Dawn’s favorite moments was when Judy told George he looked like an Angry Bird with all of that icing on his face. He then started squawking at her, which was totally hilarious.


Judy told us she feels a lot younger than 50 — and she really wanted the photos to reflect that. Adding cake into the mix makes anyone look at least 20 years younger, right?


And in the shots with George, Judy’s personality and playfulness really came out. And that sass, too!!


After some scary health issues for George, both he and Judy started thinking about life different and wanted to enjoy it more.


Enjoy life more? Mission accomplished.

And we want to give a quick shout out to Dusty & Susan — our original cake smash ladies who did it for their 40th! We hope the fun keeps on spreading like that icing on your faces!



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