“Get The Suture Kit!” Bret & Hannah’s Cliffside Wedding

Yes, there was a suture kit. And an IV bag. And 7 medical professionals in the wedding party alone! But we’ll get to that in a moment.

We had the great pleasure of capturing Bret & Hannah’s beautiful cliffside wedding this Saturday! I could sit here and try to explain its beauty, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

IMG_4285.jpgHannah Bret 3

Tatiana and I both made the trip out to Sunset Bluffs in Washington, Missouri, and was it ever worth it! We couldn’t have paid to capture shots in such a beautiful venue.

The cliff itself is reserved for the bride, groom, and photographers. It was like our own little slice of Heaven away from the hubbub of the cocktail hour after the ceremony.


It was a beautiful 66-degrees … ALL day! It was perfectly overcast, like God was smiling down on these two lovebirds and telling them: “This is your day! And it is a beautiful one!”


Compare this weekend to last weekend — where it reached 105 degrees! What a stark difference, and just in time for their vows! I’ll take 66 over 105 any ol’ day!

The wind was also cooperating, blowing just right and fluffing Hannah’s veil for shots like this:

Crawford (13).jpg

And we can’t forget our main man, Elijah! Not only was he “ring security,” but he played an integral part in the wedding! He was a big helper, and super excited to help out his dad and new mom!

Crawford.jpgHannah Bret 4.jpg

His cheeser is so adorable! He was such a sport through all of the photos!

Now, let’s get to that medical staff we mentioned earlier. Of Hannah’s “Bride Tribe,” as she called it, there were two EMTs, one paramedic, one radiology tech, and an RN. When a bridesmaid was having trouble with her dress zipper, all of these medical field people started whipping out all the bells and whistles to fix it. A suture kit, and IV needle, you name it!

Crawford (3).jpg

They were going to fix that darn dress before show time!

Crawford (17).jpg

And all of these medical professionals I’ve mentioned so far were just on Hannah’s side! This doesn’t include Bret’s groomsmen, or all of their friends not in the wedding party. Like, all of these firefighters Bret works with, for example —

Crawford (18).jpg

Even the bride and groom! Hannah is a paramedic, and Bret is a paramedic firefighter. If anyone had any health issues that night … they were in good hands!

Although, if it was at the end of the night, maybe in very good tipsy hands … but, hey!

Crawford (19).jpg

We are so honored to have been there to capture special moments for Bret & Hannah. Things like the joy written across her mom’s face when she saw her daughter:

Crawford (6).jpg

Or the look on Bret’s face when he finally saw Hannah for the first time:

Crawford (8).jpg

Or the finishing touches on Hannah’s dress:

Crawford (5).jpg

Plus, their unique ideas! Hannah had a “Man of Honor,” in her wedding party. It was her very (not gay) best friend, Max! I only included his sexual orientation because during his speech at the reception, he pointed out that Hannah used to introduce him to people as her “gay best friend.” Seeing as his beautiful girlfriend, Amanda, was in the wedding party, he pointed out only the “best friend” part was true.

Crawford (14).jpg

There are so many more photos I’d love to put into this blog, but I would be up all night editing. I can’t get enough of the beautiful location, the gorgeous bride and groom, and their adorable little Elijah!

Thank you for letting us be there for your special day!

Crawford (12).jpg

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A Day At The Fire Station

My friend Bret has been a volunteer firefighter for 4 years. He recently promoted to Lieutenant (yay!!). This week,  he asked me to come help take some new shots of their equipment and staff at the Orchard Farm Fire Protection District.

(You may be thinking, ‘Whoa! Isn’t Orchard Farm far from KC?’ Don’t forget, we are in Kansas City and St. Louis!)


While we were chitty chatting, I asked him the worst fire he’d ever seen — he told me it involved a house on stilts that was near the river.

He also told me they were doing a practice burn on an actual house later next week that was donated to the fire department. He said it’s a great way to get real-life training with an actual house fire, especially for those in training who haven’t dealt with a fire yet.


Every single person at Orchard Farm is a volunteer. These men and women literally put their lives on the line to help total strangers. How awesome is that?


I overheard several calls on their radios while I was there — a 7-year-old with his head stuck in a metal gate, a person who had passed out, etc. I asked if they had to dispatch out for a fire if I could come along — and Bret said I could follow in my car. Thankfully, no one’s house was on fire Wednesday afternoon, but I would have been there to get pics if something did come up!


The department is getting a new fire truck soon. This means they’re selling the old one. A potential buyer, who happened to be a retired firefighter, came by to check it out and drive it around. He was planning on using it at fire safety demonstrations for kids. Bret climbed in the truck with him and he took it for a spin!


It was a great afternoon, and I’m glad to have met some of the guys and gals behind the fire hats at the station!

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