What To Expect During A Boudoir Photoshoot: Is It Worth It? Can It Be Empowering?

It’s something you hear all the time: “Be comfortable in your own skin,” “love yourself as you are,” “you’re always a work in progress. Embrace it!”

Sound familiar? Easier said via inspirational quote form than in real life, right?

I recently had a friend reach out to me and ask about boudoir photos. She told me she loved the idea of a boudoir shoot, but was intimidated because she didn’t know what to expect during the shoot, and was nervous about her body.

Let’s start off with that first subject.

What To Expect:

First things first — reach out to us and tell us you’d like to book a boudoir shoot!

Once we’ve picked a date, we will decide on the location. When booking with us, it’s usually at someone’s home — either your photographer’s or your own.  Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

On the day of the shoot, before the shoot happens, have 3-4 outfits picked out. They can be as revealing or as modest as you’d like. This is your shoot, and we want you to be comfortable. It can be just lingerie, the full kit and caboodle with fishnets and matching undies, topless, high-heeled, an oversized shirt, etc.

We always look at the outfits and then make suggestions on what to start with first. We usually start with the least revealing, and work our way up to the most revealing once you’re more comfortable.


From there, we begin! Boudoir shoots are usually an hour. Keep in mind, the time starts once we get there, so have your makeup and hair finished!

We go to the bedroom, and clear off any clutter you have on nightstands, and remove any photos you have hanging above the headboard (don’t worry, we put them all back afterward).

We have certain poses we ask you to do — but the all-time favorite that we’re guaranteed to ask for every time is placing your feet up against the headboard or wall, and then looking back at us. It’s the most flattering pose of all time:


Can I Bring Wine?

Sometimes, clients prefer a little liquid courage before or during the shoot. That’s fine by us, just share! 😉

What To Bring:

– 3-4 outfits

– heels / shoes

– any props you may want — are you into any sports or activities? Is this a gift for a significant other? Are they into any sports / teams / clubs? You could bring oversized jerseys, work uniforms, etc.

Why Choose To Do A Boudoir Photoshoot?

We’ve had so many people who do a boudoir shoot for so many reasons. Here are some reasons our real clients have done a boudoir shoot:

– A breast cancer survivor, who wanted to be proud of who she was. She had a double mastectomy. She had scars along both of her breasts. Her nipples were tattooed on (and looked so real!), but she didn’t let any of that stop her. She still loved herself and her body — and she wanted to be proud of those scars. She made it — and she survived!

– For herself after a breakup. He was always telling her she was fat and not worthy of love. After the breakup, she decided to do a shoot for herself to prove that she was beautiful, and she was worthy of happiness.

– As a celebration he hit his goal weight (Boudoir shoots are seriously for everyone — men or women.)

– As a surprise for her husband on their honeymoon.


Will You Use My Photos On You Blog Or Website?

Nope, not without permission!


When we first start the shoot, everyone says they’re nervous. By the end, everyone says they’re so excited and happy they took the leap and booked!

It’s truly an empowering photoshoot.  Message us today to set up your own boudoir shoot!

A Valentine’s Boudoir Shoot

Two days ago, I met with a fellow photographer — and she asked me to do a shoot for her as a Valentine’s surprise for her boyfriend.


Mission accomplished, oww owww! The perk of knowing and befriending other photographers — you always have someone who can take your photos for you!


She really wanted a silhouette shot, this is a popular request from many of our boudoir clients (see below!). I think gifting a boudoir shoot for a special occasion is such a great idea.


The most frequent requests I get for boudoir shoots are from brides. They add this shoot onto their wedding package as a surprise for their husband on their honeymoon night!


And I can tell you I’ve never heard the husband complain once! 😉 And you can personalize the shots. The bride-to-be below was marrying a police officer — so she incorporated a gun into this shot!


One of the most popular options is to take the photos and put them in a book. Also, don’t worry, we never use any photos from our boudoir shoots without the person’s permission.


Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s or birthday gift? Shoot us an email and we can get you a boudoir shoot on the books! kcityphotography@gmail.com