A Gentleman & A Lady At Belvoir Winery!

Belvoir Winery is said to be haunted. But as far as photography purposes — it serves as the perfect backdrop for gentleman and a lady — Kaylee & Konner!


Twice a year, I (Christine) be sure to go back over to Kansas City to photograph my much loved regulars (Tatiana usually covers the Kansas City area!). So, of course, I sent a message over to the Good family to let them know I would be in last weekend.


Kate not only loves photos of her adorable children, but also loves Scentsy — so I always make sure to hook her up with both!

We were originally going to do a photoshoot with the entire family, but Kody is serving in the military (thank you!), and got called out with his unit last weekend. So, we decided to take photos of just the kiddos this round, and then have another mini shoot with the family this Fall!


And my regulars know how important it is to have photos every year! These two photos below were taken only one year apart. And look at how different Konner look already! Kids grow like weeds!

Kody & Kate (30)IMG_9846

Crazy, right? And it was almost exactly one year apart! And let’s not forget about our beautiful Kaylee:

Kody & Kate (38)IMG_9941

I am excited to get photos of our high school sweethearts later this year, too! Then, we can compare the family photos from the year before, too! I love watching the Good kiddos grow up!


Kaylee looked like a beautiful princess! Her dress was flowing and long, and just perfect for her! She also had a flower crown around her curly hair.


However, in true princess fashion, we did have to help her from one photo spot to the next. The dress was really long, so we had to keep reminding her to lift it up when she walked!


And now it’s story time for Mr. Konner. My oldest, Lily, is little besties with him. She came with me to this photoshoot. At the end, Konner and Lily raced back to the car. Lily beat him and he goes: “You cheated!”

Kate asked Konner how Lily cheated. He informed her that Lily beat him.

Kate said, “That’s not cheating, she was just faster than you, bud!”

To which Konner said: “No, she won, so she cheated!”

Kate said he got his losing skills from his father. Hahaha!


It was great to see all of you! Excited for our next family shoot.

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A Maternity Shoot At A Haunted Winery!

No one was drinking in the making of these photos — this time!

Tatiana is back at it again with ya fall photos. This time, I had the privilege to photograph my high school friend, Stephanie!

Stephanie 9

Stephanie wanted to celebrate her first pregnancy with a photo shoot and I was thrilled to oblige. I was also happy to take the reigns on the location because I’ve been dying to check out Belvoir Winery.

It didn’t occur to me until we got there that I was taking a pregnant woman to the most boring place for a pregnant lady to be. A place where she couldn’t drink!

Stephanie 2

The scenery was too sweet to pass up, though, even if we didn’t indulge in some sweet Moscato.

Stephanie 11

Stephanie and her fiancé Ryan decided to name their baby boy Bentley Robert Brownlee. Bentley stood out to both of them and it just clicked, with Robert being the name of Ryan’s father.

Stephanie 6

With her due date less than three weeks away, mama is ready to meet her son! And based on his constant kicks and punches, Bentley is ready to see the world. Plus, mama is so ready for some wine!

Stephanie 1

Belvoir Winery has a pretty intriguing history. Although now it’s a winery and inn, back in the day it was an orphanage / old folks home and mental institution. It also has its own cemetery on the property. There are also multiple cases of hauntings on the grounds.

We both agreed it definitely gave some American Horror Story vibes. The asylum was even featured on the Travel Channel! They bring up even creepier facts than what we just told you!

Stephanie 12

In fact, it took us forever to get this shot right because even though my camera settings were on point, it would not stop focusing in on the attic window of the building in the background. *cues spooky music*

Stephanie 5

I’m sure the ghosts just wanted to say hi and welcome Bentley to the Brownlee team. <3

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