Hiking To A Castle: Ayanna’s Senior Photo Session!

Since I was raised at the Lake of the Ozarks, I am always excited when I have the opportunity to make the trip down. It was no exception when I met up with Ayanna and her wonderful family at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. And, yes, it has a castle!


For anyone who hasn’t been there, the castle was built at the turn-of-the-century. A fire destroyed it, but the ruins remain for us to gape at. When I was growing up, there wasn’t a fence around it like there is now, and people were able to get much closer to the castle and explore.


It was a delightfully overcast day (a photographer’s favorite!), and we even got a little rain. Jacob was kind enough to hold an umbrella over me while I Asked Ayanna to play in the rain! You can even see the streaks of it as it passed by:


I had my oldest daughter, Lily, at the session with me. She is my little road trip buddy. She and Ayanna’s brother, Nicholas, really hit it off and entertained one another while I took photos.


Ayanna’s sister and mother, Alyssa and Airyanne, were so amazing in helping me carry my backpack and lenses! This senior session truly was a family ordeal! Even the family pup joined on our adventure!


Ayanna told me she planned to start out at a local college. She isn’t sure what she wants to major in, but we all know this woman is going to go places!


My dear friend, Misty, introduced me to this wonderful family. She asked that we snap a family photo during the session, but we were missing Zack! Next time, my friends! 🙂


Thank you for spending your Saturday with me — it was a treasure to get to know you all! I’m excited to see the great places Ayanna will go on her journey!


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