You’ll Never Guess Where This Picture-Perfect Hidden Gem Of A City Is!

Happy Tuesday! We’re here to share with you a town we’d LOVE to use as a photoshoot location — Hannibal, Missouri!

Hannibal 6

Hannibal is best known for being the hometown of Samuel Clemens, more popularly referred to as Mark Twain. Eric and I took a day trip there to check out the different attractions, including the steamboats, but I was also amazed at the scenery!

Hannibal 5.jpg

This town is filled with wonderful eclectic buildings perfect for any photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for a vintage city vibe —

Hannibal 2

Or vibrant bustling town filled with bold pops of color like this awesome movie theater!

Hannibal 4

This town also has unique stores for collectibles and an old fashioned ice cream parlor and soda shoppe! Each building is uniquely styled, which is something every photographer appreciates!

Hannibal 9

I had Eric pose for me in this doorway because I was filled with so much inspiration from this area!


Since Eric is my #instagramhusband I had him take a few pictures of me while we were walking around. THIS COULD BE YOU!!! Except not taken with my phone…

Another great photo opportunity is the town garden.


Complete with sunflowers, cute benches and archways, aaaand …



This would be such a cute photo with kiddos!

Hannibal is also right up against the Missouri River, so it’s also a great location for romantic waterside photos.

Hannibal 7

Oh, hi, Illinois!

The best landmark in the town is the famous lighthouse.

Hannibal 10

It literally serves no purpose because we’re in the middle of the country, but it’s still a great photo location!

Hannibal is closer to Christine in St. Louis (about an hour) and approx. 3 hours away from Kansas City, but we would LOVE to set up a photo event here! This place has so much potential and since no one has done it before, you’ll be getting quality photos with a unique setting. <3

Let us know if you’re interested in this location and we’ll make the magic happen!


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