‘The Hunt Is Over’ – Samantha and Zachary’s Wedding!

Tatiana here! I’m sharing another magical day featuring Samantha and Zachary Jennings!

You may remember this lovely couple and their “duck-duck” daughter from their engagement photos.

Salmon 11

Sam and Zach selected our “Diamonds and Pearls” package, which included engagement photos and all-day wedding photos, which included getting ready shots, first look, etc.

Zachary was adamant about not seeing Samantha until she walked down the aisle. So much so, we had to hide him in a closet while I took Sam and her bridesmaids out to the garden for photos before the ceremony!

Sam Zach Wedding 9

Super worth it! Look at these gorgeous ladies in Christine’s favorite color!

Sam Zach Wedding 4

Their venue was the Rhapsody in Independence, which was not short of elegance! It’s such a lovely location!

Sam Zach Wedding 12

They created the perfect atmosphere catered to the soon-to-be newlyweds, and their customer service was out of this world!

Sam Zach Wedding 6

I would definitely recommend this venue to anyone in the KCMO area. <3

Uhm, and did I mention the waterfall?

Sam Zach Wedding 1

Cuz there’s a waterfall! It certainly made up for when we went to Bass Pro for their engagement shoot and the falls were OFF! #notoverit

The Rhapsody has a separate building referred to as “the cottage,” which serves as the Bridal Suite. They are currently constructing a separate building for the Groom and Groomsmen as well.

Sam Zach Wedding 2

This couch was perfect for “getting ready” shots and close-ups of the details in the wedding dress.

Sam Zach Wedding 7

It’s also perfect for seeing Samantha’s radiant glow as she transformed from woman to bride!

Sam Zach Wedding 11

Sam’s flower girls were always ready for their closeup, including Samantha’s beautiful daughter, Louella, in the middle! I got more smiles outta her this time!

Sam Zach Wedding 8

Little Lou thought her momma looked like a princess, and on this day she truly was!

Sam Zach Wedding 13

Zachary definitely thought it was worth the suspense of waiting to see her — there are some tears swelling up in his glasses!

When they finally heard “you may kiss the bride” these two were inseparable once again — no more hiding in utility closets needed!

Sam Zach Wedding 14

Of course, that didn’t stop their friends and family from trying to snag them away for congratulations.

Sam Zach Wedding 15

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of love to go around!

Sam Zach Wedding 3

Their rings glistened and sparkled in the bright sunlight — which was INTENSE! I’m sure Zach’s head got a nice red glow … because I still have a sunburn! lol

Sam Zach Wedding 16

We know Zachary and Samantha’s love will burn bright just as the sun.

Sam Zach Wedding 17

Thank you so much for letting Kansas City Photography be a part of your special day!

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