They ELOPED! Kyli & Giles’ Romantic Vows

I received a message last Sunday from Kyli asking if I was free next Saturday. I had a photoshoot on Saturday morning, so that’s what I told her. She replied:

“It’s for an elopement in Branson at 11 😕 I knew it was rather a long shot but you know if you don’t ask you don’t know 🤗🤗”

I asked her who was eloping — and she told me it was her!

Giles & Kyli (3)



I was so excited for her! I reached out to my Saturday shoot and asked her if I could move it to Sunday (she said that actually worked out better)!

So, away I whisked to Branson to see miss Kyli tie the knot with her now husband Giles!

Giles & Kyli (17)


She was married outside, while it was 27-degrees outside, in front of a gorgeous waterfall at Big Cedar Lodge. She had this beautiful cupcake-style dress, and he was dressed to impress. They exchanged romantic, handwritten vows to one another, too!


It had snowed just the night before (yes, it’s April … but Mother Nature isn’t listening to Spring!). The snow really made the blooming redbuds POP! It was simply stunning (just like the bride and groom)!

Giles & Kyli (8).jpg

Giles & Kyli (5)


Kyli and Giles met online. They were a match for each other, but she said she was being stubborn and waiting for him to message her first. However, Kyli’s profile said she lived in another state … and she couldn’t figure out how to change it! Finally, Giles reached out to her and said “Are you in Missouri?” She told him she was, and they set a time for their first date last November!

Giles & Kyli (10)Giles & Kyli (11)

Kyli said they stayed at the restaurant on their first date for so long, they literally shut it down! They talked for hours, and the rest was history. They spent every day together after that.

Giles & Kyli (13).jpg

As for the proposal — he popped the question while they were vacationing in Scotland! This is when Kyli told me Giles can’t handle the cold. During the proposal, she had just a light jacket on. He had long johns, snow boots, and approximately 500 jackets on. Haha!

Giles & Kyli (15).jpg

He was a total champion during the cold wedding photos, though! Kyli and I joked we weren’t sure if it was getting warmer outside — or if we had just gone numb!

Giles & Kyli (7).jpg

There were about 12 people at the intimate outside ceremony. We heard the waterfall sounds adjacent to their romantic vows. After the ceremony, everyone went for a luncheon on the Big Cedar grounds. It was all so lovely! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Giles & Kyli (1)Giles & Kyli (14)

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