Naka Kon 2018: Day 2!

Wooooo, Naka Kon! It was quite the busy day for us! Between on-location shoots and photobooth sessions, we were on our feet all day. It was so great to see all the hard work everyone put into their cosplays!

Take this example from Scarlet Heart Cosplay, who booked our first on-location shoot of the day!

Mercy 1.jpg

We also had the photobooth open, and saw more than 50 of you there! We saw a good mix of everything — Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, furries, original concepts, and even some people just enjoying the convention out of cosplay!

We are still workin’ away at the photos taken at the booth today. But we do have some on-location teasers prepped for you all!

Below you’ll see wonderful cosplayers bringing Rose of Versailles, punk Sailor Mercury, and Fire Emblem to life. How neat is that?! These are just the teasers … we are going to have a full blog on each of these individual cosplayers Monday!

ROV 3ROV 2Mercury 1ROV 4Tharja 1Mercury 1.jpg

Thank you for letting us capture all of your amazing hard work!

This blog will be updated with the photobooth shots when they’re all ready — so keep checking back!

8 (5).jpg

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