The First Professional Photo I Ever Took

As a photographer, I’ve come a long way. I’ve grown — a lot. Both as an artist and as a person. So today, I wanted to show off the first professional photo I ever took.

It was a few months before I started Kansas City Photography — a high school senior photoshoot for my little brother. Feast your eyes:


One of the next shoots I did after that was with my dear friend Sadie, for her engagement to now-husband Nick.


A lot of times when you first start something — and I mean anything — it’s your friends and family who support you first.

They are there to help you grow and encourage you along the way! If it wasn’t for Jacob and Sadie trusting me, I never would have gotten the ball rolling, or the confidence to know I could make my dream of owning my own photography business a reality.

So, for some perspective — here is a photo from the last senior photoshoot I did:

And one from the last engagement shoot:

Lindsey & Tyler (6)

Still improving, still striving, still fighting.

There’s always room for growth.

Thanks for believing in me!



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