A “Hogwarts” Vibe & A 1-Year Anniversary — Celebrating Melissa and Richard!

From the moment Richard said “bowties are cool,” I knew this was going to be a fun photoshoot! Tatiana here!

Melissa Richard 11

When I first saw Melissa’s gorgeous red hair and Richard’s bowtie — my inner Whovian shouted “Geronimo!” It’s always fun meeting other nerds through my line of work as a photographer.

Melissa Richard 4

This couple wanted to capture their one year wedding anniversary, and I’m so glad they chose to contact us. They picked Unity Village because it had a “Hogwarts” vibe. I didn’t think to ask what their houses are, but I’m a Slytherin myself … don’t hate. 😉

Actually, so is Christine, but she’s a little more upset about it than I am. Which is not at all.

Melissa Richard 2

The hanging lanterns make for an amazing glow, and I’m a sucker for pillars.

Melissa Richard 13.jpg

… also a sucker for archways! Unity Village has a vast amount of different scenery and backgrounds to choose from. You just can’t go wrong here — and as a photographer, you can never get bored!

Melissa Richard 1

Melissa and Richard are my kind of people! They frequent the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and go to Planet Comicon every year. It always makes me happy to see two people come together — and they’re a perfect fit!

Melissa Richard 8.jpg

Their love is so genuine and natural, I can see it shine through in each photo — which made it so hard to pick which photos to edit for their teasers!

Melissa Richard 7

Although, I had no problem deciding to include this one. I absolutely could NOT leave these gems out. Work it, Richard!

Melissa Richard 9

He sure knows how to strike a pose. Melissa, aren’t you glad forever is with someone who can make you smile?

Melissa Richard 5

Wishing you many more!

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