We Found Some Cute Ducks During This Senior Photoshoot!

This Saturday was a beautiful day for some senior photos!

World, meet future dentist, Alexis! She’s already got the perfect pearly whites!

Alexis Senior (1)

Alexis is currently a senior at Belleville West High School. She plans to attend KU to become the world’s greatest dentist — and if I would have known this, I would have poked her a little more — since this photographer is a Mizzou grad! 😉

We met at Forest Park in St. Louis (Kansas City Photography is in KC & St. Louis) Saturday morning. Even though Alexis’ mama, Crystal, got a little lost, with some help from modern technology (share my location), we found each other!

Alexis Senior (2) brighter

While shooting by the columns above, a security guard walked up to us, asking what we were doing. I may have had the deer in headlights look, because as far as I knew, it was perfectly acceptable to take photos at Forest Park.

Turns out, he was just chatty. But this worked in our favor!

Guard: “Whatcha up to?”

Me: “Taking some senior photos!! She graduates this year!”

Guard: “Ah! Congratulations!”

Me: “Uhhh … are we good to keep takin’ photos?”

Guard: “Yup! There are some really pretty flowers right behind ya there.”

Alexis Senior (3)

He also let us in on a little secret — if we walked across the street to the second lake, and headed for the rocks. We would find some ducks.

On the way to duck haven, we spotted a willow. Alexis and I bonded over the fact that it was our favorite tree! Willows are so beautiful!

Alexis Senior (5)

After a few willow shots, we continued our journey to Duck Island.

We walked over to where the security guard instructed, found the rocks, crossed the lake (I can’t believe I didn’t fall in, but if I did, I told Alexis to save the camera, not me!!), and slowly walked close to the ducks. These ducks were super, super docile. They literally did not care we were there.

Alexis Senior (6)brighter

Now, Alexis told me if we did a duck shot, she’d make it her senior photo for the yearbook. Dooooone!

Alexis wanted to spend the last few minutes of the shoot taking family photos. How sweet is that?

Alexis had her sister, Alivia, there, along with her mom, Crystal, and the German foreign exchange student currently living with them (who Alexis told me is also like a sister), Lisa.

Alexis Senior (7)

And, of course, we needed to do one of just mom and daughter.

She wrote me this morning: “Me and her dad are so extremely proud of the young woman she has become. She is an amazing big sister to Alivia.”

Alexis Senior (8)

Congratulations on your senior year, Alexis! I know you’ll do great things!

Are you a senior this year in KC or St. Louis? We’d love to tell your story, too! Message us today.

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