Kawaii Takeover! Miku On The Loose At Crown Center

Remember our adorable baby Xavier photoshoot? Well, meet his biggest sister, Nya!

Kawaii Miku 5jpg

Nya is my niece (this is Tatiana, hiii!) so I may be a tad bias, but she’s pretty much the coolest. I see a lot of myself in her, as she is a huge anime lover and up-and-coming cosplayer (she has even hung out with us at Naka Kon !)

Kawaii Miku 2.jpg

Nya is cosplaying as kawaii Miku. “Kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese. Miku is the main video game character from “Vocaloid.” It’s mainly on PlayStation consoles.


We chose Crown Center in downtown Kansas City as the location because it has so many color poppin’ statues and scenery.

Kawaii Miku 4

And let’s not forget the fountains!

Unfortunately, it’s against the rules to play in the fountains — but Nya was pool ready with the giant donut (where I was ready to answer the questions of on lookers when they saw said giant donut).

Kawaii Miku 3

She is the Pocky Queen! Seriously, I think this girl lives off Pocky. If you’ve never tried it — it’s a Japanese treat! It’s a chocolate covered biscuit! Although, the one Nya is holding above would be the strawberry flavor they also have!

Kawaii Miku 7

She put together this outfit completely on her own, paying close attention to detail to create a unique kawaii Miku Cosplay!

And this isn’t her first cosplay rodeo.


Here is her Sailor Rarity cosplay from last year, a crossover of Sailor Moon and My Little Pony!


She was a part of a whole cosplay group that I put together as Momo Bunny! She poses like a pro. 😉


Above  is her her original Hatsune Miku cosplay she wore at Naka Kon 2017.

Kawaii Miku 6

She even made these flower hair clips herself! I am always so proud and amazed to see how creative and talented she is. She is always thinking outside the box and is always willing to spend time with me (*sniffles* makes me feel like a cool adult).

Kawaii Miku 8

Her personality is definitely one of a kind! It’s always a treat when I get to hang out with Nya. She’s turning into such the beautiful artist! Nya’s unique character and interests have even inspired her peers to get creative and learn more about cosplay.

Kawaii Miku 9

Kawaii Miku isn’t the last you’ll seen of Nya! Her next cosplay plan is Sailor Saturn. I think Christine and I are both equally excited to see it!

Kawaii Miku 10.jpg

She’s an artist, a violinist, trendsetter, big sister of two, and my kawaii savage niece!

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