A Rainbow Baby Photoshoot — Happy 1st Birthday, Lilly!

A Rainbow Baby is a child born after a miscarriage (or stillbirth). Just like how after a storm, there’s a rainbow — that’s how a Rainbow Baby gets its name. It’s the child born after the storm, the rainbow in their parents lives.

To say our photoshoot on Saturday was special would be an understatement.

Meet Lilly — Rachell & Brandon’s Rainbow Baby.


Two years ago, Rachell found out she was pregnant. She and her husband, Brandon, had been trying for more than a year. They were over the moon. They were going to finally have a little baby — Poppy.

Only seven weeks later, everything changed. They had lost Poppy. They were devastated. This was the storm.

One year later — the rainbow. The couple found out Rachell was expecting again. She was nervous. Excited. Elated. A lot of emotions.


She told Kansas City Photography: “I honestly believe that Poppy had a hand in helping create Lilly. So many times when I was afraid while pregnant Lilly, I could see God and Poppy working together to guide Lilly in growing to become the perfect baby she is!”


(We were there for her maternity photos, too!! Perks of stickin’ with the same photographer!)

“This was the vision that kept me going when Lilly stopped moving three days before she was born. It helped keep me calm in the busy and stressful hospital environment.”


I asked Rachell at our shoot on Saturday if she was comfortable with me writing about this. She said being open with what happened is what kept her strong.

“The thing that helped me get through it was all of the amazing people in my life and being open about it,” she said.


“Once I shared my loss everyone rallied around me. I had just started back for the new school year when I lost her and all the teachers at my school checked in on me daily if not hourly. On the weekends I had my mom, sister, hubby, and church family checking in on me. If I had kept it to myself it would have been a very lonely journey to recovery.”


And how adorable is all of this matching rainbow clothing? Rachell actually made it all herself! And I am sure after reading this post — you understand the importance behind her business name: Poppy’s Whimsy.


Even though we did the shoot in the morning (that’s a must for summer shoots!!), it was already starting to get warm by the end of it. I remember I told Rachell I wasn’t sure if I was sweating, or if the humidity was just sticking to my face. Super cute, right?

But one thing that I do know is cute — Lilly!


She just turned the big “1” on July 7. The fact she’s a Rainbow Baby was even incorporated onto her cute little butt! Literally.


The last time we had the pleasure of taking Lilly’s photos, she was 3 months old! You wouldn’t think 9 months would make that much of a difference, but kids grow so quickly!


Thank you, Rachell & Brandon, for letting Kansas City Photography take your photos. Sending you all of our love! <3

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