Wedding Series: Tips for Brides — Husband & Wife Shots

You’re getting married! There’s so much to do, and so many things to get done. Find a caterer, a florist, get the perfect dress, and then make sure you’ve hired the right photographer to capture all of your hard work!

Well, you’ve definitely taken the right step as far as a photographer goes [oh hey, we travel]! 😉

Our “Wedding Series: Tips For Brides” highlights tips and tricks for the bride when working with a photographer.

Jeremy & Amanda (329)


These are the absolute most important shots of the entire wedding day, the reason everyone gathered together, the reason behind the big celebration: The bride & groom!


No matter how busy the day gets, no matter if we happen to get behind — the No. 1 most important shots during a wedding are of the bride and groom, alone. When photographing a wedding, we always schedule time to whisk the bride and groom away from the crowd and take photos of just the two of them, in love.


This is also the reason we absolutely recommend doing a first look. Not only is it an intimate moment between just the two of them, but also one that isn’t being shared with a crowd of 100+ people watching them get married.


After the first look, we also have way more time to get these kinds of shots — some of just the two of them, eagerly anticipating the moment they say “I Do!”


If, for some reason, we aren’t your photographers (the horror!), make sure to talk with your photographer about how much time is set aside for photos of just the two of you.

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