A Surprise Proposal At A Winery … During A Tornado Watch!

Bret called me a week ago and whispered into the phone that he needed a photoshoot.

“Are you doing a house burn?” I chimed.

This would sound odd to anyone else, but Bret is a Lieutenant at Orchard Farm Fire Protection District. Sometimes, people donate houses to the firefighters so they can get experience inside a real house while it’s on fire.

“No, actually. It’s me and Hannah’s anniversary, so we’re making a day of it. I plan to …”

“Bret! Are you proposing?!” I cut him off, I was so excited.

“That’s the plan!”


We worked out a secret spy mission, and even used the code word “firestation” so we could talk about the proposal. When I message him on Facebook, a preview of the message pops up on his phone. That was a problem, because Bret was going to be with Hannah all day on the day! We didn’t want a message about a proposal to pop up on his screen.


Turns out, we had a tornado watch that night, and the time I had to leave to get to Bret, it looked like this:


But don’t worry! Hannah still got that ring, and we still got this:


We met at the scenic Mount Pleasant Estates winery in Augusta — with the most gorgeous overlook. It was at this little gazebo that Bret led Hannah outside to ask her if she’d spend the rest of her life with him.


Actually, let me correct myself. Bret didn’t ask. Here’s how it went — Bret got on one knee and said:

“I want you to marry me.”

He totally forgot to ask a question, he just … spurted out what was going through his head.


Hannah told me she had no idea the proposal was coming. And once he was on one knee, she didn’t wait, she accepted right away and put this gorgeous ring on her finger as quickly as she could!


After some winery shots, we headed to Klondike Park. There was an overlook, but we had to hike up a path that I swear was straight up. I am pretty sure it would have been easier to climb up it rather than walk. But we made it!

We were cracking up at this sign – Bret thought it would be hilarious to take a picture in front of it … Hannah and Bret are officially off-limits, my friends!


Not too far from there was a beach with pearly white sand. I’m a sucker for water shots of any kind! It’s probably because I was raised at Lake of the Ozarks — water is in my blood.


We had a great time — and a big congratulations from Kansas City Photography to you both, Bret & Hannah!


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