Playing Dinosaur To Get The 3-Year-Old To Smile — A Photoshoot In The Woods

Have you ever tried to get a toddler to smile when they didn’t feel like it? May as well try to turn a banana into an orange while you’re at it.

That’s where creativity comes in! I met with Savannah, Darin, and Cruz on Sunday at the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area in Eureka.

Savannah _ Darin (1)

Savannah told me Cruz is notorious for not smiling in photos. I asked her what shows he likes, and she told me “Dino Cars.” I asked him to say “T-Rex,” since it has the same effect as “cheeeese!” He didn’t feel like it.

Savannah _ Darin (3)

So, I asked him if there was a dinosaur behind me. Without skipping a beat, he goes, “Yup!”

I told him the only way to scare away the dinosaur behind me was to say “cheeese!” He has a heart, because he didn’t want the dinosaur to eat me, and therefore said what I asked him to.

Savannah _ Darin.jpg

Sometimes it’s just about playin’ along and being creative.

Savannah _ Darin (8).jpg

Although, Darin wasn’t helpful. He told Cruz to “ROAR!” at the dinosaur. This is what happened:

Savannah _ Darin (4).jpg

Thanks, Darin! Hahaha.

Cruz was also very much into showing me sticks.

Savannah _ Darin (6).jpg

All the sticks.

Savannah _ Darin (9).jpg

I am happy I was able to capture this mom and her family on Mother’s Day. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the park — and to play dinosaurs!


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