The Goofiest Valentine’s Gift Ever

I love my husband, and he tried really hard on this gift. Before I get into the story, let me just … show you:


That lady in the picture is supposed to be me. It’s based off this picture:


Sigh. I don’t think the artist’s intention was to make me look 30 years older, but that’s what happened. But there is a backstory here, I promise.

Three years ago on Valentine’s Day, I woke up and found my 21-year-old cat had died in the living room. I was devastated. I had him since he was just a kitten, and I was completely torn up inside.


Now, every year on Valentine’s Day, my amazing husband not only buys me a gift, but also buys Babybun a memorial gift. Here is his gift from a different year:


This year, he thought it would be adorable if he hired an artist to do a digital portrait of me with Babybun on my lap. He sent over the picture of me you saw above, and the one of Babybun you saw above. He sent an example image of how he wanted the portrait (with him on my lap). I think this is where it went wrong. This is the “example” he sent:


This is literally a picture from the board game “13 Dead End Drive.” Look a little closer, in the middle:


I think they took the image just a little too seriously …

At least they didn’t make Babybun look as angry as the other cat?

And, believe me, I appreciate Bryan’s effort. But even he knew it was a side splitter. He gave it to me and said: “It was supposed to be really cute, but instead it turned out hilarious.”

I mean, Babybun certainly gave me a lot of laughs in life, so what better way to honor him?



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